Tuesday, 7 February 2012

L'Oreal Expertise Ever range...

Last month I was invited to L'Oreal's launch of their innovative Hair Expertise range of hair care at the Mayfair hotel.

I  was greeted by the lovely press girls and led through to the temporary salon, mojito in hand.

The 'Ever' range claims to: "Treat hair like cashmere and gently bath it in luxurious high foaming creamy shampoos and rich conditioners concentrated in caring ingredients which envelop the hair. Aromatic oils energise the senses for a true at home hair experience"

There are three hair programmes to choose from- EverPure for coloured hair, EverSleek for frizzy hair, and EverStrong for brittle hair. I tried out the EverSleek shampoo and conditioner for frizzy hair. I have battled with Jackson 5-like frizz all my life, so anything that claimes to reduce my afro gets the thumbs up from me!The shampoo smelled fresh and fruity and left my hair squeaky clean. The conditioner was not too thick and had a contrasting aromatic scent. It felt like I was having a real head massage.

All the products are sulphate free - sulphates being the foamy lather inducing chemicals which aren't too good for your hair. Non-sulphate is big news at the moment but it often means compromising the bubbly lather - which I'm sure you'll aggree is the best part of a shampoo!

However, the clever sciencey peeps in the L'Oreal labs have got around this and EverPure all foam nicely for that extra clean feeling, without the nasty sulphates.

Now for the real, test, what would it look like dry?

I usually rough dry my hair then reach for the GHDs, but my sytlist assured me she could make my hair sleek and shiny with a hairdryer alone. She wasn't lying! My hair was perfectly styled and glossy before she even switched on the straightners. I have had hundreds of blow drys in my time and this was certainly up there with one of the best!

It usually takes a vat of shine spray and serious straightening to get that a-list gleam, but my locks looked lucious without any extra help.

I was genuinely impressed and was looking forward to trying it out at home - the real test without the professional stylists! Not wanting to wash out my beautiful blow-dry, I waited three days to try it out and I am happy to report that my hair is still looking shiny and sleek after my DIY job!

The range is very reasonably priced. Some of you may remember L'Oreal's old Expertise products which ranged between £10-£15 and came in small bottles, only available in salons.

This new range is between £5-£7 and even better it is available in Boots from February 1, so you can pick up those points when you purchase!



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