Monday, 30 May 2011

Lee Stafford Argan Oil from Morrocco

Morrocan Argan Oil is ‘the’ ingredient to have in your products right now. The miracle oil is said to do wonders for your hair, skin, nails and pretty much anywhere, apparently.
Lee Stafford has launch a new hair line that includes the Morrocan Argan Oil to care for your hair. In the range is a shampoo, conditioner, treatment mask and treatment oil. I first used the range a couple of months ago and really liked the shampoo. The consistency is quite thick and seems difficult to work with at first, but once you start working it in, it lathers nicely and helped create volume in my hair. The conditioner itself felt nice but nothing out of the ordinary for a conditioner. Treatment mask smoothed my hair making sure it was left silky once I had styled it. At the time I didn’t have a particular need for the treatment oil, but now I’m blonde, I’m using this most days to smooth my ends and keep them looking fresh and not frazzled!
Overall, I really like using this range and feel like it’s doing some good for my hair!
The miracle oil is in store now! You can buy the rest of the range in Boots from June.


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Thursday, 26 May 2011

John Frieda Live Hair Academy - Tomorrow 1pm

John Frieda will be streaming a live hair academy tomorrow at 1pm. 

In the hour-long show streamed live online they will be showing you how to achieve the hottest summer hair styles, how to best use our products and sharing the techniques you need to know so you can achieve salon results at home. 

There will also be 2 top JF hair stylists on hand to answer your questions.

To watch, click here....


Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Bespoke Tanning at BOB Soho with James Harknett

I’m not really one to embrace my English rose look, I like to healthy glow or a ‘I’ve just got back from holiday’ look. Yes, I’ve had my fair share of tan disasters. So this time, I left it to the uber professional spray tan man James Harknett to get me looking ‘healthy’ before I flew to LA.
Even as a lover on fake tan, I had never been for a spray tan before. To say I was nervous is an understatement. Getting naked in front of someone in only a pair in pants to pose for a bit of bronze wasn’t something I was looking forward to. I arrived at BOB Soho(beautiful salon off Carnaby Street) to see James(who is seriously lovely) and he immediately put me at ease. He talked me through how I normally tan in the sun, what colour I was looking to get and also about my skin, we settled on Sunbeliveable Dark. James had prepped me beforehand on the DO’s and DON’T’s of preparing for a spray tan. Have a gentle exfoliation the day before and no body lotions or moisturiser…
So I stripped off (to reveal my see-through skin!) in the lovely BOB Soho salon in the booth and James prepped my skin with Sunbeliveable cream me moisturiser on my elbows, knees and feet. Now, tan time! James talked me through my tan as he did it, took me through the poses as he danced around me spraying me from top to bottom(literally). The guide colour immediately gave a nice glow meaning you could see what kind of colour I would develop. The tan dried really quickly and I was left sprayed with no horrible smell. Seriously, you would never be able to tell I had just had a spray tan. I could jump on the tube home knowing I wouldn’t be getting any suspect looks from women!

I followed James’ rules of keeping dry and leaving it to develop as long as possible… the next morning I woke up with a lovely colour ready to wash the guide colour off…. Now because Sunbeliveable is an olive based colour, you may turn slightly green, but once you have washed, a gorgeous tan colour is left. I was so even, so slick, so natural, I couldn’t wait to get on my flight to show off my glow!
Now you might not be able to visit James for a tan every week, but for birthdays, holidays, wedding and events, who wouldn’t want a flawless tan? I know that I wouldn’t risk any tanning disasters on my wedding day!
To book in with James, you can call BOB Soho on …… or to try the range yourself at home, you can buy from John Lewis & QVC.

James kindly invited me in to try his Bespoke Tanning service.

Monday, 23 May 2011

The Body Shop Honey Bronze Collection..

This week, I am mainly lusting over... these little beauts!


Out in store next week!!


Glossy Box

The latest addition in the beauty world is Glossy Box. A lovely packaged box full of 5 deluxe samples sent straight to your door for only £10 a month. There are already companies in other countries who run a similar thing so when I first heard they were launching, I was excited to see what would be included. Well, my first box arrived beautifully packaged, I ripped it open to see what was inside;

Nars Orgasm Illuminator (full sized!)

All for Eve, Eve Red liptstick (full sized)

Bionova Lab, Bioactive Cleanser

Alterna, Caviar Anti Aging Rapid Repair Spray

COMO Shambhala, Invigorate Body Lotion

and a Como Shambhala discount code!

For the first box, I'd say pretty impressive! Beautiful packaging which can be reused, and premium brands.

You can subscribe to Glossy Box on their website(you can cancel at any time) and each month your box will be delivered direct to your door. I love this idea! I dont always want to buy a full sized product without knowing if I'll like it. Plus I always keep sample sizes for when I travel or have overnight stays. The box could do with being slightly smaller so it will fit through the letter box but apart from that, this gets a hug thumbs up from me!

I wonder what will be in the next box...

glossy box 1


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Saturday, 21 May 2011

Beauty Blog Link Love - 21.05.11

Jellyminx presents a bronzer lovers paradise with her ultimate Bronzer Overview.

Missed out on the New York City Makeup Show? Have no fear, for Krasey Beauty has the scoop!

Over at The Pink Sith blog, Joeybunny brings you swatches of the new Dior Rosy Tan Eyeshadow Quint and makes a shocking confession!

Have you tried lining your eyes with traditional kohl/kajal? Kajal Couture did and she shows you how.

Can the cute and new Sephora Hello Kitty-Memoirs Of A Kitty Palette satisfy an ex-punk beauty junkie like Tracy at Beauty Reflections?

Amy Antoinette showcases the prettiest lip balms in her collection.

Beautywoome has found the best light alternative to foundation for summer!

Still a Sugarpill virgin? Beauty's Bad Habit shows you Lumi Chromalust, a pigment which will have you rushing for your credit card!

Lipglossiping falls in love with an eye cream that shows promising results... but like most things in life, it comes at a price!

The Lip Print faces her fear of orange to find this absolute beauty by Tom Ford - that man sure know's how to make a lipstick!

Looking for a perfect bronzer? Check the new Guerlain Terracotta Bronzing Powder at Fleurissante.

Unique, unusual and different...find out what perfume Lady Gaga is currently wearing! Read Hellcandy's review of it here.

Tarte's new Amazonian Clay Waterproof Cream Eye Shadows arrive just in time for summer. See how they make eyes shine at Prime Beauty!

Love Chanel Mimosa but not the price? Find out how you can dupe it for under $10 on My Lips But Better.

Are you ready for summer? Anita reviews Guerlain's Terra Inca summer collection over at Pleasureflush.

AOYV ponders if Vasanti's Magic Liner really magical?

Mariella at Musing on Beauty has a play with the new Becca Halcyon Palette and tells it all.


Audrey Dao is giving away 3 Julep Jennifer Mani Care Sets, so you can get the perfect manicure!

Head on over to theNotice and enter to win Rae's "holy grail" face powder, a Canadian exclusive that's honestly just really, really lovely.

Friday, 20 May 2011

Aussie Lusciously Light Conditioner

Vicky from It's all Peachykeen reviews...

My hair diagnosis: thick, mid length (finally growing after a crazy short cut last march), coloured to the max, therefore dry and thus frizzy. Sounds beautiful, no?
So I pile my hair with conditioners that promise moisture and strength, this is perfect for my hair when it comes to a good treatment every once in a while but using that type of conditioner every time I wash my hair tends to weigh it down. Which means I reach for the backcombing brush and hairspray, and go to town in the hope for volume. Don't get me wrong i love the invention of the backcoming brush and the hold of a good hairspray, but it's not a feeling i love in my hair. Matted to the max? No thanks. So when I was given the chance to try the new conditioner from Aussie I was curious.
I'd probably never have gone for it when picking my usual Aussie products, I'd assume it wouldn't give enough moisture to tame the frizz. But I was surprisingly wrong. My hair seems to get the same amount of conditioning but it's nice and bouncy all the way through the length, so hello volume, I welcome you with open arms! I leave my hair to dry naturally which tends to leave it limp but the lusciously light conditioner gave me a great amount of volume. I always find it hard to see a great difference with some hair products, but this was such a great result and difference I couldn't help but see it. So in all, top marks for this little beauty, good one Aussie!


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Wednesday, 18 May 2011

The Sanctuary Spa - Matte Perfecting Hydra Lotion

Rebecca from Oh! Panda reviews...

I really like the idea of matte but moisturising creams, I have combination skin and I do find certain areas get oilier as the day progresses but certain parts (my cheeks in particular) get drier. Dilemma! Sanctuary's Matte Perfecting Hydra Lotion is a really light cream and is absorbed by the skin quickly and leaves no nasty residue or heavy feeling, y'know the feeling like you have just clogged your pores full of cream and like you have a layer of goo on your face, I hate that! And another great thing, a tiny bit of this goes a long way - economical, I like.
This cream smells fresh and natural, you can just tell it's made of good stuff (it contains five fruits, although a quick look at the ingredients I can only spot three, lemon, orange and grapefruit...) it's not a chemically smelling product, something that always is a big thumbs up from me. It is also paraben free. As for the packaging, it is a little bland but inoffensive so I am not really complaining.
So, does it moisturise and mattify? It definitely mattes my skin without making it dry and lends itself for a super primer, it leaves my skin look shine free for the day and allows my foundation to apply effortlessly. I could do with a touch more moisture on my drier areas though and find a drop of vitamin e oil on my cheeks and forehead sorts this out fine. I love the texture of my skin after usuing this product. Unfortunately this moisturiser doesn't have an SPF built in, which is a bit of a shame because as it does such a good job at priming and mattifying the skin I would be reluctant to slather another lotion with SPF in over the top.
So would I repurchase? Probably yes. I would definitely consider it as I do really like the matte effect and the way it can do it without drying out my skin. I would recommend this for any fellow shiny (or occasionally shiny) faced people out there :)

The Vital Info

Available from: The Sanctuary Spa and Boots

Price: £13.29
Product: 8/10

Value for Money: 8/10

Packaging/Way it Looks: 7/10
Overall: 8/10


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Monday, 16 May 2011

Liz Earle Botanical Essence - No1

Rebecca from Oh! Panda reviews...

My initial thoughts on receiving this was that it wasn't really my kind of thing, although I love the use of plants, herbs and natural products in beauty products, when it comes to fragrance those kind of smells don't really do it for me. The packaging is plain and simple, I do like this and it fits in nice with the Liz Earle look,their ethos and the type of fragrance this is, however, the colour of this perfume looks like wee – as childish as that might sound. For that reason (and because the bottle shape isn't really anything special) I keep it in it's little box.

Now for the scent, the initial whiff made me think "GRANNY PERFUME", that is more than likely the lavender and geranium oils in there. I am very aware that perfume can change once on the skin and that scents really shouldn't be judged just by the first whiff in the bottle. I sprayed, cautiously at first, on my wrists and neck. Instantly, it smelt different than when I first smelt it and it had a lot more depth to it that I had initially realised and the other oils were more present and the overall smell was less overpowering. An hour later and the scent was still going strong (this would be because it it's an Eau De Parfum not an Eau De Toilette) and there wasn't a hint of "granny" to it at all – there are so many different scented oils used in the perfume for a full list see here.
The overall scent is quite a warm feel and although not heavy I would still probably keep this more as an evening scent, though a light spritz for the day time wouldn't be too much. I am really glad I got to try this and that it actually turned out to be such a lovely scent, it is so easy to just judge perfumes on the first whiff. One observation though is the shelf-life, once opened it has 12 months, this is not as long as most other perfumes, I would presume this is because of the high volume of natural products. A year is a long time, but bare in mind if you have lots of perfumes to get through, just bare in mind this one won't last as long. For anyone who likes the natural scents of lavender, bergamot and coriander, I would definitely recommend this scent to you. It is a grown up scent and not as "granny" as you many initially think!

The Vital Info
Available from: Liz Earle
Price: £40.35

Product: 8/10

Value for Money: 8/10

Packaging/Way it Looks: 6.5/10

Overall: 7.5/10


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Thursday, 12 May 2011

ELF Golden Bronzer

I was talked into buying this by Nicolavc86. She said in one of her videos ‘this makes you look like a fitty in photos. SOLD! I took this away on holiday with me for an added glow and ended up having to share it with all of my friends. To say it was popular was an understatement and at one point I thought about putting it in our hotel safe!

With us all bronzed from the Californian sun, sweeping this over our faces & decolletage gave an instant holiday glow. Since returning home, I have continued to use this everyday as a highlight. I apply it in the centre of my forehead, down my nose then across my cheek bones. You could say I am grasping on to the last of my tan… or you could say you have to fake it to make it!

Buy yours from ELF for a tiny £3.50. Cheaper than any holiday outside your back garden.



iPulse Smooth Skin IPL System

Hair removal… always a chore. Shaving, waxing, hair removal creams, I’ve done it all. But I haven’t tried IPL before. Until now!
Boots have launched their iPulse Plus machine this week which is their latest permanent hair reducing system which is known as Boots Smooth Skin PLUS to us in the UK. It is based on salon technology and offers faster and more efficient use to ensure permanent hair reduction in 6-12 treatments. iPulse Plus is 30 times faster than the original machine which means using the machine is quicker and more effective. It has been upgraded to be suitable for skin type four, allowing more users to experience the benefits of permanent hair reduction.
How it works? The system works by directing an extremely short, intense pulse of filtered light into the skin. The light is absorbed by the coloured pigments in and surrounding the hair and disables the hair follicle, helping to prevent hair re-growth.
The system itself is sold in Boots in the UK but will be sold outside the UK during 2011-12. Now at £349.00, it is an expensive layout price at first… however, compared to salon prices for courses of IPL treatments, it’s a steal and who wouldn’t prefer to get their hairy limbs out in the comfort of their own home?!

I will be letting you know how I get on with the system and will feedback my results… for now, wish me luck!


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Wednesday, 11 May 2011

RMK Creamy Make Up Base Primer

I like primers. I like the smoothing and prepping skin stage before I trowl on the foundation. My latest favourite primer is RMK. Its light, easily applied and makes my foundation last till the end of the day. Yes I still need to reapply on my way out to somewhere from the office, but I have never not had to do this. I could leave it and I’m sure people would think my face looked fine… but not me. I’m not that easily pleased! This helps keep away oil too. Since using this, I have not felt like I needed to blot/powder or anything of the sort during the day.

When applied, the primer goes a tiny bit tacky while it dries and smoothes my skin out. Applying foundation after this is like a dream. It goes on so nicely and sits on my skin adding a dewy look. The primer goes a long way too so no need to use much. I have a 30ml tube which has lasted nearly 3 months without it looking like I will be throwing the empty bottle out any time soon. Now I have tried this, my next products on the RMK wish list is their creamy foundation….

rmk primer

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Superdrug launches Beautycard today!

So Superdrug have today launched their long awaited Beautycard which means you can collect points for the purchases you make. Who doesn’t love a loyalty card? My purse is full of them, even ones for the US. The Superdrug Beautycard doubles as a mirror…

Mine came flying through my post box the other day ready for me to do a supermarket sweep style shop bagging points and extra points for special offers.

What makes Beautycard special?

Earn 1 point for every £1 you spend, plus stunning bonus point

promotions instore to help you earn even faster (see below for some of

our faves)

Extra bonus point promotions when you sign up to email

Every 100 points you earn = £1 to spend instore

You can pay for your shopping using a mix of points and cash (so you

don't need to have saved a lot before you can start seeing the savings)

What's more, when you spend your points you'll also earn points back,

the same as you would have received had you paid with cash (what

other loyalty card lets you do that?)

Sound good? Pick up your Beautycard instore. Collect your Beautycard

from your local Superdrug store from Wednesday 11th May and you

can start earning points instore straight away. To spend your points

you'll need to register your card. The quickest and easiest way to do

this is online at Once you've

registered online you'll also be able to earn points at too!

From 11th May – 7th June you can earn extra points-


Earn 10 points per £1 when you shop online at

1000 chances to win 1000 points each week when you register your Beautycard online

Earn 50 bonus points for every £5 you spend on Superdrug Own Brand

Earn 250 bonus points when you spend £10 on Rimmel cosmetics

Earn 300 bonus points when you spend £15 on selected Olay products

Terms and Conditions

* Beautycard points cannot be earned or spent on purchases of stamps, mobile top-up, prescription

medicines, infant milk formula or gift cards. You must be a UK resident and at least 16 years old to

register and use a Superdrug Beautycard. Full terms and conditions of the Beautycard apply - these

will be available on the application form instore and on our website from 11th May 2011.

Offers shown on selected lines, subject to availability. Please see instore for details. 1000 chances

to win 1000 points every week until 7th June 2011 when you register your Beautycard online at 1000 winners will be selected at random each week from all

successful Beautycard registrations completed at by 23:59 on 7th

June 2011. Each winner will receive 1000 points on their registered Beautycard. Please see full

competition terms and conditions available on our website from 11th May 2011.

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Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Nails Inc. Mad Men Collection

Step back to the Sixties with three new Mad Men inspired shades from Nails inc.

Nails inc. varnishes are superb quality & always one step ahead in the colour trends. Inspired by the award winning television drama Mad Men, Nails inc. have created three new shades named after some of your favourite Mad Men characters; Betty, Joan & Peggy.

These retro hues epitomise Sixties New York glamour. Brooklyn is a classic sixties pearl nude, which complements the frosty lipstick worn in the era. Westchester is a rebellious, dark, glossy red – the original nail colour, and Madison Avenue is a sultry, chic, deep forest green.

Recreate the characters with these sexy, sophisticated varnishes – at just £11 each you can be a new character every day!

Get yours at now





Monday, 9 May 2011

Myface Cosmetics - Lil Bling summer collection

Last year, when Lil Bling nail colours launched, they flew off the shelves. Now for summer, they have launched some new colours to add to the range. Expecting them to be sold out quickly, I would get yourself to Boots sharpish! With names like Raspberry Beret & Tequila Sunrise, they sound like a cocktail menu… yum!

Sugar Plum

Pink Champagne

Tequila Sunrise

Raspberry Beret



Sunday, 8 May 2011


You’re probably used to seeing Jared Leto in the likes of blockbusters Fight Club & American Psycho or fronting his rock band, 30 Seconds To Mars, but prepare to see him in a fresh new light ladies! Mr Leto has added a new string to his very talented bow, and has become the face of Hugo Boss’ new fragrances HUGO Just Different, and HUGO Man.

According to Hugo Boss – “He represents the perfect match with the HUGO brand, which through its fashion and fragrances, embodies an avant-garde, yet confident style, and a contemporary attitude” …I’ll go with that if it means seeing a 100 x enlarged J.L. in all his glory spread across bill boards and adverts!
Jared seems perfectly suited to be the face of the fragrances, epitomising the ‘Hugo Man’ – “HUGO inspires men to succeed through creativity, which is something I’ve aimed for my entire career. Like the HUGO man I look for inspiration in everything around me and seek out unusual and unexpected things and experiences” Jared Leto
Who doesn’t love a Hugo fragrance eh!? I challenge you to find anyone, male or female, who has never owned one! Hugo always come up trumps with unique, fresh scents which also have the timelessness to become classics (Hugo Red, and the old favourite aftershave BOSS). A Hugo fragrance is definitely one to bear in mind with Father’s day on the horizon – if you are a stumped for a pressie for your old man, you can’t really go wrong with a Hugo aftershave! Just try not to buy him the same one your current beau is wearing!!

Expect to see Jared in TV and print campaigns for both scents, all around the globe from July 2011… can’t wait!

jared leto


Saturday, 7 May 2011

BBLL - Saturday 7th May

Got a lipstick too pale to use straight from the bullet? Regretting buying it? Beauty's Bad Habit shows you 10 ways to use pale lipstick with GOSH 'Darling'.

The Pink Sith suffers from Beautyblogitis and ends up purchasing the new Soleil Tan De Chanel Moisturizing Bronzing Powder in Bronze Rose. Does she regret it or is it the perfect cure for what ails her?

Lisamarie from Beauty Crazed likes candy, Yves Saint Laurent Volupte Sheer Candy that is! Come admire her candy lips!

LilBiuty shines the spotlight on NYX eye pencils and lipliners.

Louise watches some TV, and talks about how a childhood touched by disfigurement inspires what she does on Get Lippie today.

Are you wearing sunscreen every single day? Kelly from Gouldylox Reviews finds the perfect SPF for your skin type and reminds you why Tara Reid should not be your skin idol.

AOYV discovers theBalm with a Hot Mama blusher.

Makeup Morsels plays with the gorgeous and versatile Cream Pigments from Illamasqua.

Sarah from IHeartCosmetics checks out Nioxin haircare.

Liquid lipsticks seem to get a bad reputation. Jeweled Thumb shows you how to apply them with no feathering or cracking in her How To post.

It's so easy to fall in love with Inglot AMC Face Blush (shade #86)! Check out what Vesna from Beauty addict blog loves so much about that blush!

theNotice stumbles across a drugstore gem that’s not only ridiculously cheap, but ridiculously high-quality, as well. Find out what Rae’s "holy grail" powder is!

KimmieKarmaLove reviews a brand new mineral makeup company that is vegan and loves what she sees!

Sleek MakeUp released new shades to their True Colour Lipstick Collection, making LaaLaa over at Dolce Vanity want to have a sneak peek at a couple....


Daily Polish is giving away the limited edition Jason Wu/CND nail polish set, enter here!!

Kim Porter is giving away a free ticket to The Makeup Show NY!

For more links, please visit the BBLL homepage!

Friday, 6 May 2011

Filthy Gorgeous Nails

Nail varnish is on my current lust list. I am having a gel break so my normally redundant nail varnish collection is getting to see some sunlight!

Current favourites are Filthy Gorgeous nails. With a nice range of colours from daring to play it safe, they cater for all. The bottles are cute too, making great presents.
You can get yours from Debenhams for £9.00


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Thursday, 5 May 2011

Sudocream in a tube!

It’s no secret that I smother my face with Sudocream some nights to get my skin looking fresh and blemish free. Well, if it’s good enough for Cheryl Cole…. Last year, they launched Sudocream in a new packaging… a tube! Yes, us lovers were excited for not having to stick our fingers in a big pot and ending up a covered mess.

Well, with the launch of their facebook page, Sudcream are also offering free Bagology readings! You may be familiar with ‘What’s in my bag’ type posts and videos, but this is an indepth evaluation of the items we tote around everyday and what they mean. Until the 10th may, you can upload a picture of your bag contents for your evaluation. Just upload and keep and eye out for Debbie (the bagologist) to write back!

Click here to upload yours now!

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Topshop Make Up - 1st Birthday

New metallic Summer shades to celebrate TOPSHOP Make Up’s 1st Birthday!
Instore today, Topshop Make Up have developed three limited edition metallic nail varnishes. Inspired by Autumn/Winter’s darker metallic shades, the nail varnishes have a two tone, glam sheen to them. The three shades translate perfectly through Spring/Summer 2011.

Heart of Gold (gold), Starlight (silver), and Moonshine (rose gold) are pale enough to suit the warmer Summer days, but also glam enough for an evening. Gilded nails are surely fit for any occasion!?

After a sizzling few weeks, most of us have caught some colour. A bit of a tan will really make these colours stand out. It’s time to whip out the flip flops, treat your self to a pedi and pretty-fy those tootsies! Teamed with silver or gold sandals, these new shades will leave you hot to trot!
My favourite is Moonshine in rose gold… now I just need the Michael Kors watch to match!

Topshop varnishes are brilliant at chip-resisting and at an individual price of £6 – what a bargain! Especially when you consider Chanel and OPI’s very similar versions at three times the price! In that case I think I’ll take all three… it is their Birthday after all!

Available at & select Topshop stores.


Wednesday, 4 May 2011

My Holiday Essentials

I'm back from my long anticipated holiday with a bump. Before the holiday blues set in, I wanted to give you a run down of the essentials that saw me through my trip.

ELF Tinted Moisturiser

I'm never a no make up kind of girl. With too many imperfections, I need something and concealer. The something was ELF tinted moisturiser from the studio range which replaced my foundation during the day. It gives a light to medium coverage that is buildable and lasts. I actually really love this stuff. Tinted moisturisers normally cover zilch for me. This is thicker than its sister in the ELF range. Perfect for summer and contains an SPF. A snip at under £5.

ELF tinted moisturiser

Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess

I took with me the body and face suncare. It smells like Pina Coladas, gives a nice sheen to your skin and doesnt leave you with a sticky film on your skin. Of course, you need to top it up and be sensible in the sun :) I put the face version under my tinted moisturiser.

Estee bronze goddess

Benefit - Finding Mr Bright

Yes, I over pack, always. I have accepted the fact that this will probably never change. However, being obsessed with travel and mini sizes products, this little beaut came with me. It has everything you need to fake the holiday glow before the glow has arrived!

Benefit finding_mr_bright

This is my choice of lipbalm all year, not just on holiday. But now with new flavours including Cherry, Mint & Strawberry plus containing an SPF, they are winners. I had one in my pool bag, day bag, plane bag, clutch...


Gilette Venus Embrace

The new razor contains 5 blades as well as moisturising strips so you dont shave away the moisture of your legs while defuzzing. This razor performs and with JLo as the new face, you can have JLo legs, even without the tan! The shave gel with added avocado is also lush!

gilette venus

Sunbelievable Expert Tan

Yes fake tan, you dont want people to know its your first day by the pool. Fake it with Sunbelievable and your game wont be up by any horrible fake tan smells, this one doesn't smell! Yes, thats right. No mouldy biscuit smelling limbs by the pool!


What are your holiday essentials?

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