Saturday, 23 April 2011

BBLL - Saturday 23.04.11

See some before and after photos in My Lips But Better's review of the new Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua foundation.

Queen of Turquoise reviews lipstick with polka dot packaging!

Sarah from Iheartcosmetics finds the best bikini wax in London town, at Strip.

Have you encountered the awesomeness that is Sugarpill Cosmetics yet? If not, then you're in luck, because Krasey Beauty has the scoop on the line!

Were the Cucumber Wipes a 'yes'? Find out over at Jeweled Thumb.

Find out why Urban Decay Good Karma Brushes remind Makeup Morsels of Martin Luther and his 95 Theses.

Daily Polish shows off a gorgeous blackened blue nail polish you can buy for a steal by drugstore brand Sleek.

Retrodiva knows it's spring when she suffers from her first sunburn of the season. Find out her tricks for treating it and preventing peeling.

Phyrra debuts Geek Chic Cosmetics new collection, N7 and gives you a sneak peek of an upcoming collection, Mana Screwed!

AOYV suggests five must have coral blushes to try this season.

Creamy pink lippies go head to head in The Lip Print's Pink Month featuring Lime Crime, MAC, Maybelline and more!

Remember those really expensive Rock and Republic blushes? Musicalhouses has found a cheap dupe of Rock and Republic's Kinky blush!

Whether you're a beauty blogger or just a product lover, you *need* to check out theNotice's first tips for beauty bloggers photography post!

K at Beautifully Addicted To feels the Pinch with Topshop blushers.


Audrey Dao is giving away $400 worth of NuMe hair styling products, including a hair straightener valued at $300!

What would you choose with a $50 Gift Card from Apothica? Enter to win at Prime Beauty!


Tuesday, 12 April 2011

The Beauty Slice is now on holiday!

As you read this I am either suning myself in LA, at the zoo in San Diego or partying in Vegas...

See you soon


Monday, 11 April 2011

Biotherm Aqua Source

Although one of my first loves is night cream. When it comes to day creams I like them light, hydrating and non greasy. My current favourite is Biotherm Aquasource.

It claims to be a 'super hydrator' which it is. After cleansing in the morning, I apply this and my skin feels soft, hydrated and prepped ready for make up. Its skins in almost straight away and doesnt leave any film on your skin. It also doesnt eat away at your make up! It has a nice smell that doesnt linger on your skin. Just 2 small pumps is enough each morning. This is really good for combination skin, it hydrates dry patches all day but doesnt add to the oily parts. It keeps my skin under control all day.


PR Sample


Friday, 8 April 2011

The Sanctuary Spa - Exfoliating Pore Refiner

Say Goodbye to that horrible winter skin with The Sanctuary Exfoliating Pore Refiner. The 'complexion perfecting facial scrub' cleanses while it gently exfoliates. It doesnt have any of those harsh scrubby bits in it so you'll be left with freshly cleansed skin with no overscrubbed skin.

This can be used as part of a skin perfecting process. Use 3 times a week every other day to start with, then reduce to twice a week as your skin gets better. Perfect for getting your summer skin ready.



Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Tan Organic - 100% Natural

Recently I fell out of love with St Tropez when I had used it, left it to develop over night, was really happy with the colour, then watched the majority of the colour wash down the drain. So my quest for a new tan lead me to Tan Organic. Having being backed on Irish Dragons Den by Gavin Duffy.

The tan is completely natural and the main ingredient is Aloe Vera. It has hydrating and anti ageing properties and is odourless. Yes, no smells that resemble biscuits, marzipan or any other fakeness. So you can get the fake tan, without knowing looks!

The tan itself comes in a glass bottle as it a liquid consistency. The application itself was messy because of the consistency but once I had cleaned the bathroom, I was good to put some clothes on! Because the tan is natural, there arent any drying agents so it does take slightly longer to dry than most tans but this didnt have any impact on me as I was going to let it develop while i slept! I went to bed without the stench of tan which was amazing!

There isnt much of a guide colour which I actually liked as when I washed it off the next morning, my tan was still there and not running down the drain. The colour you wake up to is the colour you'll keep. As with all tans, it does stick to dry patches so you need to do the obvious and moisturise elbows and knees as normal.

Overall I'm quite impressed. A completely buildable natural looking tan that doesn't smell and is 100% natural. I think they could be onto a winner here.

You can buy yours direct from Tan Organic. You can also follow their story on their YouTube page.


Monday, 4 April 2011

Revlon Scented Nail Enamel

Just when you were about to bring out last years pastel colour varnishes... Revlon step up the varnish game and bring you a range of scented polishes!

Thats right, goodbye polish fumes, hello scents like bubblegum & peach smoothie.

The varnishes are all up to Revlon standard and are scented when dry, so you wont get varnish on your nose trying to smell it too early! The scents are subtle and compliment the lovely colour range.

These polishes are limited edition and are available from Boots.


Friday, 1 April 2011

This summer I will mostly be wearing...

This summer I will mostly be wearing...

Ghost Enchanted Bloom

Its light, fruity floral mix is perfect for those hot days to stay smelling sweet but not be bombarded. Its a perfect feminine scent.

Top Notes: Violet Leaves, Cranberry & Bergamot.

Heart Notes: Jasmine and Waterlilly & Freesia.

Base Notes: Peach Caviar & Amber

Get yours from Feel


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