Friday, 28 October 2011

John Carne Hairdressing - Knightsbridge

When it comes to pampering, this place does it best.

A stones thow from the famous Harrods store, hidden seconds from the hustle & bustle is John Carne Hairdressing. Greeted with a smile and the offer of a drink, this hairdressers is a slice of luxury, at an affordable price.

The salon itself is kitted out with the latest equipment and services meaning you feel at home and in safe hands with the stylists.

I visited John Carne for a Holiday Hair Rehab treatment which is a seasonal treatment they offer to put your hair through rehab to boost hydration. I was taken to a a seperate treatment room away from the main salon space, complete with mood lighting and locked away from the noise of the salon. The treatment itself was fantastic, my hair went from dryed out bleach, to shiny & healthy in 30 minutes. Even Alex from Illamasqua asked me how I managed to get blonde hair shiny... my little secret, which now everyone knows!

The treatment itself involves a wrapping the hair in a
SEAH Hairspa’s Black Pearl treatment which detoxifies hair to leave it radiant and glossy. Add in a head massage while the treatment is working its magic and you're nearly in heaven! Oh, and did I mention the masssage chairs?! Yep, I was nearly asleep! After, moisture is locked in with a sparkling water rinse which refreshes you as well as your hair.


  1. i really need to cut my hair soon xx

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  3. Great review! I like the newer releases from Innisfree! It seems to me that they are reaching out to more women of different skin colors now.

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