Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Charles Worthington Salon At Home: Straight & Smooth For Coloured Hair Review

Adele Reviews-
So I'm sure nearly everyone has heard of Charles Worthington products and most of you probably have some of their products in your bathroom and even not realise.
Before I get on to the fun stuff and pictures I'll tell you a little bit about this new range of theirs. It's a straightening treatment without having to go to a salon and paying big £'s, hence the name Salon At Home. It contains a ingredient called cysteamine. Don't worry my face was exactly the same as i'm imagining some of yours are right now. I had no clue what this was so I read it up on their site.
"Cysteamine is a straightening active which works by re-programming your hair memory so your hair will stay straighter and not want to frizz, even in humid conditions. Our patent - pending technology is blended with proteins and argan oil to leave your hair looking smoother and healthier for longer."
So onto the products in the kit... It comes as an easy to follow 3 step course, It's easy peasy no mixing required. You don't even have to be a hair expert to do this. The process if literally the same as if you were to dye your hair.
Step 1 You slap on the first product which is the straightening treatment (make sure you wear the gloves provided) and completely cover root to tip. Best way to do this is section your hair and use the comb provided to keep your hair straight and tangle free through out the process, wait 20 minutes.
Then whilst still wearing the gloves wash the treatment out and follow with the second product which is the Conditioner Neutraliser. You then have to leave this on for 5 minutes before rinsing out. The Blowdry! Simples. They do recommend straightening your hair as it helps lock in the treatment.
You also cannot wash or tie your hair up for 48 hours to allow the style to set. And when you do first wash it after the treatment you are treated with a little bottle of Nourishing After Care Conditioner to help keep your hair straight and smooth for longer.
The Trial. After discovering you can not use this treatment if you bleach your hair which i just so happened had done the day before I received this product to try. But luckily my sister suffers from the same condition as me....The Frizzy Curly Fro! So she was my little guinea pig!
The process was simple and easy to follow. The products themselves were so easy to work with. The only negative that I have about this entire product is the smell of the straightening treatment. I can't even describe the smell..just very acidic and strong.
Overall I would give this product 8/10 only because of the smell put me off it.
Prices at £19.99 and seeing the difference in my sisters hair I'm borderline whether it is worth it. Only because after the first wash her hair went slightly wavey again. Nowhere as wavey as before though. But I am giving it time and am going to do a follow up post in a week and a bit so we shall see then.
Before treatment

After treatment


The Salon at Home range is available in Boots now.



  1. this doesnt work1 i tried it & got no better results than wash/condition/straighten with any products!
    If you really want to straighten your hair there are plenty hair relaxers on the market that really do work AND.. they are mostly a lot cheaper than this!

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