Monday, 10 October 2011

Bio Oil - My Skin Story

I recently took on a challenge from Bio Oil to test out their product and report back on the results I found.
You've seen, some of you have heard, me moan about my skin for ages now. I have a condition called Beauty Blogger skin. Testing out product after product, make up, masks, everything. You name it, I've tried it. And all to report back to you on whether you should spend your hard earned pennies on the product. So most of the time I look like a pizza face, just for you lot... aren't I nice?!!
So because of stress, hormonal, or reaction breakouts, I am left with scarring. Normally concealer is my friend!
I started applying a couple of drops of Bio Oil to my face at night. At first, there wasn't much difference but on their instructions, I kept going. Now, 3-4 weeks on, my skin has improved!! My scars are lessened and skin tone is evened out, which means concealer is now used for breakouts only, not just to cover up my scarred skin.
As you probably know, Bio Oil has many uses including stretch marks and hydrating dry skin so a perfect little multi purpose product to add to your bathroom shelf. A little goes a long way, I can see the 60ml bottle I have lasting a good 6 months.
I am going to keep going with this in a bid that soon I will be able to wear very little or no make up and be happy! Good Luck Bio Oil, you've done me proud so far!

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  1. this sounds amazing and i wonder if it would work on stretch marks to xx

    my blog :


  2. I've heard this product yields good results! I'll be inclined to try this soon myself. Thank you for the review :) xo

    Sophia @ Beauty Blog UK

  3. I have read so many skin care reviews about this product. Mostly, women use them for treating stretch marks. I haven't tried one though. Thanks for your review!

  4. i used Bio Oil for my skin from last 3 years and its really amazing
    after using bio oil i got very toned skin

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