Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Bella Bamba... the latest Benefit blush

Bella Bamba is the newest addition to the Benefit blush range. As a big Benefit fan (yes, cute packaging gets me every time) when i heard about this last year, I couldnt wait to try it.

The '3D' pink is brightening, sculpting and defining. Its a watermelon pink colour with a slight shimmer under lights. I would say a step pinker (yes thats a word) than coralista. The promo pics are a slightly muted colour. With a very light dusting this is non offensive and makes me look awake.

They have also changed the packaging! Yes, finally. Gone is the 2 part box and in its place is a hinged, magnetic lid, with an added mirror inside. The box is laminated too so you wont end up with a blush that looks like it has been in your collection for a 1000 years... even if it has! But, they have sacrifced some product to do this. The other blush/bronzers are 11g and this is 8g, all for the same price. Now, this is really pigmented and you only need a tiny bit, but still, dont think we havent noticed Benefit.

A beautiful addition to their range and now my make up collection. Thumbs up Benefit.

Bella Bamba is in stores and on counters now!




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  1. I have some Boots points burning a hole in my pocket and this is on my maybe list. I had no idea they had reduced the amount though. Well spotted! x


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