Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Get a salon blow dry, at home.

In a bid to reduce heat damage, I have upped my blowdrying styling. Ben Cooke celebrity stylist and ambassador for Herbal Essences, put me through my paces to getting styled, healthy looking hair.

Step 1. Shampoo and condition. Lather well at the scalp but not the ends. A quick swish through the lengths before rinsing will ensure your hair stays naturally shiny and isnt stripped of its natural oils.

Step 2. Comb. Start with a wide tooth comb and work down to thin bristles. Combing with a thin comb and straight down will promote shine.

Step 3. Rough dry. Just the roots to start the drying process.

Step 4. The Blow Dry! Starting at the nape of your neck, take small sections and a large round brush. Secure the hair over the brush and add tension, point the nozzle of your hair dryer down the shaft of your hair. You want to pint down so the follicles flatten and are not brushed upwards. Continue through the whole of your hair styling with volume and shape.

Step 5. A Cold Blast. Switch the hair dryer to cool and (from above) to set the style and to make it last longer.

Top tips
Heat protection. You want a good serum or cream like Herbal Essences Seductiely Straight Heat Protection Cream. One pump smoothed into damp hair will promote shine.

A good brush. You want one that isnt going to pull, damage or rough up your hair. My favourite is the Lockonego range. The boar bristles give an extra smooth finish while the cork handle means its light weight and is easy grip.I noticed a big difference in the shine and look to my hair after using this compared to a standard thermal brush. I managed to recreate a salon blow dry myself. I honestly think that this was the secret ingredient! You can buy yours here.

Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Sebastian Professional & Henry Holland

If like me you are a bit of a sucker when it comes to 'limited edition', you need to know about this...

Henry Holland has teamed up with Sebastian Professional to produce limited edition packaging for 3 of their products.

The inspiration came from the paisley bandanas in candy hues that Henry used in his AW2010 show focussing on the down-town Harlen ghetto girl.

Potion 9, Shine Define Spray and my favourite Volupt Spray will all be housed in the limited packaging.

You can get yours from salons now!


Monday, 26 July 2010

The Sanctuary Spa Skincare

My favourite spa has launched their new skincare ranges. Sam (a skincare novice) gave the star products from the range a whirl...

'I am usually a soap and water kind of girl. I’m lucky that I have quite clear skin but I do suffer with t-zone blackheads and big pores. Also with the summer pollution (I work on the most polluted road in the country!) I have noticed some dull patches. With this in mind I gave the Sanctuary products a go -

Brightening Facial – Polishing Hot Cloth Cleanser

Firstly the colour coded packaging makes it easy to know which products to go for! The step by step instructions are a god send for a simpleton like me and with a face cloth included, getting started couldn’t be easier. The cleanser was light and creamy with pleasant smell which left the skin soft and refreshed.

Sanc hot cloth polish

Deep Cleanse Facial – 5 Minute Thermal Detox Mask
In order to tackle the blackheads and pores a deep cleanse is necessary and I’m very impressed by this product! Applying a thin layer to damp skin it heats up straight away helping to decongest the skin. After using this product just twice I have seen a noticeable difference. Not only does my skin feel very soft but the blackheads are reduced and the pores on my forehead are smaller.

Sanc thermal mask
For both products, only a tiny amount is need making them real value for money. I was surprised how affordable the Sanctuary products are and I’m very pleased with the results.'
A skincare convert then, hey Sam!

Oh and the skincare range is on offer at the moment!


Sunday, 25 July 2010

My Pure Bloggers Parcel - Round 2

Round 2 ding ding!

Akin Jojoba & Lavender Condtioner

Sinead from Ditzy Make up who blogs and bears all on youtube gave this a whirl...

I have been using this conditioner for about a week now and I'm super impressed! As you can see, that packaging is pretty cute! It looks like one of those 'back in the day' medicine bottles! Very vintage darling!

When i first received this conditioner, I immeadiately opened the bottle to have a smell! But I didn't have to put the bottle close to my nose to smell the scent! It has a VERY strong smell of lavender. I think you either like lavender or you don't. So if you don't like that scent, i don't think this conditioner is for you!

The texture is very different. Its actually kind of hard to explain, its very creamy but light at the same time? A little goes a long way!

So what do they say? 'Certified organic lavender flower combined with cold pressed Australian jojoba provides light conditioning and natural lustre whilst improving the vigour of your hair and scalp. Your hair will have body, be silky soft, shiny and manageable'

OK quite frankly this conditioner DOES do what it says on the tin! When i first used this i blow dried my hair, my Mum turned around and said, 'Your hair looks big and thick today!' as you can tell from the way she worded it shes not every good with hair, so for someone like that to comment it just shows how thick it did make my hair.

I have very fine and thin hair, that i totally hate so when i found that this conditioner gave it so much body and life it got a total thumbs up from me! The scent does stay put too, half way through the day i can just smell the lavender, only slightly its not overpowering! But it makes me smile knowing Ive got beautiful smelling hair, that's for sure. My scalp is very sensitive so when i change up my hair care routine my scalp goes very dry and i get dandruff, which is super annoying! But thankfully with this conditioner i didn't!
So if you have fine, thin and a sensitive scalp, i REALLY recommend this to you! (I'm not sure how it works on thicker hair, sorry!) It's an awesome everyday conditioner as it is quite light, and I WILL repurchase when I finish this bottle, this may even be something that i adapt into my everyday haircare routine.

So yes! Big thumbs up from me! Have you tried this conditioner? What are your thoughts? If not, than what are you waiting for?

Lovea Tahitian Monoi Moisturising Body Milk

Anna from Pink Pom Poms tells all. The body milk comes in a handy 200ml pump dispenser, which I like as its easy to use. It is a nice size for travelling too, but the pump may cause some leaking issues! The product itself is light and a liquid consistency, I guess thats why its a body milk, and not a lotion or cream! This does make for easy application though. The first thing I noticed about the product was the the lovely smell! Its unlike anything I have smelt before, and it quite hard to describe. It smells fresh,exotic, and sweet.

According to the Lovea website 'The Monoi, meaning "holy oil 'Maohi language, is a natural product obtained by macerating Tiare flowers in refined coconut oil' There is a slight coconut undertone, which adds to the lovely scent. Scent aside, the product does take a while to sink into the skin and at first can feel a little greasy. It does seem to sink in further as the day goes on, and leaves the skin feeling soft.

My skin doesn't really get very dry, so this may account for the slight greasy feeling, it may be better suited to drier skins. The scent remains on the skin for some time after application, but isn't overpowering. The product retails at £6.99, which is reasonable as it is natural and imported, but is maybe more than I personally would pay. You don't get a huge amount of product for the money. Overall, the smell is amazing, the moisturising effect is good, but I feel the price tag is a little high for a poor student like myself!


Friday, 23 July 2010

Keeping your cool...

If you live on London and use the tube, you will know that its the most dreaded part of the day as soon as temperatures reach 20 degrees. Even if you have managed to keep cool, being crammed into the train with everyone else who hasnt, well its not worth thinking about.

So tips to stay cool, calm and collected? Get a chauffuer with air con. Failing that?
Evian water spray. It says what it does on the tin... Spritz and breathe.

evian water spray

Tisserand Travel Ease roll on. Roll on to your pulse points and think of being in a nice cold shower. It contains Grapefruit, Bergamot Mint and Lemon Leaf oils. It comes in a a small roll ball tube. This is also great for flying. Roll on before landing and arrive somewhat refreshed!

tisserand travel ease

Antibacterial Hand Gel. Yes it will kill the extra bacteria from the heat, but it will also cool your hands.

carex hand gel

You buy all of these in Boots.


Thursday, 22 July 2010

Lee Stafford MATT FAT

Yes, I'm still banging on about volume and big hair. Until I have naturally luscious locks (ie. never) I be on the search for great volume products. Introducing Lee Stafford's new MATT FAT Collection.

Lee says... 'I wanted to create matt, texturised, fabulously BIG hair – catwalk inspired, padded, volumised hair that looks undone, messy, and sexy!'

There are 5 products in the range including;

my big fat healthy hair shampoo

my big fat healthy hair conditioner

matt style matt fat mustard

matt stylee low fat cashmere cushion

matt stylee my big fat texturised hair super spray

The shampoo and conditioner are the starting blocks to big hair. They come in a sealed container, I found out why. The consistency of the shampoo and conditioner is very runny. Be warned! It takes a bit of work to lather well but you are left with clean, weightless hair. Nice.

The hair super spray is a must. Its 3 products in 1. Volume of a spray wax, texture of a sea salt spray and hold of a hairspray. The consistency is very suspect...but it works all the same! All you do is shake it, spray it and zzuuusch(technical term). I have been using this on days where if I went poker straight, my hair would need a wash, this helps prolong your wash that extra day. And this held my style all day. From 6am until I climbed into bed at 10pm. Bonus.

The whole range is available exclusively in Boots.

matt fat shampoo

super hair spray


Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Skin and Bare It, The Finale.

I introduced you to the online show here where people share their skin care routines. Well, the final episode is up :(

Stay tuned for more Jergens news....


Tuesday, 20 July 2010

BOSS Orange Sunset

Set to launch on 28th July in the UK, the latest edition to the BOSS scents... BOSS Orange Sunset.

The bottle looks yummy(yes I just described a bottle as yummy), the smell is fresh, uplifting and yet tropical. If you didnt like the signature scent from this range, give this a sniff. Its different to the original one, hinting at summer but still a fragrance that can go from day to night. I have been looking for a fragrance that is solid yet not too heavy, and I've just found it.

The science-

'New BOSS Orange Sunset features a heady combination of creamy, sensual notes which perfectly represent the passionate and expressive nature of the BOSS Orange woman as she joyfully contemplates the evening ahead. Falling within the ‘rich white floral’ fragrance family, it is the opulent bouquet of Orange Flower and Tuberose in the heart of the scent, set against the creamy Sandalwood and Vanilla in the base, which imbues BOSS Orange Sunset with the same soulful sensuality that characterizes the signature BOSS Orange Woman fragrance. However, the new fragrance is more strongly driven by an inviting tropical top note of Granadilla (a type of passion fruit), which blends with the prominent floral heart to create a more light-hearted and relaxed overall effect than the original.'

This is my favourite of the 3 scents in the range. Next time you are out, test a spritz. I may get through the bottle too quickly.

boss orange sunset


Monday, 19 July 2010

Taking Supplements...

When you have a busy life its hard to eat healthy all the time. Long term effects are not giving your body what it needs. In particular vitamins and minerals. Skin, hair and nails are the first thing you notice lacking goodness. Popping a few pills can help! That would be multi vitamins!! I always use a brand leader, in particular Seven Seas. They have a special range for women called Femibion and offer different products depending on what you are after and at what stage in life you are at.

The Radiance version has helped my skin no end. Its less dry, clearer and more even. Of course unlike a skincare product you wont see instant results so you need to persevere. It contains antioxidants such as Grapeseed and Linseed Oils and also Omega-3. Others I take are the Bassetts Soft & Chewy. I first discovered these on Boot Camp when one of the girls was dishing these out! Withdrawn from sweets and chocolate, these were as good as a sweet! Taking supplements just makes me feel so much healthier and helps me through the day even if I dont manage my 5 a day!

fembion radiance

Sunday, 18 July 2010


I have changed my hair colour 6 times in the last year. I have had all but one of the top 10 styles and all of the top 5 colours.. I just know you can relate too!


The average woman will work her way through more than 100 hairstyles in her lifetime, a study revealed. Researchers found the typical female will have her hair layered, shortened or coloured twice a year between the ages of 13 and 65 - or 104 times in her life. The main reasons for a shift in style are 'boredom' with their current look or the end of a relationship.

It also emerged the average female tries out three different colours over the years, while one in four experiments with up to five shades. The statistics were uncovered in a report commissioned by award-winning hairdresser Andrew Collinge. He said: ''Women have always used their hair as a way of altering their appearance as it often has the greatest impact visually.

''My feeling is that women are changing their looks little and often rather than dramatic changes.

''For example, you can add modern texture without altering the length just by adding some layers or by drying and styling differently - think Jennifer Aniston.

''Hopefully, with the help and advice of their hairdresser they are making these smaller changes to a style which already suits them - hence reaching almost 100 styles.

''This could also be the impact of trends from the catwalk or celebrities, inspiring women to change their hair in the same way they may adopt a fashion trend.
''In my salons we certainly see women bringing in pictures of the latest look which inspires them.''

The study of 3,000 women revealed 44 per cent changed their hair style or colour simply because they were bored, while 61 per cent admit they 'just wanted a change'. Another 25 per cent did it to 're-invent' themselves while 38 per cent did it to feel more confident.

Sixteen per cent opted for a new cut or colour to mark a milestone birthday while 15 per cent treated themselves to a new look before or after giving birth. Almost a third of women change styles or dye their hair following a relationship break-up or divorce, while 17 per cent did it to conceal grey hairs. But the change is not always for the better, with almost three quarters of women admitting they regretted at least one of their hair styles in the past. Twelve per cent said they changed styles because they were getting too old to carry off their old look.

The study also found long hair with a fringe is the most popular hair style with 69 per cent adopting this look at some point in their lives. Two thirds have styled their hair into a bob while 61 per cent have gone with long layers. Short hair with a fringe, long curls and a perm are also popular choice of cuts over the years. Dark brown is the colour of choice for 56 per cent of women who have modelled this tint, followed by a dark honey blonde hue. Fifty-eight per cent also admitted they were planning to change their current style in the near future while 56 per cent said they would seek the advice of their hairdresser before taking the plunge. The study also found one in ten women have even sported ten or more hues over their adult life.
Andrew Collinge added: ''With our modern, everyday stresses and hectic lifestyles, often a re-style or a new colour is an effective and easy way to boost a woman's confidence.

''Also a new hair style can help a woman through a life-changing event, either by making them feel better about themselves after breaking up with a partner, or to celebrate reaching a big birthday.''
1. 'I just wanted a change'
2. 'I was bored'
3. To boost confidence
4. After a relationship break-up
5. 'To re-invent myself'
6. Fashion / trend changes
7. Going grey
8. A milestone birthday
9. Before / after having a baby
10. Wedding

1. Long hair with a fringe
2. Bob
3. Long layers
4. Short hair with a fringe
5. Short layers
6. Long feathered
7. Long curls/waves
8. Short feathered
9. Perm
10. Short curls / waves

1. Dark brown
2. Dark, honey blonde
3. Light brown
4. Mahogany
5. Light, platinum blonde


Saturday, 17 July 2010

BBLL - Saturday 17th July

Have you tried Ellis Faas yet? Rae's reviewing a few of these super-luxe, super-chic products, starting with Ellis' Milky Lips line!

Armani Blushing Fabric Second Skin Blushers have caught Louise's eye.

No bruises here! Check out Maggie's soft pink and purple face of the day over at The Polka-Dotted Apple.

When do Lego's and cosmetics have something in common? When Jouer comes to town, that's when. Watch Jeweled Thumb act 5 and play with a recent haul!

Butter LONDON has some fabulous new nail shades for Autumn 2010 - come check them out on Lipglossiping!

Lisamarie from Beauty Crazed gets up close and personal with the Burberry Beauty line!

Hell Candy attends the Edward Bess UK launch and is blown away by the beauty of everything (the make up AND the man!)

Jolie Laide Girl gets silky soft with Kiehls Lightweight Body Lotion.

Sarah from IHeartCosmetics shows you how to get rid of spots,simply and easily.

Dry skinned and on a budget? Eyelining thinks Boots may have a bargain solution!

Looking for a perfect red nail polish for summer? Take a look at Illamasqua's Alarm at Makeup4All.

Lipgloss86 conquers all fears and grabs for the epilator in a bid for fuzz free legs.

The Lip Print discovers the sweetest nail shades for spring and has a chat with Orly's Creative Director about what's hot for nails!
There’s a new mascara in town! Check out Tsahi’s review on Revlon’s new Luscious Grow Mascara.

Madame B Fatale talks about a product that supports a great cause!


Be sure to enter Phyrra's Summer Giveaway! Two winners, great prizes, open worldwide!

It's Pink Diva Beauty's birthday and you receive the presents! Have you entered?

Ever wanted to try LA's Prtty Peaushun? Now you can - Beautywoome is giving it away this month!

Reviva Labs wants to protect and prettify you with their Summer Skincare Giveaway on Prime Beauty.

The Pink Sith is celebrating her second Blog Anniversary with a Purple and Silver giveaway!


Friday, 16 July 2010

Lulu's Operation: Glam

Lulu is best known for her singing, Eurovision, Shout, Relight my fire. I personally do an amazing version of relight my fire. It was one night in a cab on the way out. A complete joke which ended up in my friends entering me into The X Factor. I can hold a tune but I am no Leona!!

Anyway, Lulu has a beauty range which includes hair and face products. I tried the Glam range which is in a super tacky(which I super love) zebra and pink packaging. At first I thought Lulu's range would be aimed at 'matue' women as according to mum your hair thins as you get older. Great, I defo wont have any left!

The Larger Than Life Shampoo and Conditioner add volume and thicken. It is also suplate free! Personally, my hair didnt rave about the shampoo and conditioner but it did love the styling products. In particular the Thickening Elixir. Its a serum which you smooth onto damp hair then dry as normal and style. I like it! It helps the volume stay for longer and if you use the right amount (less is more) your hair will feel soft and bouncy. Add in the Thicken & Lift Spray and you've got yourself some serious volume.

The Operation: Glam range also comes in a travel sized set which is perfect for trying out before buying the full sizes and those summer holidays. You can buy the range at and QVC.



Thursday, 15 July 2010

ELF Studio Mineral Infused Face Primer

Primer, some people swear by it, some dont see any difference to using it or not. Me? I like using one but its not make or break for me. I've used a whole barrage of primers and now I am onto Elf Studios Mineral Infused Face Primer. This completely reminds me of the GOSH Velvet Touch Primer but cheaper. I like it because is smooths my skin out filling fine lines and pores making a nice base for my foundation. Do I see everlasting results? In the heat my make up lasts longer than without it although I use this for the finish it gives my skin.
For the price, you should have this in your collection. Its a step closer to flawless skin.

elf face primer


Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Get your swish on with Pantene & Sam McKnight

Exclusive from Pantene...

'Always wanted to know how to achieve natural, healthy looking volume and movement that lasts all day? Pantene Pro-V has worked with Sam to create this exclusive video tutorial “The Swish” – showing you the tricks of the trade to create that perfect long luxe volume look in your own home.'

Watch this video for some top tips!! Its easy, quick and will work for any occasion.

Get your swish on!!


Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Illamasqua Amnesty

Fed up of trying to use up those smashed pans, the last dregs of a product you dont like?

Illamasqua have come to the rescue with their amnesty!
You get to swap all your dried up, falling apart and smashed make up in return for 25% off their brand spanking products which are all shiny and new!

Here's what Illamasqua have to say...
Some make-up can be ordinary – dull, boring, uninspiring. But not Illamasqua’s distinctive, rule-breaking professional make-up range. For a limited time only, you can exchange your second-rate make-up for a 25% discount on Illamasqua’s highly pigmented and exceptional products that give truly extraordinary results.

How will it work?

There is no limit to how many pieces you can bring and it can be in any condition – falling apart, smashed, nearly empty, dried up… we want to help you start again!

This is your chance to get rid of the old, bland, mediocre make-up sitting at the bottom of your bag without feeling guilty throwing away barely-used make-up.

The offer is across all categories and if you bring back a boring lipstick, you can swap it for a fantastic, creamy matt Lipstick. Or how about a Cream Blusher? Or a cult Nail Varnish? Or a Powdered Metal? Or …

What will it cost me?

Nothing! You are simply giving us your old make-up in order to claim your 25% discount on any Illamasqua product. Just pop along to your nearest counter to find out more [sorry, this Amnesty does not apply to our online shop.]

The Illamasqua Make- up Amnesty will begin from 17th - 31st July and is available at:

Selfridges Oxford Street, Trafford Centre, Birmingham Bullring, Fenwick Newcastle, BT2 Grafton Street Dublin, Debenhams Glasgow, Belfast and Cardiff

I will be first in the queue! Forget project 10 pan, I'm getting me some new treats!

Illa amnesty


Monday, 12 July 2010

The Body Shop Brazil Nut Moisture Mask

I use hair masks about once a week. My fine hair needs extra care or heat and styling will just leave it broken and weak. Now my hair has a good length thanks to the Lee Stafford Hair Growth Mask, I decided to try The Body Shop Brazil Nut Moisture Mask. After speaking to one of the producers of the brazil nuts for The Body Shop, I thought of him and his community as I picked this up. The smell isnt offensive and it is super thick. I work this into the lengths of my hair and cover with a shower cap for 10 minutes. If you hair is really damaged then you can leave this for longer and even overnight. When it comes to washing this off, the big ting I notice is that my hair has absorbed the product meaning there isnt much to wash out. With some conditioners, you wash out exactly what you put on.
There isnt a long lingering smell once my hair is dry which is quite refreshing. You dont need a huge amount of product either which means this will last. On a guess, one pot will last me 2 months using it once a week. Not bad for £8. Plus, The Body Shop are having some really good sales so you might be able to bag a bargain.



Friday, 9 July 2010

Bed head to beach hair...

When it comes to summer I feel like I can be 'lazy' with my hair. Now I say lazy but as much effort goes into it as the rest of the year. It just looks lazy! Sea salt spray is my friend in the summer. I like tousled and volume but not a birds nest! I can leave my hair to dry naturally overnight then spritz this on in the morning, rough it up a bit and style the front so I look half presentable. Voila.

One of the great things about these sprays are you can splash on a bit of water in the afternoon to revive your look. The local pub beer garden has never looked so good! My current favourite is the Bumble & Bumble Surf Spray which I bought last summer. I'll get another summer out of this one then it will be time for a new one.



Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Cetaphil.. Possibly the best moisturiser ever made?

Ever since i started reading blogs and watcing youtube videos, I've seen Cetaphil pop up. I finally bite the bullet wen I saw Nicolavc86 video mentioning there was an offe on Victoria Health when you buy the cleanser, you get the moisturiser for free! Bonus.
The cleanser... nice but I dont feel totally clean after. I will be donating this to a friend.
The moisturiser... love it. You only need a tiny amount as it goes a long way. It lasts a long time too. My skin feels fresh, plumped and ready. Since i have started using this my skin has been glowing even when its raining. My skin tone has evened out and my skin has seriously not been this good since before I started experimenting with skincare and make up! This one is here to stay. For £7 something its a bit of a bargain.



Monday, 5 July 2010

Braun Silk-epil 7 - Xpressive Pro

My first experience of an epilator was when I was about 14. Having hardly any hair to begin with, I grabbed one and without the noise putting me off, continued to rip it up my shin. Safe to say I got about 2 inches up, screamed with pain and vowed to always shave.

As I got older, I always considered waxing, just for the summer months, but to be honest, with London prices, you can spend £150 just for legs, bikini and underarms. A monthly cost that we can all do without. I have dark hair s even when my legs are shaved, they dont always look smooth and silky as they feel! So for legs, I stuck to shaving. But with shaving comes shave rash, cuts, stubble. Ugh. A constant battle against the hair.

A few weeks ago I met Nichola Joss who is the ambassador for Braun. She explained that texhnology has come a long way. Their new epilator, Silk-epil Xpressive Pro, can be used wet or dry and can remove 'hair as small as a grain of sand'. Not entirely convinced that the less painful new technology was a trick to get me to cry. Nichola tested it on my arm. To be honest, I was scared. I made Nichola promise that if I screamed, she would stop. 1 minute later and I ave 2 inches of hair free skin on my arm. And the most impressive part, it didnt hurt. I kid you not! I then decided that I needed one and this could change my life, as I think with any purchase, just to justify it in my head.

A couple of days later, I embarked on my journey to becoming hair free. The first time I used it, it hurt and I realised that it is less painful on shorter hair. So I shaved and came back 3 days later. The day came rolling round all took quick. A hot bath and legs slathered in conditioner, I washed it off and went for it. Did it hurt, a little bit but you need to remember that tweezers are pulling the individual hairs out, its never going to be completely pain free. I did get used to the pain and powered through. Afterwards my legs were a bit irritated as should be expected, so I let them calm down overnight and moisturised in the morning. 3 days later, I went again with the new hairs that were lower to replenish from shaving. Much better with less hair. 3 more days passed and again I went through the routine. And, yes you guessed it, 3 more days and even less hair and pain. its 2-3 weeks on and I am just starting to get hair through again. Its softer with no blunt ends and you can hardly notice it. To say I am impressed is an understatement. I have visible hair reduction and smoother legs for longer.


One fully charged device lasts about 4 rounds of legs.

Charge time is quick, so if it does run out, you are good to go again in about 30 mins.

There is a 'smart light' which picks up fair hair, meaning you have a more precise removal.

The head pivots to fit your contours so you dont miss any hair.

Using it under water reduces the inevitable pain.

You can use this anywhere, face, body or legs. I however will be sticking to legs!

It comes with different heads for different uses.

The charger can either be plugged into the mains or into a bathroom plug.

It costs £129.99 which is a few waxing sessions. You could spend that on shaving products in a year.

It looks pretty! It has glitter...ooooo!


The initial pain which is bearable.

Much to Nichola's relief, I am now an epilator convert!

So, whats your hair removal of choice?

braun silk epil


Sunday, 4 July 2010

The Sanctuary, the latest goss!

As a huge fan of The Sanctuary, I was really pleased to hear they are expanding. Not once, but 3 times! Yes they are adding 3 more spas to their reportoire.

The spa in Covent Garden has been open for over 30 years with over 64,000 guests and delivering over 28,000 facials each year. Each new spa will offer an extensive retail offering which will play host to their spa range products and new facial skin care line. They will also showcase third party hand picked brands such as Aromatherapy Associates, Environ and Carita.  Each spa will have a minimum of 5 treatments rooms (Convent Garden has over 40) as well as a relaxation area. There will also be a champagne manicure bar. Girls lunches and champagne manicures, yes please! Understanding the element of time, The Sanctuary have introduced combination treatments. A facial and a manicure together, reducing the time taken but doubling the pampering!

Treatments available will include the most popular Covent Garden treatments along with their new Prescription Facials. During the facial, your therapist will give you a skin analysis, discuss any worries or concerns and tailor the facial to your skin. Lets face it, we're all different! With the new skin care range, you will be able to recreate your facial at home meaning your skin will stay looking fresher and pampered for longer.

Along with the new skin care range are The Sanctuary's, Facial in a Box. Smaller sizes of the products along with instructions and guides of how to use them. This is a perfect gift, or a starting block for youto try thr products for the first time. The best thing about this...the price a mere £16! In my eyes, thats a bargain, and you dont even need to leave home!

New offerings also include grooming treatments like waxing, brow tinting, make up and self tanning.

And a new breakthrough, Medi Spa. With a cosmetic doctor on hand, women will have the opportunity to try treatments such as Botox, IPL, Endermologie and Dermal Fillers in a trusted environment. Maybe I'll tun back time with a little botox!

So, when are The Sanctuary coming to you I hear you cry?!

Cambridge, Grand Arcade- August
Richmond, Hill Rise- September
Bristol, Quaker's Friars Cabot Circus- October

Imagine a manicure and glass of champagne during Xmas shopping!!

Oh and the spas look amazing! I can't wait to step foot in there!


Saturday, 3 July 2010

BBLL - Saturday 3rd July

Rae has a sneek peek (with swatches and reviews!) of The Body Shop's fall collection over at theNotice.
Phyrra compares ten eye shadow primers. Find out which ones are her favorites!

The Pink Sith performs a public service by warning you about the new Sephora: Kat Von D High Voltage Eye Primer.

Jellyminx creates a pictorial showing the look she wore in her first "live" Youtube video.
Hot Beauty Health shares a simple trick for soft and beautiful feet in 4 easy steps!

LilBiuty shares her first colorful look using only Sugarpill makeup!

Lisamarie from Beauty Crazed wonders if there are any sweeter words then "Limited Edition Dior"!
Kim Porter shares advice given directly from celebrity MUA Sam Fine on how to become a makeup artist.

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Friday, 2 July 2010


OPI- I'm Indi-a Mood For Love

make up 179

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