Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Introducing OP Therapy

A couple of months ago, no matter what I tried, nothing could soothe my lips. My 'adventure' led me to this. OP Therapy is an Australian brand who are launching in the UK.

A bit about them-
'For centuries indigenous Australians have relied on the rest or ative and protective qualities of emu oil and recent medical research has further illustrated its amazing health benefits. Some of the most notable are:

· Natural and potent anti-inflammatory properties.

· Reducing irritation in eczema and psoriasis.

· Moisturising and nourishing qualities. However, unlike other oils, will not clog up the pores of the skin or cause acne.

· Research has shown that it could be effective in reducing signs of aging.

· Because the emu oil molecule is so similar in size to the human skin molecule, it is a very effective penetrating oil, making it an excellent trans-dermal carrier for other therapeutic ingredients.

The OP Therapy range of products includes scrubs, body hydrat or s, creams and oils. These all contain the rest or ative properties of emu oil combined with the natural qualities of herbal plant extracts and oils. OP Therapy products are scented with delicious aromas such as coconut, vanilla, cloves, lemon, lime and pineapple. The products are free from colourants, parabens, petrochemicals, sulphates and harsh chemical preservatives. For the most sensitive of skins there is an unscented cream, ideal for use during pregnancy, on min or skin irritations and also on babies and small children.'

I tried the lip retorer. This reminded me of the Sun Tints from Mac last year. The consistency and packaging are the same, except there is no dodgy taste with this. Anyone who got the sun tints last year will now exactly what I mean! The lip balm comes in lemon and lime flavour which I haven't come across before. Its refreshing. I have been applying this at night and waking up with soothed lips.

You can buy OP Therapy products here.

Has anyone tried OP Therapy products?

op therapy

op therapy 2


Monday, 29 March 2010

Revlon Spring/Summer 2010

Revlon's new collection is due to hit the shops very soon. Included in the range 5 candy coloured lipglosses, 2 nail enamels and a limited edition eyeshadow pallette. Their super lustrous lipglosses are my favourite on the market. I'm sure you can imagine that it takes a lot for me to say that! They are non sticky, last the distance and I just love them. Not really much else I can say, well there is but this will be a very long post! They have a great colour range too.

My particular favourites from the new range are the lilacs.

Their new range has gorgeous pastles. Vex in the City has some brilliant swatches, so to see the range in all its glory, click here.

Yay for Spring/Summer. Whats on your wish list?

Revlon ss10


Friday, 26 March 2010

The Body Shop Sweet Lemon

Lemon scents can be so wrong, or this case so right!

I love the freshness of citrus and how you can go from being half asleep to completely awake in 5 minutes.

The Body Shop are launching a Sweet Lemon range which smells like sherbert lemons!

There is a shower gel and a body scrub to name a few in the range.The range also contains Community Fair Trade ingredients.

Just in time for summer mornings.



Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Maybelline Dream Creamy Foundation

You have probably seen a few reviews on here are my two cents.

Maybellines latest foundation has been on the market for a little while now. I was sent this about a month ago and have been using this on and off every since. Before this, I had never gone for foundations in a pan. I always thought that they would last long. I was however wrong.

Dream Satin was my favourite foundation last year and has continued to be the one I reach for. Dream creamy is a solid to liquid and is 'ultra-smooth and hydrating'. I started using it with the sponge it comes with, this helps build the medium coverage that it gives naturally. I moved on from using the sponge to using my fingers which I prefer the finish of. This literally melts when it comes in contact which body temperature making it really easy to apply and blend. My favourite part of this foundation is the hydrating effect. If you have dry skin like me, this is brilliant. Once you have applied this, your skin looks flawless and stays that way all day. Some foundations can dry out on me during the day and by the time I get home, I am ready to remove it and slap on some moisturiser. Another thing I love about this is how easy it is to touch up during the day. I hate having to get our my pump bottle, get my hands dirty and touch up my make up. With this, I can whip it out and touch up with no mess or fuss.

Overall I love the finish it gives, it has a slightly heavier coverage than the dream satin liquid so great for bad skin days. However if you are oily, you may not like the hydrating effect.

Dry skin? You'll love this.



Tuesday, 23 March 2010

British Beauty Blogger

I am on British Beauty Bloggers blog! If you would like to here!


Monday, 22 March 2010

James Harknett, Tan Ambassador speaks...

Last week I blogged about a new fake tan from Lee Stafford.

The gorgeous James Harknett, Fake My Tan ambassador has answered some of your tan questions below. James has the most amazing natural tan I have ever seen. I am so green eyed!

What preparation should a tan fan should do before applying?

There are certain things that I always advise a client to do to prepare your skin for fake tan. The following tips will also make you tan last and last:

- wax two days prior to tanning and exfoliate you face and body the day before

- always remove moisturiser or deodorant before applying fake tan this can block the skin and create an uneven tan

- cover toe nails and eyebrows in moisturizer or Vaseline so they don’t become stained.

- moisturiser acts as an incredible barrier for fake tan, so use small half moon shaped smears to blend tan on wrists and ankles and around the hairline to ensure the tan blends flawl;essly into the natural skintone

How can we make our tans last all day and night?

- Always regularly moisturise the skin in the days after your tan (I love the Wild Organics Skin Lotion in White Willow – it has a gorgeous texture and smells just incredible!)

- Try not to head straight down to the gym after tanning as sweat will push the product back out of your pores and your tan will be more likely to melt straight off again!

- The great thing about Lee Stafford’s fake My Tan is that re-applying is really quick and easy- keep the product in your hand bag just in case so you can whip it out and re-apply on the go!

If its the first time you are tanning, what advice would you give?

- Make sure you always use a good tanning mitt so that you can smooth out any blotches or streaks and get a really professional looking skin finish.

- REMEMBER- when you are layering your tanning product to build up your colour, less is always more and make sure that you blend double layers really well with your tanning mitt, (however if you do make a mistake Fake My Tan is easy to remove instantly so you can start again!)

If my tan has gone horribly wrong and I am orange and streaky, what should I do?

- With Fake My Tan, you can just wash it off again and again until you get the tan that you really want! Plus Fake My Tan contains no DHA, the colourant chemical in full tanning products, which often makes the skin turn an unnatural orangey colour.

- Fake My Tan has a gorgeous Olive undertone so it is olive not orange

- If you have made mistakes with a longer lasting tanning product, then I would recommend using a gentle skin exfoliator in the shower to loosen streaks and marks. Don’t scrub at your skin as this will only make it red raw.

- It is a complete beauty myth that lemon juice will remove fake tan mistakes!

Any other tips we need to know?

There are some fantastic different looks that you can achieve with Fake My Tan – follow my tips below for an anti ageing eye lift effect

- Self tanning isn’t just about creating an all over bronzed look it is also about enhancing your best features making them pop. One trick I like to use is perfect for brightening the eyes, ridding you of any dark circles and making you appear alert and youthful.

- use a temporary tanning spray such as Fake My Tan Brown My Bits Tanning Spritz in light to medium on the face..

- You will need to use an application mitt, spritz one pump of fake my tan light to medium on the edge of application mitt

- Start by applying to the forehead, sides of the face, chin and nose

- Using one stroke under the eye, apply the tan in a fast sweeping motion from the inner corner out towards the cheekbone to eliminate dark circles and highlight the cheekbone.

- Finish with a small amount over the eyelid to brighten eyes and give the appearance of a sun kissed glow.

- Fake My Tan contains actively hydrating and anti-aging ingredients such as radiance boosting Maca Root, antioxidant Pomegranate extract, soothing Passionflower extract and softening Marshmallow Extract which smooth and plump the skin giving a youthful glow so (unlike many tanning products) you can feel totally happy about applying it to your face and other sensitive areas .

Absolute Abs

- Everybody wants to create that taught toned look, especially around the abs and stomach area. It is an area that we all, even if occasionally, tend to feel insecure about but if you can’t tone it- tan it!

- When getting a professional airbrush tan, ask for the spray to be applied to the sides of your stomach following natural definition this, visually pulls the skin in and has the effect of firmness.

- You can easily recreate this at home with Fake My Tan Brown My Bits Tanning Spritz by spraying lines from to tops of your hips inwards and the blending with inward sweeps of the tanning mitt, keeping your fingers held together and flat within the mitt.

Hollywood Arms

As spring and summer come closer, sleeves get shorter and having a gorgeous pair of Jennifer Aniston style bronzed, Hollywood arms is highly desirable. Here are a couple of my best tricks for getting the most out of tanning your arms…

- A tanning mousse such as Fake My Tan Just One Use Tanning Mousse, is an ideal texture for using on arms and fiddly bits like elbows and shoulders

- As you get closer down the arm towards the hand, application should gradually become lighter

- You can double up and apply a light second layer to the underside of your upper arms to minimize loose skin and bingo-wings.

Thank you James!

If you have any tan questions for James, comment below!


Sunday, 21 March 2010

Hugo Boss 'One Fragrance, One Tree'

More and more companies are taking responsibility for the environment and are shaking up the industry with ideas to help generations after we have gone.

Hugo Boss have launched 'One Fragrance, One Tree' sustainability initiative for their ever Eco friendly customers. For each special edition pack of HUGO Element and HUGO Man fragrance produced, one tree will be planted in the Amazon rainforest in Peru .

Hugo Fragrances has 5 artists who have created their own eco-friendly interpretation of an urban jungle. Designs will be painted on 100% recyclable card in the form of large pop up trees. With creative support from the artists, people will be encouraged to make their own mark by painting blank trees that will be on display in 5 cities throughout the country.

The tour launched in London’s Covent Garden on Wednesday 17th March and travels to Bluewater in Kent (19th – 21st March); Bullring in Birmingham (26th – 28th March) Meadow Hall in Sheffield (2nd, 3rd and 5th April) and Centre MK in Milton Keynes (9th – 11th April) before returning back to Covent Garden on 15th April for a grand finale, where the pop up trees will turn the cobbled pavements of Covent Garden into an urban jungle for the day.

On the back of each pack of HUGO Element and HUGO man is a scratch-away panel which reveals a personal tree code that customers can enter online at to discover the exact location of where their tree will be planted. Which I think is pretty cool!

The special bottles are out now! The plantation funded by HUGO Fragrances will cover an area of 800 hectares; equivalent to 7 Hyde Parks. In other words...huge!

So you can surprise the boyf with a new smell knowing you are doing your bit for the environment.

hugo boss

hugo element


Friday, 19 March 2010

Glowing skin from Myface Cosmetics

Want skin like Jennifer Aniston?

jen aniston

Carry on reading!

Myface cosmetics are a brand I have seen in Boots but never reached for. Since using some of their products, I'm wondering why!

I was sent the foundation, concealer and powder from the range to try out.

The foundation is lightweight and water based which helps to give a flawless finish. Even thought it is water based, it is buildable. If I am wanting more coverage, I just add a bit more. It doesnt go cakey or sit on my skin by build it up either. What I love most avout this foundation is it dewy effect and that it lasts. Some 'dewy' foundations are just dull by the afternoon but this keeps my skin smooth and dewy all day.

The concealer does what it says on the tin, it conceals and has staying power.
The powder is really finely milled. Unlike so many others I have used, because of the this, it just adds to your skin being flawless instead of dulling down the glow.

So for Spring/Summer, I will be using this to make sure my skin is glowing all day without slipping into the oily catergory. Another great range for dry skin. However if you have oily skin, you'll have to try this for yourself.
Myface cosmetics are sold in Boots.

Celebrity fans include;

- Kate Hudson

- Kate Moss

- Sarah Jessica Parker

- Jennifer Lopez

- Victoria Beckham

- Lindsay Lohan

- Cheryl Cole


myfac foundation

my face concealer


Thursday, 18 March 2010

Lee Stafford Fake My Tan Launch

St Patricks Day found me at Lee Stafford's gorgeous apartment in London for the launch of his new fake tan range called 'Fake My Tan'. As soon as the nights atrt getting lighter, I allow myself to think about tans, flip flops and sunglasses!

James Harknett is the ambassador for the brand. He has worked in the self tan industry for over 10 years and has a huge celeb clientele who call on him for that golden glow.

The range itself was born after Lee was fed up with brand after brand leaving him streaky, not lasting and even the bad smells! Fake My Tan is wash off tan with olive undertones meaning it wont look orange! The orange effect in most products is caused when the ingredients mix with the good bacteria on your skin. You learn something new everyday.

There are 8 products in the range which come in 2 shades. Light to medium and dark.

Magic Potion Tanning Lotion

Magic Potion Tanning Lotion with added Bling

Brown My Bits Tanning Spritz

Just One Use Tanning Mousse

Each product contains ingredients which look after your skin while you pull off the bronzed look. You can soothe, moisturise and soften with Kiwi, Acai, Passion Flower and Marshmallow.

The tan is is quick drying (just seconds!) which is great if you are in a rush or just dont want to spend forever sitting nakie waiting for your tan to dry. Another great thing about this range is that is doesnt rub off on your clothes. Believe me, I have put this through vigorous tests!

James gave me some top tips for using Fake My Tan.

-Use a mitt and the product sparingly. Because the product dries so quickly, you can build up the tan.
-For arms, start at the top and brush the product downwards. That way, by the time you get to your wrists and arms, there will be just enough product left. No bronzed arms and white hands.
- Use a tiny bit of moisturiser along your hair line, the insides of your wrists and over your knuckles to the tan lays and doesnt stick to the dry areas.

James has also answered some questions for you which I will post about soon!

My favourite things about these products are-
-The drying time. By the time I have admired my new bronze arms, I'm dry. No greasy, stickiness or film left.
- They all have the Lee Stafford smell which is like a breath of fresh air compared to the biscuit smell we are know and hate!
- They wash off. You can have a tan for one night without having to put up with going patchy in a few days.
- You can use them all on your face. No more worrying about breakouts.
-My personal favourite is the tanning spritz. You can spray this over your make up for a quick boost. No need to apply yet more bronzer which can make you look muddy. The spray is a dry formula so it wont take off your make up.

Fake My Tan is available exclusively in Boots.

Seen as summer is on the way, and in the UK we never know when the sun will decide to shine. You dont need to worry about the up keep of a tan. You can just fake it instantly and in seconds.

make up 172
Sorry for the bad pic! This is a picture of a picture!

fake my tan


Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Sebastian Professional Volupt

Its not news to you that I love voluminous hair! My quest has brought me to Sebastian's new Volupt range. I have been using the shampoo, conditioner and also the spray gel.

Sebastian's Penetraitt gave me lovely conditioned hair, this gives my volume and thickness.

The shampoo in the volupt range is more of a gel formula compared to the creamy penetraitt one. Although volupt gives me the boost my hair needs, it doesnt condition as well so extra care is needed. I was using my Trilliant from the Sebastian range but this has sadly run out so I am using a leave in conditioner as an extra boost in between hair treatments.
The star from the Volupt range for me is the spray gel. Now dont be fooled by the name as this isnt an actual gel, more of a liquid. No stickiness unlike other spray gels. I use this as a root booster when my hair is wet then rough dry my hair upside down. Volume? Voila! Just dont over do it with the spray or it can go hard if you get spray happy like me! If this happens though, it brushes out easily and doesnt leave any flakes or mess behind.

Not only are these products amazing, they also look good! Always helps to have nice products lingering on the shelf!

Overall a range that promises volume and delivers.

If I ever get to meet Mr Sebastian, I will shake his hand!

volupt spray

volupt shampoo

volupt conditioner

Tuesday, 16 March 2010

MIMCO... a new obsession

Yes, you guessed it. Its not just make up and the likes that I love. Accessories are big in my world too. I like to dress quite simply and then throw in a big bag, or a statement ring. Mimco are an Australian brand who I first heard about at Xmas and have been lusting over ever since. Their products are lovely! From bags and jewellery to hats and shoes, they cover everything.

Their online shop is launching in the UK soon. They are stocked in House of Fraser and even have a store in Westfield, London which I happily stumbled accross when I was shopping!

Their range is huge so you'll definitely be able to find something you love, or in my case, you'll love everything!

To check out MIMCO, click here. I love that all their products are unique. The images for the new range are amazing.

What is your favourite accessory?


Monday, 15 March 2010

Nostalgia courtesy of The Body Shop

When I heard The Body Shop were bring back some of their 80's classics, I knew I wanted in! At xmas I was kindly sent a gift voucher so I spent it wisely and picked up the green apple shower gel. This is quite possibly my all time favourite body shop product. It brings back so many memories and it smells so delicious. The best apple scent ever. They have now added aloe vera too which hasn't changed the smell at all. I'm hoping this will become a permanent fixture in their range. Remember the endangered species soaps? Polar bears, gorillas? They should come back too.

Come on Body Shop, we love retro! Whats your favourite retro product?



Sunday, 14 March 2010

To my Mum

A post dedicated to my Mummy.

My mum is the best in the world. But it took me a while to realise it. Growing up she might not have allowed me to have the latest pair of trainers or to buy a Schott jacket (remember those?!) but she invested time and money in me in a different way. As most of you know, I was a dancer growing up. Mum would shuttle me between school, dance classes, competitions, shows, and even costume fittings. After getting home at a ridiculous hour after travelling half way round the country with me, she would stay up even later to wash my costumes ready for the next day. 5am starts and waiting around at auditions for me while I put on my biggest smile to secure a new job was never too much to ask. It wasnt even a question whether mum would be there. She just was. I can't even begin to count the amount of awful cups of teas she must have had. As kids, we always came first. Mum would go without so we didnt miss out.

Now I'm not saying everything was rosey growing up. Mum had to go through the usual teenage years with me and my 3 other siblings. Coming home in the early hours when we were meant to be home at 10pm. Being picked up by boys in cars at 14(like you didnt do that!). She must have been worried sick sometimes. I will never underestimate her love for us. The constant support even when we threw it back in her face.

Everyday I try and make my mum laugh, much to her annoyance sometimes. She might be watching tv or making the dinner while I am messing around and generally acting stupid.

Even though today is Mothers day, it doesnt mean I dont love her any less on the other days of the year. It just means I can show her more today.
So mummy, if you are reading this.
I love you xxx

Friday, 12 March 2010

Lee Stafford Hair Growth Treatment

A few months ago, I read about the Lee Stafford 'for hair that never grows past a certain length' mask. To be honest I was intrigued! My hair growth mission has lead me to try masks, treatments and even home remedies.

Now I dont believe a product can make your hair grow but it can improve the environment to promote hair growth. I have been through 2 pots of this now and can officially say that I have noticed not only growth but also an improvement in the condition on my hair.

Since December my hair has grown easily 2 inches. My hair has never grown as fast as this before, its not known for its growth hence why it took a year just to get it to a mid lenth cut!

You can use this mask how often or little you like. I started off using it twice a week, then down to once a week after about a month. You shampoo as normal, then apply the mask. I leave this in my hair for 5-10 minutes and give my scalp a quick massage, rinse and then condition. Immeadiately after using this, my hair is smooth and the product just slides out.

Since using this, the amount of styling my hair needs has reduced. I no longer need to straighten my hair everyday. I can leave it to dry naturally or just rough dry and know that I wont look like I have been dragged through a hedge backwards.

I honestly cant rave about this enough. I will continue to use this product for the next few months until my hair is at the length I want it. I'm not sure I will be able to give it up though knowing how well it looks after my hair. This mask really penetrates the hair shaft looking after it from within rather than coating it like most products in this pricec range.

This mask retails for £6.84 in Boots which is lots cheaper than salon brands but a tiny bit more expensive that other drugstore brands.

Well done Lee, another must have product from this range.

Have you tried this?



Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Ryan Reynolds....the new face of Hugo Boss

Just when you thought some eye candy was needed in the beauty world...Hugo Boss go and sign up Ryan Reynolds as their new face!

Can you say hot?!!

Keep your eyes peeled for updates here first!



Monday, 8 March 2010

Herbal Essences Beautiful Ends

Herbal are always a brand I go back to. Why? Because they are reliable and their products do exactly what they say. They have recently launched a new range called 'Beautiful Ends'. The whole range helps to prevent split ends and control frizz. It contains Red Raspberry which smells amazing and lasts. I caught a whiff of my hair the next day and was sold!

This range is perfect if you are growing your hair as it looks after your ends and lengthens the time between trims. When I first started using this range I was due a cut, I had hit the 8 week mark where my ends where starting to look a bit dry and needing a chop. I used the shampoo, mask and protection cream for a week and noticed the ends to be smoother and not so frazzled! Luckily I managed to get a trim courtesy of Ben Cooke who is the Herbal ambassador (more to come on this!) Since then, I have continued to use the range. My hair and ends are smoother and in better condition, which makes styling a whole lot easier! This range would be great if you have highlighted/bleached hair. I know too well how the ends of your hair can literally snap off at the click of a finger!

One of the best things about this range is the price. Cheap and cheerful.

Which Herbal Essences products do you love?

beautiful ends


Friday, 5 March 2010

Lee Stafford 'Bling' Sparkle Spray

Novelty products? Yes please.
Lee Stafford has a 'bling' range which has a Sparkle Spray! Instant sparkle in a can!

Now this may bring back flash backs of school discos where you and your friends used to cover yourselves in Just me then! But this is perfect for spraying on the lengths of your hair before a night out. The sparkle isnt chunky so you wont be left looking like an 80's reject. The sparkle will just pick up the light and make your hair look shiny even in the dark. Tip- Spray from a distance.

Of course you can use this for fancy dress too!

Lee Stafford Bling spray


Thursday, 4 March 2010

Aussie Limited Edition Collection

If you follow me on Twitter, you may have already seen these beauts.

I got a sneaky peek of these a couple of months ago and I got excited. I immeadiately pictured them on my bathroom shelf to brighten up my bathroom.

The exclusive designs are on all of the Colour Mate range. So when you crank up those highlights for summer, you can make sure you look after those locks with colour protect range to ensure those hightlights stay fresh and not frazzled. The Colour Mate range contains Australian Wild Peach which smells yum!

The bottles have been designed by Australian designers and are excusive for a limited time. The flower featured is the Hibiscus which you probably recgonise from a few famous Oz brands.

Cute and a great products! Out in!

Aussie summer bottles


Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Organic Surge Eye Gel

You may remember me trying out the Garnier tinted eye roll on and not being impressed by the 'reduce puffiness and brighten' part?

When my quest found me Organic Surge's eye gel. It contains chamomile to clarify and green tea to reduce puffiness. It can be applied before or after make up. My choice is before!

Late nights and early mornings dont bode well for looking awake with me! I dab this on in the morning and wait for it to sink in, then apply my make up. This makes me feel a little bit more awake and also because its a gel and not a cream, it doesnt mean my make up will slide off my face by 10am. Bonus.

All the Organic Surge products contain 'skin loving' ingredients and dont contain any parabens, and the bad stuff.

You can even check out their blog by clicking here.

Organic Surge eye gel


Tuesday, 2 March 2010

The Body Shop Community Fair Trade Event

On Friday I was lucky enough to be invited to The Body Shop's Community Trade event. The whole event was based on the community trade project and how is effects not just individuals, but whole communities.

Now like me, when a product says it contains brazil nuts, you probably dont really believe it much and take it with a pinch of salt. Well I am happy to report that The Body Shop do! Not only do they include raw ingredients in their products, they are sourced responsibly and traded fairly. We were really lucky to meet Nick & Gaston who are both providers of Community Trade oils to The Body Shop. TBS Community Trade project employees 25,000 people, each of which have a family. So although you may think the project stops at 25,000 people, it doesnt, it helps thousands more.

Nick who is originally from London, lives in Nicaragu and has been working with TBS since 1993. Each seed is nurtured and cultivated on the farms. Once the seeds are ready, they are pressed and filtered up to 10 times before the oil is dispatched to TBS. Sesame seed oil is now used in over 60 products within TBS.

Not only do TBS pay a fair price for this oil, they also pay an added premium which the community use to build schools, housing and even host festivals.

Gaston from Peru has been working with TBS since 1998 and supplies over 20,000 kilos of brazil nut oil a year which is included in products such as the shimmer cubes, Sweet Lemon range(out very soon) and Vitamin C Skin reviver.

Brazil nuts can only grow in certain areas where a certain bee pollenates the seeds whih gown into pods of brazil nuts. It is so important that this rainforest is managed and protected so brazil nuts can continue to grow.

Both Nick and Gaston gave us such an insight into their communities and were able to show us that TBS dont just view the communities as charity cases and that they have a mutually beneficial agreement so both parties can benefit.

TBS offer great products and knowing that by purchasing one of their body butters, you arent just helping your skin, you are also helping a community. I now know that every brazil nut or sesame seed used, can be traced back to not only the country or the region it was grown, but right down to the farmer. There is definitely something 'beauty conscious' about using TBS products. All CT products are listed on the label so you can rest assured that your skin/hair is being taken care of as well as the farmer who created the oil for you.

make up 127

make up 128

make up 130
The picture in the background is where Nick lives...amazing!

make up 131

Does knowing that a product is part of the Community Fair Trade project encourage you to buy it?


Monday, 1 March 2010

Eco Lips...minty fresh

When it comes to lip balms, there isnt a day that goes by where I dont use one. For particularly bad days, I use Carmex. Its my life saver and always has been. Until the other day when it just wouldnt soothe my lips. I was coming down with a cold and nothing I used would help them.
When I got home form work, I remembered I had been sent a new lip bam that I hadn't used yet. It says it protects your lips from the sun, wind and cold to on it went. 30 minutes later, the product had soaked into my lips and left them back at their normal state. Horray! It was so easay and simple. I thought I was going to be faced with a week or sore lips, then chapped lips, then sore lips and so on!

Eco lips are 87% organic and come in different flavours. I have mint which is my favourite flavour lip balm. The mint version also contains spf 15, box ticked.

I found that this doesnt contain a high water content like for exampled 'lypsyl' versions do. Its much more beeswax and oil based. These retail at £2.49 but also come with added extras like caribiner clips which are great for outdoors type...erm...not me! The highest mountain I will climb with this attached is the washing basket!

Eco lips mint

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