Sunday, 31 January 2010

Max Factor Lash Lounge Event

On Saturday I attended Max factors Lash Lounge event. It was held at The Soho Hotel Soho! A gorgeous venue, we were shown to a cute room with a black and white theme where we were showered with afternoon tea, cakes, scones, sandwiches and champagne! We met Caroline Barnes, make up artist to Kylie, Cheryl Cole and the likes. Cue lots of questions about how they look without make up, what foundation they use...

We spoke mainly about the 2 biggest mascaras in the range. Fasle Lash Effect and Lash Extension effect. Both of which I love and are firm favourites in my day to day routine. The lash extension is the newest and actually contains lash extension fibres. The first coat seperates the lashes and primes them ready for the second coat which extends them. Now I am very cyical about big claims that mascaras make but this actually works. I first got this before xmas and have been using it ever since.

We were even given an insight into the technology behind their mascaras. Lashes are a big trend for SS10 so Maxfactor focussed on this and brought in women to test on. They started by showing them pictures of women with lovely lashes to run eye scans to see what the most prominent part of the lashes women look at and therefore what we think looks prettiest. Amazing, I always thought they just chose fom a selection of brushes and formulations...naive much!
Caroline gave us a lesson in how to apply mascara too. Now this may sound silly but it makes such a big difference. We wer told to start off with the lower lashes (I always start at the top) and use the tip vertically rather than horizontally. Then move onto the upper lashes with the usual brush through and then vertical movements. Caroline even did ur mascara for us all and it made such a difference.
After a super girly chat and a few group photos, we were escourted to Topshop, Oxford Circus to the lash and brow bar where we were treated to eyebrow shapes. This was perfect timing for me as I was in desperate need for an appointment. After spending a year growing my eyebrows into a decent shape and thickness, I am really wary about who I let touch them. I neednt have worried as the girls there were brilliant. You could tell they have years of experience and I ended up with lovely shaped brows. Yay!

I had such a lovely afternoon. There were about 8 of us at the event but that meant we got to really talk to Caroline and the Maxfactor girls. We even walked away with their 2 mascaras from the event and a pair of tweezermans. I asked Caroline to describe Max Factor's SS10 collection in 3 words... vibrant, wearable and pretty. Just what we are all looking for over the summer.

Especially for you...there are some pictures!!

make up 112
Look at those lashes!

make up 118

make up 119
Excuse the red eye and bad lighting....lashes are amazing!

make up 125

Thank you Max Factor :)


Friday, 29 January 2010

I had a light bulb moment!

If you follow me on Twitter you would have seen my moans about my skin recently. Life has been a little too stressful recently and my skin has taken the brunt of it. I feel like I am constantly covering up blemishes and marks that the stress has caused.

The night of my work Xmas party, whilst I was applying a Mac paint pot to my lids, I suddenly had a genius idea to try using it as a concealer. Straight way it covered all my blemishes with ease and gave me flawless skin again. Lucikly Painterly is my skin shade. There are a couple more 'skin' type colours in the paint pot range so these are worth checking out if you are suffering too.

I may have been completely oblivious to this way of using it, but it kind of made my day. :)



Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Boss Orange...

I wrote about Boss Orange here. About a month ago, one of my friends had a lovely perfume on, I asked her what it was and, yes you guessed it, it was this! I have been wearing this ever since. Its a perfect winter fragrance.
For Spring/Summer, they are launching a new bottle inspired by the new Spring/Summer 10 Womenswear collection.
Also being released is a new solid fragrance called 'Celebration of Hapiness'. This is enclosed in a necklace.

The new bottle launches on 15th February and the solid perfume on 1st February. I know I'll be getting my stock!

boss orange
boss orange 1


Monday, 25 January 2010

MeMeMe Flawless Concealer...

About 4 years ago I haa found the perfect concealer for under my eyes. About a year later, Maybelline discontinued it. You can imagine my anger, just as I found what I thought would be a permanent fixture to my make up bag (bag, truck, whatever.) it was taken away from me. There wasn't even time to grab a few back ups. So I went one a search for a liquid concealer that would illuminate and banish dark circles. I came across this. MeMeMe Flawless Concealer.

It comes in a tube with a brush applicator. It is a 3 in 1 corrector, highligher and illuminator. Perfect! Oh and a purse friendly price of around £5.
I use my concealer as normal then blend this in over the top. To be honest there isnt much I can say about it apart from I love it. Oh and I think this is better than YSL Touche Eclat. Yep, I said it. Big claim I know but I honestly do. This has a nicer consistency, blends better and doesnt crease. And lasts way longer! No £20 odd tubes for me.

me flawless concealer


Friday, 22 January 2010

Got milk?

Aussie smooth and shine milk that is.

Just because milk may not be included in my new year diet, doesnt mean my hair cant have some.

I was on a search for new product to use pre blowdrying when Aussie came up trumps with this. Its called Smooth and Shine Milk and contains Australian Jasmine extract. Each of the Aussie range contains an australian ingredient specific to the nature of the product. As part of their 'dual personlity' range, this products double whammy skills are to smooth and shine. Two products in one.
All you have to do is smooth some through damp hair, blow dry and you're done. No stickiness, no stiffness, just lovely smelling hair.

As with a lot of pre blowdry products, less is definitely more as this will weigh down your hair if you get product happy, like me :) This is a great product if you want to cut out the straightening part of your hair routine. Lovely smooth hair with just a blowdry. I am sitting writing with the bottle in my hand, I have lost count how many times I have sniffed it! Smells amazing.



Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Pearly whites are all mine!

I picked this up in Vegas after looking into teeth whitening treatments. Where else in the world would be the best place to buy teeth whitening!? UK regulations are pretty tight in terms of whitening and I dont fancy paying a fortune to have them professionally done when I can get a kit that works for under $20.

I get told my teeth are white but not to my standards. I want pearly whites to rival any hollywood smile. I bought this in Walgreens, I cant remember the price exactly but it was under $15 before tax. The kit promises whiter teeth from the first application.
In the box there is;

Tartar Control Pre-Whitening Rinse
Speed Whitening Gel
Cushioned mouthpiece

Mix one part pre-whitening rinse to 3 parts water. Swish round your mouth for 2-3 seconds and rinse out. Then using a toothbrush, brush your teeth without toothpaste and rinse out.

Squeeze whitening gel into mouthpiece and out in your mouth.Leave for 5 mins, then rinse. Voila. Romeo done.

For best results, the box says to use twice daily for 2 weeks. This would be way too much in my opinion. I use this once one day, then again the next day and I am done for a few months. I have used this a total of 4 times since November and I dont anticipate using it again until the start of March. The pack says to spread the gel right round the mouth piece but I use it on the teeth people will see. Why waste it?

Does it work? Yes, my teeth are whiter. It does make your teeth a bit more sensitive for the first few days but this dies off after about a week. The mouthpiece was pretty pants and didnt stay close enough to my teeth so I picked up a couple of mouth guards fom a sports shop for £2 each. The rugby player look isnt a great one so I normally put this on while I am running my bath!

I am hoping this will last me till the end of the year or until I can find someone to pick this up for me :) ebay prices are not worth it. Hopefully UK regulations will mean we can have some decent teeth whitening products too.

Do you whiten your teeth? What do you use?


Monday, 18 January 2010

Benefit Lipscription

Yes I can make my own lip scrub, but I may be a bit lazy. I picked this up in New York last year after eyeing it up for a while beforehand.
I love how little product you need and how lovely and soft your lips feel after. In the box are 2 tubes, one is the scrub and one is a lipbalm. Benefit should definitely sell the lipbalm on its own. Its so rich and moisturising.

I use this once every few weeks or whenever I need it just to freshen up my smile :) perfect for winter.

I love this and would recommend it!



Friday, 15 January 2010

Skin MD Natural Sheilding Lotion

You know the friend who always has baby soft skin, not a patch of dryness and takes every opportunity to get their flesh on show? Yep, thats not me. I have always had normal to dry skin and preferred to keep it well hidden. Body butters and moisturisers are staples of mine and I am always on a search for the best one!
I've been umming and ahhing about this product. It travelled very far to get to me (all the way from the US)and claims to be 'far more effective than conventional moisturisers'. Its is prescribed by dermatologists in the US and is for super dry skin.
The directions say to use every 2-8 hours until the moisture level improves and then every 12-24 hours. I have been using this every day for a while now.
It isn't a thick butter type lotion and it isnt a gel, its somewhere inbetween. The consistency is quite runny but abosrobs really quickly leaving no film, no greasy layer, just lovely soft skin. Oh and it lasts! The reason I was a bit uncertain about the product I guess was because it actually works really well. My skin feels really lovely and I wouldnt mind brushing past someone without flinching! You can use this on your face too which I have done a couple of times, I am just wary of outbreaks. I have used this on my hands and I am really amazed at the difference it makes. You rub this in, give it a minute and you really do have baby's bottom hands. Although this is called a 'sheilding lotion' your skin still breathes.
I think this product is great to get your skin back to how it should be and then to use every so often for up keep. If you have really dry skin that you just cant seem to shake. Try this. Their website even offers samples for you to try. I am nearly through my bottle already!



Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Static/Frizzy hair?

My fine hair is great for styling but going from hot to cold temperatures makes it go static and cause a nightmare! My hair follows the weather :( I end up tying it back to keep the static at bay. One product I always use is the Lee Stafford Dehumidifier. It is a spray that claims to 'keep your hair poker straight when humid air wants to make it frizz'.

All you do is spray this over your hair before you leave the house and voila. No static or frizzness for you. I tend to sray this on the ends rather than the roots. Less is more with this as it can make your hair look greasy if you use too much. I get mine from Boots and I take the travel size on holiday with me. Cabin pressure on long haul flights is a pain! The travel sizes that Lee Stafford does are great to try his products out. There isnt a product of his I dont like. At under £5 for the full sized bottle, its a cheap investment.

Does anyone else use this?



Monday, 11 January 2010

Soap & Glory Fill Monty

Everytime there is a 3 for 2 offer in Boots, I tend to pick up what I need and also try something new. Last time the offer was on I picked up this. When i am tired, I get fine lines around my eyes and to be completely honest, I am far too young to be feeling the effects of aging! I picked this up to use as a primer, to fill the odd line and plump my skin. It claims to have 'virtul retouching technology'
I haven't been using this every single day as I prime depending on how my skin is on that day. You only need a little amount of this, it works straight away and makes the skin feel hydrated. I have used other similar products and never really thought much of them, but after a long stressful day at work, my skin looked the same as it did when i first applied it. I also like the way my make up felt fresh over it rather than caked. Thumbs up for this one.

I think this is around the £9 mark but grab it when Soap and Glory is on offer :) They now also have a website here.

Has anyone else tried this? What Soap & Glory products do you love?


Friday, 8 January 2010

Medicated Shampoo?

When the cold weather sets in or I am particularly stressed, my scalp becomes really dry. Anyone who suffers with a dry scalp will know that it isn't very nice. Lucikly for me this isnt a permanent fixture, but to be honest, I dont even want even want to put up with it on the odd occasion.

Last time I saw my hairdresser, I asked what i should use to help it. My jaw dropped when she said medicated shampoo. Yes, the kind of stuff your grandad uses! So off to I went and searched. Vosene was the first and pretty much only one to pop up. It promises results from the 1st use and was around £3. Plus it has 60 years of brand trust.
So when it arrived, I started using it straight away....yes it smells like grandads but I was willing to hold my nose. So I lathered, left it on for a few minutes and then washed off. I shampooed again using Aussie Miracle Moist and then conditioned as usual.
And the results? Healthier looking and feeling scalp after the first use as promised. It has served its purpose and I will continue to use it whenever I need it and every few weeks just for a little boost.

If you suffer from a dry or itchy scalp, I would definitely give this a go.



Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Current Lip Love...

I acquire so many lip products, balms, conditioners, protectors. If I see one I like the look of in the shops, chances are I will walk out with one. I am a die hard carmex lover, most products havent come close. I am at a point where I need to use up what I have before I need to throw them away. The best place for them, is my desk at work, always in my reach!
One lip product I am loving is, the 'little green tin' by Superdrug. Not normally a fan of vaseline type products as I find they just create and film on my lips and dont do much else. I actually like this one! I have been using it for 3 weeks now whenever I am at work. It hasnt dried out my lips unlike lots of products I have used. It has a nice apple smell which isnt sickly to use. My lips feel like they have had some love when I use this.
Bargain at 99p. Get yours from Superdrug :)



Tuesday, 5 January 2010


Detox...ugh. Who isn't or doesnt know someone on a detox right now?

Sanctuary have come up trumps with a little treat :)
Free Anti-Cellulite Treatment worth £12.99 when you buy the Trim and Tone Body Wrap*

Quote code JAN10 at the checkout

*To receive your free product you must select both products when shopping online and enter the promotional code at the checkout. Cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer. Offer is subject to availability. Offer ends 31st January 2010.

Buy the Trim and Tone Body Clay or Bandages and get another one free**

Quote code DETOX at the checkout

**To receive your free product you must select both products when shopping and enter the promotional code at the checkout. Cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer. Offer is subject to availability. Offer ends 31st January 2010.


Includes any 25 minute treatment, Microdermabrasion and anti-cellulite products, two course detox lunch with detox juice
How to Book a treatment at the spa:

To book a Spa visit please contact the Reservation Team on (8.00am to 8.00pm on weekdays and Saturdays 9.00am to 5.00pm) or alternatively you can complete the Contact Request Form onlie.

I am going to the spa soon...I can't wait!

sanctuary spa

Monday, 4 January 2010

Vichy Essentielles Skin Care

I was sent this set a while go to try. It is due to launch very soon. Vichy are part of L'Oreal.
Firstly a bit about Vichy-

'Since it's foundation by Dr. Haller in 1931, the Vichy Laboratoires have applied the principles of science to skincare, with a view of improving the quality of the skin appearance and the quality of life that comes with it.
At the heart of Vichy products is the unique association of Vichy Thermal Spa Water and the most effective active ingredients selected for every skin need. Personal skin diagnosis is of paramount importance to Vichy, so pharmacy skincare advisors are trained to offer free skin health consultations to every consumer in order to correctly identify their individual skin needs. This encourages the consumer to use the appropriate routine for their skin type, achieve the results they are looking for and most importantly maintain healthy looking skin.
At Vichy, we guarantee efficacy of dermatological ingredients tested on 5,000 people in clinical studies every year.'

Vichy’s Essentielles range offers the guarantee of effective active ingredients, clinically proven results and high tolerance at an accessible price. Vichy Essentielles is for all skin types to be used on a daily basis to help hydrate, protect and reveal skin’s radiance. The Essentielles range will be available exclusively in Lloydspharmacy from December 2009.
Essentielles contains Rose Gallica extract which is an active ingredient which has triple action- protecting, hydrating and radiance revealing. The range also contains, soothing Alantoin, nourishing Shea Butter, hydrating Glycerin and soothing and fortifying Vichy Thermal Spa Water.

I was sent the facial cleanser, facial moisturiser and body moisturiser all for dry skin.

I started with the cleanser, nice and creamy, lathered well which you dont find often! Felt nice on my skin which a fresh but not overpowering scent. This left my skin squeaky clean, literally. Sometimes when I was using this, I found it hard to remove the product from my face. My skin was really clean afterwards but a little bit tight.

Facial Moisturiser- light, hydrating and all round plesant to use. Kept my skin fresh all day. Again no overpowering scent, just nice.

Body Moisturiser- I really didnt expect much from this as the consistancy is quite runny. Being a body butter lover, I didnt think this would be for me. Saying that, I really like it. It does pretty much what it says on the tin. It moisturises and keeps your skin moisturised until you wash again. This is perfect if you dont want to use a heavy butter and particularly good in the summer.

Overall I really like the range. Its not a brand that I would normlly go for but I will be checking out the other products they offer. I had no breakouts from this at all which is a big thumbs up! Although in my opinion the winning product is the body moisturiser. These are all priced between £4.50-£8.50 and are availale at Lloyds Pharmacy.

Has anyone tried the Vichy range?



Sunday, 3 January 2010

OPI Drip Dry Drops

Every now and again, a product comes into your life and you wonder how you survived without it. OPI Drip Dry Drops is one of them.

Painting my nails was always such a gruelling task as I was bound to smudge them, knock them and even wake up with duvet imprints on them.

I had seen a couple of reviews of this and so in the summer I picked up a bottle not expecting much of them. I bought mine from Boots but you can buy them from OPI stockists and on ebay too. All you do it paint your nails, wait 60 seconds and them use the pipette to drop some solution on your nail. Wait a couple of minutes and you're good to go. Its a simple as that. No mess, no fuss.
You need these in your life. I am nearly onto my second bottle.

opi drip dry


Saturday, 2 January 2010

Bed Head, Treat Me Right Hair Mask

I picked this up a year ago in a trade only shop near me. I whole 750ml for £5. Nice discount compared to the RRP. The usual shampoo and conditioners of this size last me around 3 months so I knew using this once a week, it would see me through 2010.
It is a peppermint mask which promises to 'give your hair a spa treatment in 5 minutes with this stimulating and conditioning hair mask that will give you full shiny, healthier hair.'

Sadly I didnt get on too well with this product, it left my hair weighed down and greasy. For someone with thicker hair I am sure it will work wonders. So instead of wasting a whole load of product, I found another use for it... shave gel!
I smooth this on, leave for a couple of minutes and it makes shaving easy and leaves my legs smoother than any shaving product. Because of the peppermint, it is also really refreshing and leaves my skin tingling.
So even though this hasnt made my hair full and shiny, it has made the gruelling task of shaving that bit better.


Ask me anything...

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Friday, 1 January 2010

Happy New Year

Happy New Year!

I always start a new year with good intentions that tend to saunter off by February!
Sadly I wont be here...


But, I will be with some of my loved ones which is what it is all about for me. Being in a crowded bar paying double for everything really doesnt rock my socks.
Enjoy your night, whatever you do.
Bring on 2010.

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