Monday, 13 September 2010

Vichy Normaderm

Vichy have launched a new moisturiser which contains 3 peeling acids; salicylic acid, glycolic acid & LHA(a L'Oreal patented acid to micro-exfoliate) all of which target imperfections but hydrate your skin. It keeps your skin matte and reduces oil and shine.
I have been using this each morning after cleansing. It smells fresh, sinks in really quickly and doesnt leave any excess product behind so you can apply it and within 2-3 mins, you can apply your foundation. You only need one pump. My favourite thing about this is the peeling acids. They arent harsh so your skin wont need any downtime but they remove any dry skin so your foundation applies smoothly. Any hormonal spots I have had have cleared in 2 days which for me is amazing. I have seen a reduction in scar redness too. I have rececntly acquired conbination skin which is a bit of a nightmare but this has really helped. It keeps my face from becoming oily for longer but also hydrates enough so keep my dry areas moisturised. This has been a bit of a winner for me this summer. I'm not sure how it will perform when it gets colder though. I have found that I havent needed to exfoliate while using this. I have only been exfoliating when I want a really deep clean rather than to remove dead cells.
You can gets yours from Boots now.
vichy tri active



  1. This sounds great, i will be trying it out thanks for the review xx

  2. I love thid product too! the night version is amazing too!

  3. This sounds great, I have combination skin! Thanks! ;)

  4. I 've used Normaderm for many many years, during my late teens, I can't recommend it enough! I really love their spot treatment (still a cream, but w a higher concentration of the ingredients), works wonders!



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