Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Lee Stafford Bleach Blonde

When I decided to go back to blonde again, I had completely forgotten about the dull and brassiness you can get. I tweeted to see what products were good to tone and boost my blonde between hightlight appointments. Lots of you came back with Lee Stafford's blonde range as well as some salon brands. I thought I would start with the cheapest and most accessible! I gave Lee Stafford a try and loved it!

There is a shampoo & conditioner as well as hot shots for a big boost. It claims to turn your brass bleach into icy white. You know what? It works. I used a hot shot along with the toning shampoo & conditioner and looked like I had just had my hightlights done. I thought that this would bring out my roots more but even my roots were lighter. Love love love!! Because of the way this range works, you cant use the hot shots and shampoo on every wash but you dont need to. I use the shampoo once every week/2 weeks when I fancy a boost and the hot shot once a month. The best part is people asking if I had my hair coloured...nope, just freshly washed!

What do you do to keep your blonde from going brassy??




  1. I am going to give thisa go! I've been using the John Frieda purple stuff since I went blonde and I do really like it but this sounds great!

  2. I also love the John Frieda purple shampoo but might have to give the Lee Stafford a go to see if it's better! My hair never gets brassy but I have noticed the beige blonde in my hair fading in between appointments so hopefully this can revive them for me!


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