Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Eye Creams...

Eye Creams are something I wish I had started using years ago. I am convinced these are the secret to stay looking fresh and battle the signs of ageing. Over the last few months I have started using an eyecream day and night as part of my routine rather than when I remember or have one infront of me. Some are good, some are ok and some I like. I dont have much experience with them but if I get compliments for looking 'well' I know its because of my eyes! Eyes are always the give away!
So first up, L'Oreal Youth Code. I picked this up around easter time and it set me back around £15. I use this in the mornings as its hydrates well, but I dont feel its thick enough to work its magic at night. It sinks in well so I dont have to wait hours before applying my make up.

loreal eye cream

Benefit EyeCon left me a bit disappointed when I used it on its own. Its reduces the appearancec of dark circles but you can't use this as a moisturiser for the eye contour, it just doesnt perform in that way. I have had this for a year and used it on and off. Its not part of my morning routine. I use this on my dark circles in particular along with Youth Code. This retails at £22.50.

Time Bomb Smart Balm Eye Cream. Again one to reverse the effects of sleep deprivation, which lets face it, twitter should send out to all their users!! It contains Omega-6 to leave you skin toned and tight. Liquorice to target dark circles too! This is more of an all in one cream, although I favour this for morning, I would use it at night too. This one gives the most instant refreshing effects. Once you apply it, you know about it. Its fresh and cooling. The little pot means I can throw it in my bag too. RRP is £20.

time bomb smart balm

Garnier Ultralift eyecream is my favourite. I first saw this raved about on Vexandthecity's blog. Next time I passed the shops, I went on the hunt for this. At the time Garnier was on offer 2 for £12 so I picked up this and the matching night cream. A little goes a long way with this one meaning you wont get through the tube in a month. The price when it isnt on ofer is £9 so it wont break the bank. You could use this for day time but I prefer it for night.

garnier eye cream

Whats your fav eyecream?? What should I try next?


  1. I'm loving the Garnier one as well. Eye creams do work :)

  2. I have just started using
    (2 days ago) Olay anti-wrinkle aqua physics eye cream. It's a little to early to tell, but I have high hopes. x

  3. The Body Shop have some good eye creams :) i think a lot of people forget how important eye creams are until it's too late!



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