Monday, 6 September 2010

Bath or Shower...

When it comes to bath and shower time(not both in one go!), I like luxury. I want warm to hot water, bubbles, lovely smelling products, peace & quiet, and a warm fluffy towel to wrap up in afterwards. Shower gel and bath products need to be on tap for me. I like creamy, foamy and subtle smells but I also love fruity, refreshing gels.

Some of my favourites are;
The Body Shop, Sweet Lemon shower gel Fruity, no offensive disinfectant smell, just sherbert lemons all the way!


Dove Cream Oil Bath Luxury for my skin. Its foams well and has that dove smell that I cant resist.

dove creamy oil
Dove Visible Care So thick it looks like moisturiser. Thick and creamy although it doesnt work so well as bubbles! This feels like a real treat.
dove visible care

Palmolive Milk & Honey I first used this years ago on holiday so everytime I use it, the memories come flooding back!

palmolive milk & honey

Radox Sleep Easy After a long day, this is so lovely to use. A hot bath and some of these bubbles allow you to relax ready for sleep! This is a permanent addition to my bathroom. Don't underestimate the radox!

rodox sleep easy
Organic Surge Gentle Meadow shower gel. Soothing, fresh but not overpowering. Great for holiday as it cools burnt skin!

organic surge gentle meadow gel



  1. I love The Body Shop Sweet Lemon range. I've only tried the lip butter, but it smells sooo good! Smells like lemon drizzle cake...YUM x

  2. My favorite shower gel is Caress Whipped Soufflé Body Wash. It's as thick as a lotion and smells heavenly!!

  3. I love Palmolive Milk & Honey and have been using it for years and years. It always reminds me of when I lived in Marseille. I love how smells bring back memories. I try lots of different things but this is one I've bought over and over again.
    Jane x


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