Friday, 12 March 2010

Lee Stafford Hair Growth Treatment

A few months ago, I read about the Lee Stafford 'for hair that never grows past a certain length' mask. To be honest I was intrigued! My hair growth mission has lead me to try masks, treatments and even home remedies.

Now I dont believe a product can make your hair grow but it can improve the environment to promote hair growth. I have been through 2 pots of this now and can officially say that I have noticed not only growth but also an improvement in the condition on my hair.

Since December my hair has grown easily 2 inches. My hair has never grown as fast as this before, its not known for its growth hence why it took a year just to get it to a mid lenth cut!

You can use this mask how often or little you like. I started off using it twice a week, then down to once a week after about a month. You shampoo as normal, then apply the mask. I leave this in my hair for 5-10 minutes and give my scalp a quick massage, rinse and then condition. Immeadiately after using this, my hair is smooth and the product just slides out.

Since using this, the amount of styling my hair needs has reduced. I no longer need to straighten my hair everyday. I can leave it to dry naturally or just rough dry and know that I wont look like I have been dragged through a hedge backwards.

I honestly cant rave about this enough. I will continue to use this product for the next few months until my hair is at the length I want it. I'm not sure I will be able to give it up though knowing how well it looks after my hair. This mask really penetrates the hair shaft looking after it from within rather than coating it like most products in this pricec range.

This mask retails for £6.84 in Boots which is lots cheaper than salon brands but a tiny bit more expensive that other drugstore brands.

Well done Lee, another must have product from this range.

Have you tried this?




  1. Agreed 100%, a definate must have! I'm on my third pot of this stuff and I love it! I started using it around Christmas and everyone keeps commenting on how long my hair has gotten all of a sudden, yippee! Great post xoxo

  2. Oooo this sounds amazing!! I've only used a few Lee Stafford products and really liked everything I've tried so far...definitely going to buy this when my tres semme runs out...thank you!!! xoxo

  3. I've just bought this today thanks for the review cant wait to use it see if i get the same results x

  4. i think i may have to try this, my hair is very slow growing and i hate going for hair cuts cause they ALWAYS cut too much off!!
    so yea, im gna try this.

  5. I tried this - it DOES make your hair feel really soft and lovely! Unfortunately it didn't make my hair grow any quicker than usual - and for how much you are 'supposed' to use and the price I didn't think it was worth it. Hope it works for you better than me! X

  6. i just used it 10 mins ago for the first time and my hair feels amazing! i hope it grows quick i dont care how many pots i have to buy!

  7. I really want this i do think it would help my hair alot but they dont sell it where i live it makes me so upset i really wish i could find it somewhere ... i cant even buy it off the internet cause it wont ship to where i live

  8. Ive bought this a few days ago, heard loadsa good stuff about it and ive used it once and it has made my hair feel sooo nice :) ive got the shampoo and conditioner that goes with it aswell. x


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