Monday, 15 February 2010

Lee Stafford 'Bling' Wake Up Call

I have blogged about Umberton Gianini Beauty Makeover spray before. I love it. Its perfect for refreshing my hair and my extentions. I have only every seen Umberto Giannini with product like these in their range. It always seems that I find a product like this that I love and then they discontinue it. When I was sent Lee Stafford Bling, Wake up Call. I got excited. Could this be an alternative?

They say 'simply spritz this clever little multitasker onto dry hair' So thats what I did. The liquid sprayed finely over my hair, just enough to make it damp. It dried with a bit of jzeush and teasing from me to boost volume a bit. One minute later, I am left with re-styled hair and ready to rush out the door. Not only did my hair feel refreshed but this added more texture to it, giving me a rougher look which I love. This will be the sea salt in it. This also neutralizes odours, perfect if you wake up after a night out and dont have time to wash your hair. Yes, its pretty gross, but it happens! With this product, you dont have to worry about people finding out about your late night!
Although I love this on my hair, I used it on my extentions and didnt love it as much. Because it adds a coat to your hair creating the texture and boost it needs, this didnt work well with my extensions which I like to keep soft and managable. It was fine for that day, but I wouldn't be able to go onto day 2 with this on them. So a quick wash of them and they were back to normal.
I have been using this most days to create the texture I am after. It even looks great with up do's. The twist and clip styles that get me through the week have looked better than ever with this.

This is now a permanent addition to my everyday hair routine. You can buy this in Boots for £5.49. Lee Stafford is currently on 3 for 2.

Have you used this? Or something similar?



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  1. This looks great, Loving lee stafford products! XO


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