Monday, 22 February 2010

Lee Stafford Matt Fat Powder

So by now, you are fully aware of my quest for volume. When a powder promises 'Bardot Film Star Hair', I'm on it.
This is a powder that is packaged in a salt shaker type pot. It is a matt powder that contains a 'styling agent and sebum/moisture absorbing material' which will dry up oily roots as well as adding volume.

I would compare this to Aveda's Pure Abundance potion. I have been using the Aveda version every now and again since I picked it up in Vegas. They work in the same way and give the same results, in my opinion. There is just one main difference. The Aveda version forms a paste and goes hard. The Lee Stafford one doesn't, it grabs the roots and lifts them with no stickiness.
In my book, the winner is Lee Stafford. Factor in the price difference too, LS priced at around £5 for 10g with Aveda at £17 for 20g.

matt fat



  1. thanks for this huni i have been eyeing this up in boots for a while now lol i now know i need it in my life xoxo

  2. This is a great product - I've used it for a while. It doesn't give me huuuge lift but it's perfect for getting a bit of a messed up look. xx

  3. I picked this up a couple of weeks ago and love it! I've picked another one up to keep in my handbag - love it so much! It gives my shaggy bob a great un-done style :) xx


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