Saturday, 31 October 2009

L'Oreal Inoa salon hair colour

Fow a while now, my lovely hairdresser has been talking about a new hair colour that was being launched by L'Oreal called INOA. Today when I went in for my usual colour, it had finally arrived and I couldn't wait try it out!

This is a big thing in the salon industry as it is the first salon colour to contain no ammonia.

What does this mean?
Hair fibre it better protected after application, it helps to protect the lipids in the natural protective layer of the hair.
Smoothness is maintained for a softer feel
It wont irritate scalps.
Perfect coverage for white hair.
And my overall favourite...Odourless!

Whilst I sat in the chair catching up on the latest gossip magazines I really felt a difference already, no itchy scalp, no discomfort and on top of everything, it didn't smell! Even when the dye was washed out, there was no stained foreheads and the dye slipped out of my hair with ease rather than 2 shampoos and a head massage!

Once my hair was dried off, there was a huge difference to the condition of my hair. It felt like I had just had a conditioning treatment rather than a dye. My hairdresser is so excited about this new range, which covers no less than 40 shades.

If hair dye is something that irritates your scalp, dries out your hair or you just cant stick the smell, get to your local salon and ask for the Inoa range. Personally I wont be going back.


Thursday, 29 October 2009

There's a new mascara on the block...

There's a new boy in town!

Revlon's Double Twist Mascara

They say - 'It is the first to mass market mascara with a hybrid brush combining the traditional bristle and popular moulded wands in one. You can now create drama and beautifully defined lashes all with just one brush and as seen at the shows during London & New York Fashion week lashes are back.'

This mascara is part of Revlon's S/S 2010 collection (more to come on this!)

The brush looks quite scary but I loved the effect it gave my lashes. They were really separated and splayed out to give a fuller lash line. Plus the good news (for me) is you can build this up as much as you like. I apply it by twisting the wand round as i pull it through my lashes for maximum effect!

Unfortunately you'll have to hold your horses on this one as it wont be available in store until December, but in my opinion, is well worth the wait. While you wait... here are some pictures!

make up 034
Excuse the brows, they were done this evening, picture taken earlier this week!

make up 036
The top is the plastic bristles and the bottom the brush bristles.

make up 037


Monday, 26 October 2009

Cream of the crop...

After my night cream post, I had a few requests to talk about my favourite 'day creams'.

For day time, I prefer lighter creams during the day as I don't want my make up to resemble a slip and slide! Easily absorbed, non greasy creams are my weapon of choice. I use a moisturiser most days but its not something I always need to use, sometimes a primer is more than enough for me.

A few of my favourites-

Simple, Light moisturiser- Cheap, natural and cheerful. I have repurchased this many times and its had a constant place in my beauty cupboard for about 4 years.

Clinique, Dramatically Different Moisturiser- step 3 in their system. My skin always feels refreshed and uplifted when I wear this.

Nutriganics Day Soothing Cream- A lighter version of the night cream, 'first signs of aging' instant lift and smooth feeling...quite addictive! There is an eye cream too which i love and cant stop using! If I'm not careful I'll end up looking 10 years that's a bad thing!

Olay Beauty Fluid- Classic but I will always repurchase this. Great primer too!

What are your favourites?


My latest thing...

After ready MizzWorthy's post and a certain conversation on twitter, I realised that apart from weekly foot masks, I don't often look after my poor feet. Mainly panic sets in as soon as the weather starts looking brighter. Instead I chose to subject them to torture devices us humans like to call shoes!

Cue my latest 'thing' pedicures!

PediEgg in hand and a selection of foot type products off I went!

Products I have been using-

Scholl Nail Brightner- My toe nails have been painted and painted over again not seeing the light of day for more than 10 minutes for years now. No day light means dull, polish stained nails, boo! But this little miracle worker means whiter, brighter nails. This even works under polish so you don't have to suffer flip flops with 'au naturel' nails...huge bug bear of mine!

Soap & Glory- Heel Genius- I have had this foot mask since early this year and have used it a couple of times a week. It has only just run out this week! I put this on, add socks and when I wake up in the morning, I have soft, fresh feet.

Burt Bees- Coconut Foot Mask- I picked this up in a set in NY and only recently started using it. I only have a travel size but love it. Its a gel consistency but smells like coconut, not the manufactured smell you sometimes get. I'm planning on picking up the full size.

Scholl Cracked Heel Repair Cream- The advert for this is a bit of a put off, but this is genius stuff! Summer long flip flop wearing can really dry out heels and this works wonders. You don't have to have awful cracked heels like the advert to use it, it really softens feet. You don't need to use this often either. The cream is seriously thick so you don't need much.

All of the above are nearly out so suggestions welcome on foot masks, exfoliators or wonder products!


Clutching onto summer...

So British Summer Time is 'officially' over and how lucky were we to get 2 weeks of sun this year?!

For weeks now I have been trying to make that move from summer make up to fall make up but I just cant seem to give up the bronzer!

I still want to be a bronzed goddess not an English rose!

Goodbye Hoola & Laguna. Hello Well Dressed... :(


Sunday, 25 October 2009

This week I have been mostly...

Wearing body sprays- I got some Victoria Secrets ones which smell so nice, are loads cheaper than perfume. I have been layering these to create different smells. Be careful not to end up smelling like a beauty hall!

Being unorganised- Sometimes everything just happens at once, forgetting to bring lunch to work, realising I'm on a red light, and not being able to find what I want to wear. So today I made lunch and got my clothes ready for work tomorrow!

Over doing 'reality' shows- If it isn't The Hills, its The City. If its not X Factor, its Strictly. I blame office conversations making me need to know the latest!

Lusting over new things and spending my wages before they hit my account- no explanation needed, this will always happen!



On the subject of panic packing. (see last post). I found a picture of my Vegas packing...

The make up 'bag'... I say bag, more like holdall?... to the left wouldn't even close! Shamefully I used about a quarter of what I took with me. In there are 6 lipsticks... I went for 5 days and 4 nights! 2 perfumes were definitely needed..not! As well as 3 face moisturisers.

One day I will learn....until then, I will take everything I could possible need over a year period! Maybe I am the reason airlines have baggage allowances!

make up 033


Whats in my clutch...

When I am getting ready for a night out, no matter how much time I have, I always end up 'panic packing' my bag and filling it up with things I wont need but end up lugging around!

In a bid to make my dinner plans on Friday night, I grabbed this little lot. I finally got it right! I felt like I should share as I was pretty proud of myself!!

make up 032

MSF Natural
Erase Paste
Underage Lipglass
Snob Lipstick
Molasses eyeliner
Elf Kabuki

Does anyone else seriously over pack?!


Thursday, 22 October 2009

Gel Nails...OPI style!

Love OPI? Want sleek gel nails?

To all the girls who were seeking gel nails accessible to them... OPI have just launched their own gel system. They should be available in most salons offering 12 of their most popular shades including Russian Navy!

Get to your local salon now! And send me the pictures of those gorgeous talons!


Sebastian Gift Sets

Sebastian have released their Xmas gift sets! I was more than excited when this landed in my inbox! I have blogged about their products before here.

Put great products together, in a gift box, wrap it in a bow and give it a bargain price...I'm there! The perfect opportunity to grab some of their amazing range without have to fork out the full price!

There are 3 different sets depending on what you are looking for.

Light Box -Care before you style- £25 includes Light Shampoo, Light Conditioner, Reshaper Hairspray and Shaper Fierce Hairspray.

Microweb Fiber Box - Style with texture- £13.80 Microweb Fiber, Re-Shaper Hairspray & Shaper Fierce Hairspray.

Whipped Creme Box - Style with movement- £16.50 Whipped Creme, Re-Shaper Hairspray & Shaper Fierce Hairspray.

I can't decide which one to go for! Who ever said Christmas is for giving was seriously deluded!


A little treat before Xmas...

I don't know about you but I am more than ready for Christmas to come! A few days off work to see family, watch crappy TV and eat to my hearts content! But as it still is quite a while away, I think I'll have to take my much needed break in a Sanctuary Spa!

The Sanctuary on Covent Garden has started to offer a 'Sleep Retreat' complete with beds with technology to 'reduce muscle inflammation, ease pain and tension, whilst boosting the immune system. The sound waves penetrate the muscles gently and effectively, lulling you into a tranquil state.'

They say - 'The sound wave therapy mimics body massage by using the low frequency sound in synergy with the natural resonance of the body’s cells – thus offering total relaxation equivalent to a non invasive hands-free massage. In addition the technology also delivers a range of therapeutic benefits. It has been proven that the beds aid the revitalisation and re balancing of the body's energies whilst also helping to ease stress, improve blood pressure and circulation'

There are 11 beds which are a free addition to any day or evening spa package! Makes that spa package you paid out for your mum that bit more worth it!

This sounds as if it could be just what the doctor ordered! Oh dear I sound like my grandma! I think I will be making a visit a lot sooner than expected!

Sanctuary spa bed


Wednesday, 21 October 2009

It's a sad day/week....

So what I thought was a temporary glitch, seems to still be affecting me 2 days later :(

My Internet explorer wont open on my laptop which means no blogging for me! I have sooo many posts for you but just cant post them for you! I have managed to steal some time on my mum's laptop to update you all!! haha!

I will be back soon, hopefully!

If anyone has any ideas of how to fix the problem, please let me know!!

In the mean time I will just have to catch up on twitter. Thank god for my blackberry!!


Sunday, 18 October 2009

Help needed!

Ladies, I need help!!

No matter what I try I end up with mascara, eyeshadow, fall out of any kind just under my eyes! I have used primer, concealer, powder everything! I feel like I am missing something! I end up looking like I fell asleep with my mascara on. Its not a massive amount but I find myself having to check every so often so I dont look like a make up victim! It even happens with waterproof mascara.

Any suggestions and help will be much appreciated!


Saturday, 17 October 2009

How I add volume...

I have fine, flat hair and as much as I love how I can style my hair however i want, I am always striving for volumised locks that look bouncy and healthy!

Over the years I have tried mousses, sprays, shampoos, backcombing, everything! I have now found products and techniques that work! yay!

Products I use-

Aussie Aussome Volume Shampoo-
This use to be called Real Volume but have been re branded and I 'think' changed slightly as it works better than it used to! I shampoo my hair twice. On the second shampoo I really lather at the roots and leave it in for a couple of minutes. Sometimes I will use the matching conditioner, 3 minute miracle or no conditioner at all.

Tresemme root boosting spray-
This is the key to the volume lasting. This holds without stiffness or you even knowing you have product on your hair. It smells nice too!


I normally air dry my hair whenever I can but for an extra boost I rough dry my hair upside down. I tease the roots with my fingers. The follicles dry upwards and are more likely to stay that way!

Before straightening and styling, I let my hair cool. I clip the top half of my hair up lifting the roots.

When straightening, I only apply heat from about half way downwards on the length as I don't want to flatten the roots!

I have some pictures which just look like 'normal' hair to most people but believe me there is volume there compared to normal! (excuse the sweats and no make up... its a lazy day!)

make up 031

make up 028

make up 027

How do you add volume to your locks?


Thursday, 15 October 2009

Mary Kay products...

A few weeks ago a package arrived for me. Inside were some goodies from Hayley who is a Mary Kay Beauty Consultant! Before Hayley contacted me, I hadn't heard about Mary Kay so I was interested to find out more!

Hayley sent me some samples to try out including some eye colours, a foundation, bronzer and face mask! I am going to be trying these out in the next couple of days. There was a lovely letter included, along with some sweets! Nice touch!

I have had a look on Hayley's home page at the products Mary Kay offer and they are all reasonable priced too.

I will report back on my findings!

In the meantime, check out Hayley's blog and Mary Kay page. She is also on twitter if you wanted to follow her there too!

Thank you Hayley for the samples!

make up 026


My 'code red' products...

All through my teens I managed to escape spots and problem skin. I count myself VERY lucky as i know how much upset it caused some of my friends.

Now I am a fully fledged adult, my skin has decided to play up. The fact of my chopping and changing skin care/make up may not help. I tend to get a few spots at the change of season where the weather is getting colder, air con blasting has switched to heating on, cold morning air and my skins constant battle against the elements.

To get me through these breakouts, I rely on a few products. I don't use these all at once! But I always get results ready for the weekend!

Clinique 2 step!
Yes you read right! I follow step 1 and 2 and miss out the moisturiser(see below). When my skin is in its normal state, step 2 can be a bit harsh and drying but this is perfect for damage control!

Garnier Pure(Extra Strong) Purifying Pads
Pre soaked pads, so easy and quick to use. I normally use these after removing my make up and just where the breakout is. The pads have tiny bumps on them and really feel like they are working.

Clean and Clear Facial Wipes
These are not as harsh as the Garnier pads but feel like a medicated clean rather than a pansy nice smelling make up wipe. Oh and don't use these on your eyes!

The one and only! I use this at night, slap it on and wake with clearer skin! I try not to put too much on my 'good' skin as it can make it a tad greasy for me. This is step 3 for my clinique routine!

Have you used any golden products I need in my code red collection?

make up 024


Saturday, 10 October 2009

Fav nail polishes of the moment...

Its time for some more nail loving! My current obsession lives on. I don't have a million nail polishes I'd say under 30. Here are some of my favourites...

make up 023


Ruby & Millie - 'Pink'
They really made an effort with the name! I picked this up a while back with a Boots No7 voucher. You cant really see from the picture but there is a blue iridescent sheen to it. Its a really raspberry colour. I have used this so much that there is about half left.

Nails Inc- The Hills Collection 'Hollywood'
The perfect bright barbie pink. I haven't stopped wearing this on my toes since I got it.

Sephora by OPI- 'Metro Chic'
I may have only had this for a few days but it has replaced my current gel colour and shot straight into the favourites! Staple colour for me I think!

China Glaze- 'Pink Underground'
This is barbie in a bottle. Its love.

OPI- 'Koala Beary'
This is mainly a toe colour but on those odd adventurous days this little one sneaks out.

OPI- 'My Daddy's The King'
This is quite sheer but when I layer it over other colours it can change the look of any varnish. Sometimes its pinky, sometimes its peachy.

OPI- 'Done out in Deco'
I always end up reaching or this. Its a lavender grey colour. Love this with a tan!

OPI- 'Russian Navy'
In the picture this looks like a dark navy blue. This has a real purple tone to it. This looks great on short nails.

What are your favourite colours?


Boss Orange & Boss in Motion

Perfume to me, is such a personal thing. Smell triggers memories and times in my life including holidays, boyfriends and events.

I chop and change my perfume from day to night and work to play. Some scents even smell different on my friends compared to me. When choosing a new perfume I'll always grab a tester so I can see if I still like it over time.

When I was sent a couple to try out, I was trying to place where in my life I would wear it.
You may have seen the adverts for Hugo Boss for women with Sienna Miller. And no matter how much you try, when you smell it, you can help thinking back to the advert.

Now I am no perfume expert but for me it has a deep scent with screams night time to me. There is a hint of spicy orange. Plus this lasted easily for 24 hours! When I woke up the next day I could still smell it on my clothes. I love the bottle too! Simple things hey! Well it has to look pretty next to the others!

For me this will be the perfect winter night time fragrance, whether its meeting the girls on a night in with the boyf!


The men's version is the scent of the England Cricket team which I am sure will get a higher profile now the boys took home the ashes!!

The smell of success!! When it arrived my dad was so happy that he could finally get to review something!

'Notes of cinnamon, cardamom and nutmeg exude energetic power whilst a veil of woods and musk-like notes brings self assurance and sensuality to this ultra-contemporary, masculine scent.'

I would definitely place this on an 'older' man. If my brother was wearing this I would suggest he rethinks his choice! Its clean fresh and masculine. Pretty much what you would want from a mens fragrance. He likes it so a happy guest blogger here! Perfect present for dads out there!


Has anyone tried the Boss perfume range?


Vegas Haul...

I wouldn't really call this a haul....more a mini shop! There isn't really anything I desperately wanted or needed for that matter. I wanted to spend my money on things like the Grand Canyon tour and Cirque De Soliel.
So onto the goodies-

Plus White kit-
After some research (on youtube!) I found this to be better than the Crest White Strips. I would rather spend 5 minutes that the 20 it takes crest to work. I have this weird thing about things being in my mouth so 5 minutes is just manageable for me! I will blog my progress with this!


Nars Mekong-
I have been eyeing this up ever since it was released so i thought I would pick it up while I was in Sephora...justification right there!! Its a gorgeous deep brown with gold reflects. I wore this while I was away on my lid up to the crease. I have quite small eyes so I have to either embrace the smallness or try and make them bigger! Recently I have been embracing!


Sephora by OPI Metro Chic-
This one needs no explanation! Last time I was in the US I couldn't hunt one down.


2 pairs! I wear these all year round. I picked up the short grey ones and a leather pair that are exclusive to The Walking Company in the US but I'm guessing a UK shop with get exclusivity too. The price of these have gone up in the UK and these worked out to be about £90 each. UK price is £150 upwards now... sad times.


I always take advantage of the US sweets and goodies so Reeses goodness and funky flavour Doritos were had!
And that's about it for my Vegas haul... it was small but just so :)


Thursday, 8 October 2009

A lot happens while you sleep...

I have dry skin so they best time for my skin to recuperate and regenerate is while i am counting sheep.

Night creams work a treat on my skin. Some may not be traditionally night creams but they do the trick for me! Especially as those winter nights are drawing in, damage control is easier than dealing with the damage!

My favourites are-

Sudocream- perfect for clearing up my skin!

Nivea Cream- I cant rate this enough. I use this most nights when my skin is under control!

Body Shop Nutriganics Night cream- A new kid on the block. A deep moisturiser which evens out my skin. Haven't wanted to stop using this! I also have the day cream and eye cream in the range which I haven't tried out yet. If they are anything like the night cream, they are great for my skin!! I use this after my clinique face wash. So far, so good!!

Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturiser- This is my lighter moisturiser for when my skin is just so. I prefer to use this at night rather than morning.

Olay Beauty Fluid-
This is one of the best value for money products I have used. Great for after my St Ives Face scrub.

For me, beauty sleep really is just that for my skin!

What night creams do you use and love?


I know its only October..

But I cant help thinking about Xmas! I love the build up too! When it comes to presents, every year I promise myself I will be done my December so no more last minute Xmas eve rushing around!

I will definitely be getting this for my mum... and probably my grandma too!! Maybe one for me too?!

Its normally priced at £35 but between 9th -16th October you can pick this up in Boots for £17.50!

sanctuary xmas box

Delux Beauty Box includes:

75ml Body Wash
50ml Body Scrub
150ml Body Butter
150ml Mande Lular Body Butter
75ml Luxury Bath Soak
75ml Body Lotion
50ml Classic EDT
60g Salt Scrub
Ruby satin shower cap

That's a couple of presents crossed off the list!


Vegas must haves...

A few of the products that got me through my trip!

Stupid one but so vital! The dry desert air, harsh air con and lack of sleep, water is your new best friend!


Roxy Flip Flops-
Day 2 and our feet were in so much pain we could barely walk. Our hard based flip flops had given us blisters on the soles of our feet and we sat down at every opportunity! Off we went in search of havianas but could only find these which felt like we were walking on air! And a bargain price for us UK girls!


Nivea Creme-
See 'water'.

Benefit Erase Paste-
Love this stuff and it shone through as a winner here!

Scholl Crackling Ice Spray-
We easily walked over 10 miles each day so this was like a god send! Its sounds awful but cools and soothes your feet so you feel like you can actually walk again! Everyone needs one of these in their life! Serious lifesaver!


Body Shop Love perfume-
My holiday scent! Each holiday I wear a different perfume! Every time I got in a cab or went for dinner I was asked what it was!


MeMeMe Pussy Cat Cheek & Lip Tint-
When I am tired my face loses its natural flush so this helped bring it back!



Vegas baby!!

Vegas... where do I start?!

I imagined Vegas to be quite small and everything within one section or Nevada in the middle of 'nowhere'. Well, I was right about the latter! As we landed we couldn't see anything apart from desert for ages, then as soon as we had hit the runway and looked to our left, we could see the whole strip right next to us. We were tired and excited! After getting through US Security (I swear it gets tighter each time, I am expecting a strip search next), we grabbed our bags and jumped on our transfer to our hotel.

We stayed at Circus Circus which was at the Stratosphere Tower end. I really didn't realise how big these hotels are! It took us 10 minutes to walk from reception to our room each day! Inside our hotel was a theme park which kind of puts the size thing into place. Our hotel was more family based but this didn't ever prove a problem to us 20 somethings.

We ventured out onto the Strip to see what was about. On our way back to our hotel we spotted a 'half price ticket booth' they have loads of these in London and the clue is in the name!! I love Cirque de Soleil so we booked tickets for that night. There are about 5 or 6 Cirque shows just in Vegas, we had done our research at home so we went for KA. By the time the show started it was 4am UK time and I had been up for 24 hours but the show was still amazing. If you ever get a chance to see it you have to. The stage in this show was all mechanical and moved around. I have tried to put it into words but it just isn't doing it justice! There are clips on their website though.

The next day (after 3 hours sleep) we got up at 3.30am to catch a plane to the Grand Canyon. Our flight was an hours drive to a little airport full of helicopters and light air crafts. We took of as the sun came up and 30 minutes later we landed. Once we got out of the plane onto a quite chilly runway( i was expecting heat?!) we jumped into the helicopter. Having been in one before I knew what to expect and this was the part I was looking forward to the most. We flew along the rim and then suddenly nose dived down into the Canyon which gave me the biggest fit of giggles ever! Not because it was funny but because I got real scared and had to laugh at myself! We were dropped off at the top of the Colorado River bank. As we waved goodbye to the metal helicopter driver, we were told to make our way down what I can only describe as a dirt track to the river side. Me and my friend just looked at each other and hen looked at what we were wearing... boob tube dresses and flip flops!! As we made our way down, I felt like I was on I'm a celebrity and secretly hoping Ant & Dec would pop out of the bushes at any second! We came to a stand still when we saw our speed boat pull up but this was still an obstacle away! To get down to the jetty we had to what I can only describe as climb down a piece of wood. I was basically a plank of wood with other pieces of wood acting as steps. haha, that was fun! Cody, (the cute boat driver with a cute name and a cute...) was grilled before I got in the boat. Questions asked in order...
1. Will I get wet?
2. Are there alligators/crocodiles in the river?

No was answered to all questions so in we went! We drove about 2 miles up the river and then Cody turned the boat off and we sailed back to where we started. It was so relaxing and we just layed there listening to Cody and talking. All I kept thinking about was how different Codys life was to mine. He got to play in his boat all day and tell people about one of the 7 wonders of the world while I trug along each day in a high pressured environment not really living until the weekends when sometimes I am just too tired. Worlds away! After the brief encounter with Cody, we made our way back up the dirt track and the jetty ('It's like the travelator in Gladiators' I decided to share! Luckily the Italian couple could only smile at me!) Back in the helicopter we made our way back to the 'airport' to get on a coach which took us to 3 different spots. 2 being views of the canyon and the last a man made ranch. The ranch was a replica of an exact one that stood there years ago. It was shared by cowboys and the Hulalaipai tribe. It was pretty cool. Nowadays only some of the cowboys live there and people mainly just stay there during the day then drive home. But, we met REAL cowboys which I was really cool! Back on the plane to Vegas and the drive back to the hotel.

Later that day we booked tickets to see Criss Angel. Some of you may have heard of him but I hadn't till we got there. I would compare him to the likes of David Blaine but on the opposite end of the spectrum. David Blaine freaks me out but Criss Angel amazes you! His show was mixed with Cirque De Soleil (yep 2 Cirque shows in 2 days!) I was sat right on the aisle seat and every time he walked passed I tried not to make eye contact as I didn't want to be dragged up on stage! I was so amazed by his show and the clips we saw that I am going to be searching online for his shows and dvds!

The rest of our time in Vegas was spent walking around the hotels and shops. In Caesars Palace there is a shopping centre which is about the same size of Westfields! In the MGM Grand there is a Lion Habitat which has glass that the lions cant smell, see or hear through so they come right up to the glass! Plus there were 2 cute little cubs playing! The lions only go to the MGM for a couple of hours each day. They live off site with around 40 lions all together so they take it in turns to go to the MGM. The 'trainers' only use hand signals and voice signals to control them, there are no whips, tasers or sticks. You can tell from how happy the lions were that they are really well looked after and at times there were sitting cuddling up to the 'trainers' it was amazing!

My fav hotels were-
MGM Grand
Caesars Palace
The Mirage

The Bellaggio really didn't rock my boat which I thought it would! All of them were like nothing I have seen before but those ones were my particular favs! If I were to go again, I would stay in one of those. The thing about Vegas is that no one sleeps! I thought it would be quieter in the mornings as people would be in bed, but it was the opposite! It was busy all of the time, constant slot machine noises when you walked through the casinos, happy hours between 8am and 2pm, full on theatres bigger than I have seen in hotels, dolphins living in hotels, super sized food portions. You have an image in your head, which is quickly rewritten! Because everything is 24 hour, you don't need to rush around fitting everything in. Some nights we didn't go out till 11pm for drinks but this was perfectly normal.

-Don't worry if you don't have shows and tours booked. You get great deals while you are out there and we didn't get turned away from anything we wanted to do.
-Every though it is warm outside, the air con is on full blast everywhere, cardigans are a must at all times!
-Always ask for a small drink or you may end up with a cocktail in a yard long glass! As exciting as it may sound, sometimes its just too much!
-Cheesecake factory- food = amazing. You need to leave room for their extensive cheesecake list. They are more than happy to 'box up' your leftovers. Red velvet cheesecake anyone?
-Because a hotel looks close, doesn't mean it is! You can get a 24 hour bus pass for $7. The strip is over 5 miles long. We walked for over 45 minutes thinking a hotel was close! We did walk a lot but sometimes its nice to save your feet!
- The 'cocktail' girls aren't always girls!
- Don't be fooled by people selling nightclub tickets on the streets, they aren't real!

My camera is buried right now so I will post pics separately!

Any questions welcome! Hope you all had a good weekend!


Thursday, 1 October 2009

Leaving on a jet plane...

Hey chicks!

As some of you will know, I am off on holiday very early tomorrow morning! Like you haven't hear me banging on about it!

I have so many blogs to post but just haven't had a chance to this week. If only I could post while flying and then I could easily get up to date!

When I arrive back in the UK I have a few extra days off before I go back to the rat race so expect lots of updates and posts including what I am taking on holiday! I love those posts!
Oh and some reviews for you too!!

I hope you all have a lovely weekend and I'll let you all know when i am back with a haul post!

Take care.



Eyelashes... Perming & Tinting

If you follow me on twitter, you will know last week i got my lashes permed and tinted! I had never had this done before so I thought I would share my experience!

My lashes are light and look short when the tips aren't slicked with mascara.
As my eyes were closed during the treatment, my beautician described to me what she was doing.

A little sticky tube was placed on my top lash line and my lases were separated and curled upwards around the tube. Once each lash as in place, she brushed on a 1% peroxide to set the curl. My eyes were then covered with cotton wool pads, some cling film and a towel to keep the heat in. About 10 minutes later the tube was taken off and after some cleansing my lashes were permed! Voila! At no point did my eyes sting, hurt or anything out of the ordinary. It was actually quite relaxing! My beautician said that perming helps the lashes grow stronger and longer, something we all strive for!! This is recommended every 6 weeks but I will let you know how mine stand the test of time!

As much as I would love to make this sound like an exotic procedure... it really isn't! Its basically dying your lashes! So the dye was brushed on, left for a while then wiped off!! Again no pain, watering of eyes, nothing!

At first I was quite disappointed with the results. The reason this was, is because in my head I pictured long thick lashes. Naive I know as they can only work with what is already there! (sometimes I really think i should be blonde!) I have grown to love them over the last couple of days. I have worn mascara once just on my bottom lashes, which suits me fine right now! Getting ready time has been reduced!! woo!!

Has anyone else had this done before?

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