Saturday, 26 September 2009

This week I have been mainly...

Detoxing my hair!

Detox is a word that is always floating around and you can put money on that at least one girl in the office is on one at any point!

My hair has gone through a really weird faze in the last couple of weeks so I decided to detox, use no heat(well very minimal) not much styling and see how it goes.

I have used heat maybe twice during the week just to straighten out the front parts of my hair, I can go for the messy look but there is only so far I can go before I look like a scarecrow! Every other day(ish), I shampooed my hair twice with Toni & Guy Detox Shampoo and then used a couple of spritz of heat protection type spray. At the start of the week I was using a TIGI one but I finished that off so I moved onto my Sebastian Trilliant. I would then leave my hair to dry naturally an sleep on it. In the morning I woke with volumised just out of bed hair (no kidding?!)
My hair was thicker, held the style well and I couldn't stop touching it all day.

I have always had fine hair no matter what I do. Now my hair is finally getting some length from my pob, (Its only taken since xmas to grow with trims every 8ish weeks) I can do so much more with it. Its been nearly 7 days without using a conditioner but my hair doesn't feel like it needs any hydration or love.

This will be just a faze for me and I may adapt my hair routine to conditioning every other wash. I am all about healthy hair at the moment as it has taken me 2 years to get rid of the bleached mess I had before and get it to a length where it is healthy!

I am off to the desert on Friday so I have packed a heat protector to spritz on during the day and also some of my trusty 3 min miracle to get me through!


Sunday, 20 September 2009

I've gone back to the darkside...

It happened yesterday!

I really did enjoy my time as a redhead but I felt I needed to venture back to the dark side.

I have been trawling through pictures but just cant seem to find any that show the true colour my hair was pre brunette. So here are a couple of snaps of the red head. I think the flash dampens the colour and makes it more brown.

Fancy dress night out. Don't worry, she doesn't sport the lady bird look everyday!

Lets hope she doesn't see this pic posted as she hates it!

make up 026
Me and Winnie the Pooh!

And here is the new colour.

Blackberry pics 089
Excuse the bathroom background!

Brunette may be a safe option but I don't think I can put my hair through being blonde again just yet! So right now, I get to have super shiny, healthy looking locks!


Gel & Acrylic Nails

I have had lots of messages asking me about my gel nail and how they compare to acrylics.

I am by no means a nail technician, artist, or any of the sort. I have merely had all sorts done to my nails since I was about 15 so I speak from experience!

As much as i love acrylics they can be bad bad bad! Now you can pay lots of money for these to be applied properly by highly trained technicians, but your average Josephine is going to pop to their nearest Nail Bar. Cue an electric file to ruin the natural nail bed and industrial strength glue used to apply to tips. Most nail bar technicians can apply a full set in 45 mins which is perfect for popping out of work in your lunch break. I have read so many articles on the dangers of the products some nails bars are using and to be honest it puts me off. When I would eventually soak/rip my nails off, they would all be peeling and painfully thin.

One day I decided enough was enough, I got them off and went through a hellish 8 months waiting for the damage to grow out. I love having my square cut short nails, but I have found I can achieve this look without ruining my nails for life!

Introducing Gels...
You can get different types of gels, the ones I get are by Biosculpture. These are a gel overlay over my natural nail which strenghten it. You can get french manicure style or colours. You can get tips with these but I don't both with this as I prefer my nails shorter now. I have been through just about every colour my nail technician has. Now I am going through a nail obsession faze I am going to be getting just clear gels and painting them. Fakes are always so much easier to paint and look so much nicer!

When my gels are removed they are weak, as any nail would be after not seeing daylight for a long time but they aren't peeling and paper thin! Within a day they are back to being strong. Every few months I give myself a 'nail break' where I go au naturel for a couple of weeks. Its a painful time for me(not real pain, more heartache at not having gorgeous nails!) and I dread it each time but you gotta do what you gotta do! Your nails need time to recuperate and as 'healthy' as they makes false nails, there is always going to be risks of infection from water damage etc. Nail damage can be permanent!

I do love both types and there is always a part of me that will love acrylics but after years of constant wear, I could never go back to how my nails were. My advise to you is, whichever false nails you choose, do your research. You wouldn't let just anyone cut/colour your hair and now I've found a great nail technician who encourages me to look after my nails, I'll continue to have gels 'safely'

Please feel free to comment with any questions you have or message me on twitter.


Saturday, 19 September 2009

New Obsession??

Since trialling the Revlon Nails, I have become obsessed with them! They have been painted a different colour everyday! I'm loving rediscovering my much unloved varnish collection but my wish list is also growing...

For about 18 months I have been getting gel nails in various colours which I have loved but you have the same colour for however long it is between appointments. I was never really bothered to paint over them and just left them how they were. The idea of this isnt really doing it for me.

To fuel my current obsession, I will be sporting clear gels at my next appointment which will leave me to get up to mischief playing with my nail varnish collection! I am more than sure this will be added to when I hop across the pond in a couple of weeks! Luckily the dollar will be in my favour!

Any must have colours or brands I need to check out?



This weeks update!


Dream Satin Liquid-
Nothing bad to say about this one! Luminous glow, coverage and staying power.

Body Shop Pearlescents range-
Colour and glow, thats all I asked for from it, and that's what I got!

Aussie Ausome Volume-
I have raved about their volume products before and these never fail to give me a bit of much needed oomph!

Scholl Party Feet-
Without my car I have been walking and using public transport. These have been a real godsend for the days I was on my feet literally all day! There is a huge difference between using these and going without! Lifesaver!

Dream Matte Concealer-
I literally dab my finger in and slick it on. So blendable and the perfect colour for disguising my dark eyelids which gives me a more flawless finish. I can tell it is going to take a while to get through this!

Toni & Guy Detox Shampoo-
If you cant find the 'Boots expert product build up removal' grab this! They do a travel size one which i grabbed and now my hair is back to normal without going manky in just 24 hours!

Maybelline Pulse Perfection Mascara-
This has had mixed reviews but I personally love it. I place the wand at the base of my lashes, press on and draw the wand upwards. I then pulse the tips of my lashes to make sure they are all coated and voila! For me this give the best results, doesn't go clumpy and works for me. This mascara has given me the results I would have hoped for from Lilash without the expense. If you haven't loved yours yet, try pulsing rather than keeping it on constantly. This has cut my mascara time down dramatically! Glossy black long lashes.


There is no product I hate this week. However I have hated styling my hair full stop! Ive gone for bed head pretty much all week!


Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Nails Inc The Hills Collection

I love a collaboration...

Jay Z & Beyonce
Jessica Simpson & Nick Lachey
Cheese & Onion
Champagne & Creme De Cassis
The list is endless...

When I knew Nails Inc were launching a collection based on The Hills, I squealed with excitement!

When it landed on my doorstep today waiting for my arrival the package looked for shiny and new, I was actually giggling as I opened it (its been a tough week). They all looked so pretty lined up next to each other! I cant even decide which one to wear first.

make up 022
make up 022

They are strictly named in the Nails Inc style...

Melrose Avenue
Rodeo Drive
Beverly Hills

At least name them after the girls?...

Here they are on my 'nails' bumps are due to my revlon bling! And my 'slapping it on' style!

make up 020

From top to bottom as I imagine they should be named!
Heidi- pillar box red
Audrina- deep racing green, so dark its a mix of blue green and grey
Lauren- pink!
Whitney- Indigo purple (bluey purpely colour!)

As you can tell I am really good at describing colours!

I cant comment on chipping and all that palava (my dad says this all the time!) but from experience I haven't had any problems with the Nails Inc range.

You can buy this collection from the Nails Inc website, and ASOS. I'm not sure exactly of launch dates but look out for them! For £20 its a nice mid week treat!


Hot & Not

London Fashion Week - I feel all NYC Prep!
Planning my new hair!
Planning a girls weekend away! We're renting a cottage.
Winter wardrobe explanation needed!
The Hills Collection from Nails Inc.

Sooo over being ill and its not even been a week yet!
Car expense....ugh
London Transport-people rave about it apparently, please can I meet one of these 'people'
Clients commenting on how ill I sound, tell my boss!!


Monday, 14 September 2009

Revlon Runway Collection Nails

My relationship with my nails has always been love/hate! I love them when they have been done nicely, hate them naturally!

I have bitten them since I can remember then when I was about 15ish I decided to whack acrylics on them, as if they weren't already awful! Acrylics them followed suit for about 5-6 years. When I was 21, I went through a stage of really looking after my natural nails and they grew but were never quite as strong as plastic! I hate the feeling of my nails bending hence the biting and fake nails! About 18 months ago I moved away from acrylics and went for gels which promised to be nicer to my nails and they are so much better now! I cant believe I wore acrylics for so long even though I cant resist them!

When Revlon offered to send me some of their press on nails from the US, I was dubious. Press on nails to me had only ever lasted a few hours before they pinged off and I'd had to rip them all off. I was intrigued though as US safety standards are different from the UK (our teeth
whitening products are pants!)

A cute little box arrived with 6 whole sets for me to try! Cue the sister being handed a couple to try! They came with nice designs and a bit of bling! I had scheduled a 'nail break' before getting my next set of gels so this was the perfect opportunity to try them!

I am on day 6 of the first set and I am pleased to report, there is no lifting, breaks, damage or anything! They are so strong they feel like acrylics! The only thing that has deteriorated a bit is the airbrush pattern but this is to be expected! I am going to be painting them tonight. The box promises 7-10 days wear which these can easily do!

For the cost of acrylics which keeps creeping up and you can easily pay £35 for in London, these beautys are $7.99. Mine came from the US but you can get these in the UK in Boots and Superdrug for I am sure under the £10 mark. I am planning on picking up a couple more of these in Vegas! Instant manicure that lasts!

make up 019


How I get my skin to glow...

For me, matte skin isn't what I am after! My skin type is normal/dry so I am always trying to get glowing skin rather than dull dryness. I have tried a few different things from creams to primers to foundations and concealers, I have made my way through a few products!

Not matter what make up products i use, nothing works as well without a good skin care routine. Liz Earle hot cloth routine proving the best so far!

The ones I have found work really well and I am more than happy with the results are...

Eyeko Beauty Cream
I have blogged about this before and really cant fault it. I use this under my foundation as a moisturiser/primer and it brightens my face without looking like a shiny disco ball! I really don't have anything bad to say about this! My first pot was used every single day and lasted e over 6 months and for £5 its an absolute bargain!

Erase Paste
No matter how glowing I got my skin, it just wasn't complete without my eyes getting some brightening too. I have found this to be the best for me. Brightening that lasts all day and doesn't go cakey, super blendable too only a tiny amount is needed! £18.50 for a pot. I have had mine for 3 months ish and haven't even dented it yet!

Dream Satin Liquid
This is a new found love for me! I thought my Revlon color stay was my fav but this has pushed it out of the ring! This gives me a glow whilst giving me a great coverage and outlasting Revlon! I am not sure how much this retails for, defo under £10. New love!

MAC MSF Natural
I haven't needed to use this yet with the dream satin but it boost the glow with my Revlon and sets my foundation for the day. I buff it into my T zone.

Laguna Bronzer
This is a great bronze tone for me which gives me a colour that my natural tan would be. I use this in the usual contour areas with a light touch to give that sun kissed glow!

MeMeMe Beat the Blues
In my opinion, this is an exact dupe for Benefits Moon Beam and they also do a High Beam dupe too! If I want that extra glow, I will use this to highlight as it gives a bronzey glow. You can even put a few drops in your foundation.

Looking back at the products it seems like I will end up like a shiny face but less is more girls!

A few of my products for my never ending love for glowing skin!


Aussie Beauty Bloggers Event- Part 2

On Saturday night some of the Aussie Angels made our way to Adee Phelan's salon in Convent Garden, London. We were allowed to bring 2 guests each! As soon as I told my mum about it, I could see the excitement in her face so promised I would take her along! I may be a loser but if it makes the old lady happy...

We arrived a bit early but that meant we go to sit and talk to Camilla, one of the girls heading up the Aussie Angels project. Champagne in hand and wondering what the night had in store we were shown over to stylists in the uber cool salon!

The lovely girls (and really cute guy) that worked for Adee set upon our hair! They washed, treated and styled our hair however we wanted! I went for volume! Sadly I was too wrapped up in the excitement to remember pics but you can see these on the Aussie Angels website very soon!

As the stylists made their way through us girls we sat and chatted with nibbles and more champagne! Sadly I wasn't feeling very well and hadn't got much sleep the night before so I wasn't my usual friendly self and kind of kept to one side as not to spread my germs too much! This meant we had prime seats for the strip show across the road! There was a shop which had a private viewing going on! The guy shopping, who I don't have a clue who he was, decided to try the clothes on for all to see....oh yeah! Comfy chair, champagne, male model half nakie!! Oh yeah!!

The guys from Aussie who arranged the event were so lovely and kept topping up my glass and my mum's... cut to giggly mum talking about the model guy! After every one's hair was newly styled and glamorous, they took us to Adee's bar called The Hospital which was just up the road. Sadly still not feeling well and being dead on my feet, I had to call it a night and go home! Sadly I didn't get a chance to say bye to anyone as everyone rushed off in different directions but it was so nice seeing some friendly faces and catching up. You'll be pleased to know mum had a good night and hasn't stopped talking about it! Her first event!

So a huge Thank you to the lovely Aussie Angels team and Adee for letting us bombard his salon and not to mention the cute goodie bag he gave us!

You can check out the Aussie Angels here. I have some more Aussie reviews coming soon so peepers at the ready!!

Cant wait to see what Aussie has instore for us in part 3!!


Thursday, 10 September 2009

Maybelline Beauty Bloggers Event

Tonight was the exciting Maybelline event! Off we went to L'oreal HQ in Hammersmith to be welcomed by finger sandwiches and cupcakes. And of course percy pigs!

I was excited to find out more about the brand which was originally created in 1913 when a girl called Mabel's fiance ran off with another girl! She went to she her brother who was a chemist and said she needed something to win him back. He developed the first ever mascara and she won him back and started a staple product that most of us would never leave the house without!
Maybelline New York to me has always been a safe brand where I can go to get my basics such as foundation and mascara. I have never really ventured into their colours and didn't really see the brand as a daring one until today. All their products are developed in New York and looking at the promo shots and tv ads they all give off a strong 'independant woman' vibe. Lots of the shots were based on sexy day looks and sultry night looks.

Maybelline's aim is to bring innovative technology to the mass market. They are always the first to develop new products from dream mate mousse to great lash, there a few cult products in their range!

Their newest development is their Pulse Perfecting Vibrating Mascara. We have seen a couple of high end brands bring this into the market and Maybelline brought this to us with a good price tag! I will be using this and reviewing for you...keep your peepers peeled!

We were given not one but 2 goodie bags full of products across the Maybelline range and some from their new Colour Sensastional range too! The new lip colour range has 4 shade families to choose from. All of them are wearable and there really is a colour for everyone! They are really creamy and lovely to wear.

Maybelline are also the make up sponsor for New York Fashion Week! That means, all the runway looks you see, you can recreate by popping into your local drugstore! I know that for myself this is great as it shows how great the brand is for it to be on the 'front line' as lets face it, fashion and make up come as a package!

Luckily for some of us, we don't need to be born with it, get down to your local Superdrug or Boots and check out the new collections. Reviews and swatches coming!

Once again a huge thank you to the Maybelline team and Natalie and Naomi for arranging everything!

Sorry to all the girls I didnt get to speak to!



Sunday, 6 September 2009


I am off on holiday at the end of the month. That means its time to write my wish list of things I want to pick up while I am in the US.

As always suggestions are more than welcome! Oh and if I have something on my list that you don't rate, let me know too!

So far I have-
MUFE HD foundation
Crest white strips
Lisa Waiter(spelling?) concealer wheel
Some OPI (extortionate prices in the UK) colours not decided yet!
Victoria Secrets goodies

Perfume suggestions too please! I am using up my summery ones so I can replace them for the long old winter months!

Is it bad than I am more excited about the drugstores and Sephora than the Grand Canyon?!

The weather should be in the late 30's so flip flops and pretty dresses yay!


Rating & Hating

A run down to the current loves and hates!


Aussie 3 min miracle-
This stuff actually got my hair to grow past that length of making it from short to mid length! I cant wait for the long!

Sephora Make up remover-
I bought a couple of these on my last trip across the pond. I think they were around $10 but they are brilliant! One wipe and its all gone.

Benefit B spot-
I am trying to use up my perfumes that I have had for a while so I can buy new ones at duty free and not feel really guilty that I have 10 bottles at home! I am really liking this one at the moment. I can still smell this at the end of the day which is great for a perfume I got free! Its the perfect end of summer fragrance. Suggestions for new ones welcome!

Superdrug Natural High balm-
Its like a third off or something at the moment so less than £3 for amaaazing skin- even tones out redness of spots!

Aussie Volume and Care Mousse-
Gives good volume, so good that my hair is a bit mullety on the second day!

£shop is a mine of goodies right now-
They have Nicky Clarke and Charles Worthington products and the repackaged Botanics stuff! And face wipes are 2 for £1. I have to stop myself from buying any more toiletries, even if they are only £1!

This baby has got my skin back to nearly normal again!

Nars Sabrina-
There are mixed reviews on this one but I love this. The colour is perfect for me. I put MAC Underage gloss over it.

Hating -

Elf Studio face wipes-
They work so well but I really cant get over the smell! I was so glad to finish the packet.


Saturday, 5 September 2009

Aussie Hair Care

When I received the email for Aussie's treasure hunt, I was confused but luckily Lauren answered all my questions and I eagerly awaited my key and clue! The 'event' is split into 3 parts, a treasure hunt, a pamper night in a salon and a girls night out!

Today was part one! My key and clue arrived yesterday...

make up 013

Straight away I googled The Strand and Australia and it can up with the Australian Embassy! Score!!

So I called Tim (the cute Aussie guy!) to check I was right before I made my way there!

When I arrived I opened the treasure chest and picked up my box. Tim took a photo of me (where the wind decided to blow so my hair covered my face haha!)

Inside was Aussie products including travel sizes(perfect for my holiday), a £50 spa voucher, a £25 Topshop voucher! I was really excited! I gave some to my sister that are missing from the picture!

make up 014

Off I went to meet my sister for lunch!

So next weekend I will be pampered courtesy of Aussie and I cant wait! We are able to take someone with us too so I am sure lots of my friends will be doing everything they can to go!

Expect a post update and twitpics next week!


Friday, 4 September 2009

Sebastian Professional Haircare

Sebastian Professional was created about 20 years ago, and they invented the crimping iron especially for Barbara Streisand's album shoot!

The brand relaunched in April this year and the range has been divided into 4 categories:

FLOW – to create soft, textured looks
FORM – to create strong dramatic styles
FLAUNT – for super glossy locks

FOUNDATION – shampoos and conditioners

When the lovely team working for the brand offered to send me some products and to find out more about the brand, I jumped at the chance. I have always loved hair brands that are different from the rest hence my love for TIGI!

I have tried out 3 products from the range.

This is a thermal protection spray which has a shimmer-complex. When the product has been standing for a while, it separates and you can see the shimmer part on the bottom and heat protection part on the top which looks nice on the bathroom shelf! You can use this on damp hair or dry hair. I used it on freshly washed hair before I blow dried it. Its sprays out really finely and you actually feel like the product has covered your hair rather than spurts of product dotted around. My hair felt sleek and freshly cut once I had styled it. Don't be put off by the shimmer as it just gives your hair a good shine rather than being a glitter ball!

Potion 9-
A styling treatment that can be used on damp hair for a 'silky-touchable' look. This reminds me of After Party by Bed head except you can use this on damp hair to smooth those ends before the damage is done! This made my hair really soft but had a really strange consistency but worked wonders for the bounce and softness of my hair!
The hero product of the moment is;

Whipped Crème –
This product literally comes out of the nozzle looking like squirty cream – in my opinion looking good enough to eat!
This product represents a breakthrough – it’s the first product to combine the feather like hold of a mousse and the nourishing care of a cream.
Imagine the luxurious, invisible texture of a cream, with the hold and control of a mousse.
The formula is loaded with protein yet ultra light, designed to lift curls and waves to perfection. Use on damp hair and leave to dry naturally and or blow dry to get that effortlessly ‘just got out of bed’ look.

I found this to be a great product. When it comes out of the can, you can see exactly how it got its name. I thought that this would be like any other mousse on the market but it didn't disintegrate and break down straight away in my hand. Which meant I didn't have to rush to get the product on my hair before it disappears. I had time to work the product through my hair to get the best results. I used it on my damp hair and let it dry naturally. I woke the next morning to find I had that just out of bed look but it was more styled and wearable than usual. I just neatened up parts of my hair with my conical wand and I am pleased to report that my tousled curls lasted 2 whole days with no restyling needed. Smells great too!

Other exciting news is Sebastian Professional is sponsoring the House of Holland Spring Summer 10 show at London Fashion Week this September. The Sebastian Professional creative team lead by Shay Dempsey are designing hair looks to support the catwalk collection.

The full product range will be available to buy in the beauty Hall in Selfridges from 1st September 2009 (previously a salon only brand). To launch the brand coming to Selfridges, they are setting up a Style Bar for 9 days only. You can book a slot and have a personal hair consultation. For £15 you get 30 mins with a top stylist.You can book in store for your appointment now!

There is so much happening for this brand and now it is becoming more accessible, you can get your mitts on some of these great products!

You can also become a 'fearless follower' and add them on twitter here!

make up 011

make up 012


Alima Pure Minerals- Zen Garden Collection

The gorgeous girls @ Alima sent me a Limited Edition collection they have launched!
Its called Zen Garden.

'Like a stroll thought a lush garden, the Zen Garden collection is a breath of fresh air. Beautiful shades of green and gold, accented by dark brown and a splash of purple, deliver a color palette that can be used in a multitude of ways and worn for seasons to come'.

There are 4 colours-
Bamboo - a shimmery tawny neutral
Eucalyptus - olivey green with silver shimmer
Liliko'i - matte intense medium purple
Teak - deep brown with green and gold sparkle

The colours are gorg! My personal fav being Teak. You really cannot appreciate these from pictures as it doesn't capture the roundness and colour spectrum of each one.

Not only are the colours lovely but they are also really fine and not chunky at all which i have found with some minerals that contain shimmer. They really did smooth on nicely to leave a nice finish. Teak is a must have as the shimmer really accentuates eye colour.

You can buy the collection for $36 here. Not only is the collection Limited Edition but $2 from each purchase will be donated to the Global Fund for women!

The full Alima line is available here. They have over 250 products, so you could be there a while! They also have 60 different shades of foundation which should make skin matching a bit easier! All their products carry the European BDIH Certified Natural Cosmetic which means they are safe for the body and the environment! So you have apply make and do you bit for global warming!!

make up 008

make up 006

make up 007


Scholl Party Feet

Scholl are currently running a great competition which can be found here! It’s a once in a lifetime opportunity for any budding fashion enthusiast!

One very lucky blogger will win the chance to be at London Fashion Week and keep everyone up to date with the goss and behind the scene's action on your very own iPhone which is yours to keep after.

All you need to do is follow the steps and submit your entry!

You have until Sunday 13th September to enter so get your entry in now!

I also have some Scholl products that I am currently reviewing so you can expect to see my thoughts next week once I have given them my usual rigorous testing!


Thursday, 3 September 2009

Illamasqua Beauty Bloggers Event

Tonight was the first of 2 Illamasqua events. I went to the London one, tomorrow night some more bloggers will be attending one in Manchester.

Our event was held at Kettners in Soho which is such a lovely venue. We were greeting by the Illamasqua team and drinks! Guinness and Champagne cocktails anyone? Sounds horrible, was surprisingly nice! We also had ravioli and fishcake nibbles! Yum!

Illamasqua have been actively on the market since November last year and in just 10 months they have made an impact not just in the blogging world but in Celebville too.

Tonight I was very pleased to be able to meet some of the team who actually came up with the brand idea and have grown the idea into an exciting and refreshing brand. I first heard of the brand when I was doing my usual weekend browse in Selfridges just swatching and minding my own business. That was until I saw one counter that really stood out from the crowd and drew me in! I think I had my shallow head on that day as I gasped at some of the colour but couldn't believe how pigmented the lipglosses were! The promo pics did scare me a little and made me feel like the make up as unwearable and just not for me. As I saw more blogs and videos I realised that I didn't have to wear the collection like the promo pictures and that I can make it work for me.

The main aim of the night was to introduce us to their new Autumn/Winter range called Dystopia. The collection is all really nice and some much more exciting than any recent MAC collection!

Alex Box described the brand as 'chaos through perfection'. Like reality pushed over the edge. Do you ever play with your make up and all of a sudden you have created a look that you wouldn't think about wearing out and after taking a photo, you wash it all off? That is what I believe chaos through perfection to be. Its about pushing the boundaries. For years we have been told through the media, what not to wear, how to look. Why should we conform? Why not bring out the alter ego in you an express yourself? Growing up, make up was always a way of expressing myself and I get excited seeing the Illa products as it brings back that inner child. All the products were designed to use anywhere and can be used wet or dry. So if you wanted a stronger colour, you can wet your brush, or for more of a day time look go for the dry version! Alex explained that they didn't want to label products to cheeks, eyes, lips etc but had to conform to regulations...booo!

Alex chose Lydia to experiment with and created this amazing look. Whilst everyone topped up their drinks, I sat and watched the process. I love watching make up as you can pick up so much just by seeing how other people create a look.
Here are some pictures for you!

Illamasqua 001

Illamasqua 002

Illamasqua 003

Illamasqua 004

Illamasqua 007

Illamasqua 009

Some very awful swatches for you! I will try and get better ones in daylight!!

Illamasqua 011

The full effect has to be seen in real life, it was pretty amazing!

After some more chatting and admiring Lydia's new look, we all dispersed and made our way home!

Overall a lovely evening and a huge thank you to Illamasqua for giving us an insight into their company and seeing Alex is action!

Because the brand are so new, they did mention that things like swatches on the website etc will be improved and they work off of our feedback so keep your eyes peeled!

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