Thursday, 30 July 2009

Elf Studio Makeup Remover Cleansing Cloths

I'm sure you all know, that Elf's Studio range was launched in the UK this week. If you haven't heard, where have you been?!!

I picked up a couple of bits including these bad boys.

I came home a couple of days ago to find my Elf order scattered in the hallway courtesy of Tink! You little scamp!

These are packed slightly smaller than most brands but these are perfect for travelling. You get 20 wipes in a pack for £3.50. They have a nice cloth tendency which glides across your face removing every trace of make up. These didn't sting, dry out, or irritate my skin like I have experience with different brands in the past. They contain Aloe Vera to help moisturise.

The only thing that i didn't like about these, is the smell. I have been giving these a good sniff to work out what they smell like. I can only describe the smell as chlorine like. Which lets face it, for a make up, you don't want to feel like you've just been for a swim!

Apart from that, these do a good job. They are priced slightly higher than its competitors considering you get less wipes per pack.

I am still undecided about these.

Anyone else tried them yet?



100th Post!!

I'm finally at the 100 post mark!! I would have never got here if it wasn't for my followers, so thank you!!

My blog is my escape from the real world!

If there is anything in particular you would like me to blog about or review, please let me know!!

love you all


ps. Elvis the duck says thank you for following me!!


Fancy some extra cheap Eyeko?!

Eyeko are having a 25% off sale for 48 hours only!!

Get all your fav products for a reduced price now! Plus you get free shipping on all orders.

Don't forget to enter E1947 to get an extra free gift with your order!

Enter DISCOUNT25 along with the one above at the checkout!

Enjoy xoxo

Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Cargo Lash Activator

I first heard about it when Boots emailed me.

The blurb-

Cargo LashActivator, the cult product that's causing a stir across the globe has now landed in Exclusive to Boots and, Cargo LashActivator gives your lashes a nourishing boost that can help to visibly increase the appearance of natural lash length and fullness

Cargo founder Hana Zalzal observes "As we looked to develop a new product innovation in the eye make-up category we realised that there was a gap and that there were really only two ways of dramatically enhancing lashes – a great mascara and false eyelashes so we developed Cargo's new LashActivator, a unique tinted treatment mascara that cares, protects and enhances lashes to extreme lengths all rolled into one!"


Has anyone tried this? If this works, it will be a cheaper alternative to lilash! woo!


Aussie 3 Minute Miracle

Trust me when i say my hair has had its near death experiences over the years. I have tried a gazillion hair masks/treatments/conditioners, you name it, I've probably tried it. None have them have I repurchased, apart from this little beauty.

If you call yourself 'miracle' you need to be able to live up to it. And for me, this does. Each time my hair its getting a bit dry at the ends or just needs a real good boost after constant dying and straightening, i use this. Instantly after one application, my hair feels back to its usual self.

I really cannot praise this enough. I have been buying this for about 8 years now, which speaks volumes.

I have used some of their other products but don't rate them as much as other brands. Purely because of the way i like my hair to fall. Their normal shampoo and conditioners make my hair a bit fluffy, which i don't like. Each to her own!

If you have tried this in the past and didn't rate it, you should try it again. Each time i use it, it surprises me more.



Hot & Not.. well overdue!

Ive missed these posts!


Planning exciting things
Promotion at work. I know there is lots of uncertainty and unemployment at the mo, but ive worked my arse off.
Shopping for a new car
Weight Watchers caramel wafers...this weeks obsession
V festival shopping, going to have a whole seperate post!
Diet Coke-my love for you will never end.

Working loads!
Still getting over the Korres incident!
Off sick for a day last week, still not feeling right.
McVities Caramels- so bad but sooo good!!


Monday, 27 July 2009

Forgotten something?...

Whats the last thing you do before leaving the house and rushing out the door?

For me its perfume, followed by a slick of lipgloss as i pull out of my drive (obvs in the safest way possible!)

I have been working on a huge project at work which had caused me a lot of stress and time but ended with a promotion!! wooooo! But after a long weekend of work and not much play, I had to get into the office for 7.30am today. I rushed so much to get ready this morning that I forgot to spritz myself with perfume before I ran out the door. Normally I keep one in my bag too but typically I had changed bags at the weekend and hadn't swapped it over. All day i felt 'naked' without it and couldn't wait to get home to spray some! I even contemplated spraying some dry shampoo over my hair for a bit of fragrance! Lesson learnt and now i'll be putting one in my drawer!! Sometimes I feel like i need 3 of everything to spread between home, work and my car!!

What cant you leave the house without?


Saturday, 25 July 2009

My Saving Grace!

As you may have seen on twitter a while back, Korres primer broke me out big time about 6 weeks ago. My skin is pretty good at not reacting to new products so when this happened with Korres, i was really surprised. The week after this happened, I started to use the new Garnier Pure Active range that we were given at the Garnier event. This really seemed to help and get rid of some of my breakout.

Since then, my skin has just not been the same. I seem to be constantly covering up spots that I have (luckily) never had to do in the past. I was getting totally fed up that using one product (Korres) could ruin my clear skin that I have had forever and changed it into something a teenager would have! I managed to get through those teenage years with clear skin and this had always been a thing of conversation. I considered myself to be really lucky as my older siblings have suffered with acne. Now since the breakout, I have realised how down a simple thing like spots can make you feel.

Something had to give. I have been using my good old Clinique 3 step for the past 3 days and my skin is nearly back to its normal state. This may sound shallow but I am soooo happy its back to its (nearly) normal self!!

Once again, my trusty friends at Clinique haven't let me down!!

So for now, its goodbye and take care...Garnier!


Thursday, 23 July 2009

This week i have mostly...

Been loving my lower lash line!!

I'm off to V festival(yes i mentioned it again!) and i have been thinking of ways to funk up my make up really simply as i doubt ill have a mirror bigger than my hand or many facilities to go all out. One day a lightbulb appeared above my head!


I thought i would save the idea till then but bored with my work look, i tried it out on Monday and havent looked back. (I was also late for work!)

I'm not the type of girl to sit a do a full on eye look for work but I've found a way of looking more made up! I have been lining my lower lashes with different colour pencils, highlighters and shadows to create a colourful look that is subtle yet interesting! GOSH bananas is a big fav for this. This 'new' thing for me made me looks at Mac's liquidlast liners that come in different colours. I had added aqualine to my 'basket' when i stopped and thought i had seen this colour somewhere before. Off i went and looked in my ever growing collection and low and behold there was a very similar product by collection 2000. I had originally bought this for fancy dress night. I thought to myself, if this is just a faze I'm going through, I'd rather use this than pay out £13 for one that might not get much love.The collection 2000 one is more glittery but it gives the same idea and lasts really well. I'm thinking of grabbing a different colour at the weekend. I tried to take pictures for you all to see but my camera really doesn't pick up make up. Any suggestions on cameras will be well received. Ive got a Canon ixus 75 so if anyone has this and knows if there is a special setting please let me know!

For now, I'm loving the lower lashes. Come on, don't be a plain Jane!


Hair Envy

When make up was just a twinkle in my eye there was hair. My hair has always been the thing i have had the most compliments on and even though we've had our rough times (pre brunette) we are still best friends. We've laughed, we've cried, but i still envy other peoples hair!

Bring in the evidence...

Nicole Richie


This would be perfect for me right now! My hair is slightly longer than this.

Lauren Conrad


Loving the waves and sun kissed look!

Olivia Palermo


Waves, style and not quite blonde. Nothing my conical wand cant fix!

A trend is developing! Maybe its time to embrace my inner blonde again....before its too late!!

Who's hair do you envy?


Battle of the dry shampoos

As you know, i am a lover of my snooze button, i cant get enough! Any product that saves me time in the morning + extra sleep = happy me!!

I have been having a spray off (bit like a dance off) between 2 dry shampoos.

Iiiiinnnnnn the red corner we have...

Batiste 'tropical' RRP £2.00
Nice smell that lasts. Spray seems a bit chunky and needs some work to make it happen. Good coverage of the spray however comes out very white. Needs reapplying towards the end of a working day. I had to style my hair up so it had a bit more oomph! My mum said this was around when she was growing up....yeah ok mum, like they had dry shampoo i the dinosaur ages!


Iiiiiiinnnn the blue corner we have...

James Brown - RRP £4.99
More subtle smell. Spray is very fine and easy to handle. Because it is so fine, there is no white residue left on the hair that you have to work in. This one lasted all day, no need to restyle.


Ding ding ding!!

We have a winner...

In comparison, they both do their job. But for me it has to be...

James Brown baby! Even though you are more expensive, you are totally worth it. Much nicer to work with!

Both products come in mini sizes which are great for those days when you just don't know if you hair will be fresh by the afternoon or if you are going out straight from work! James Brown junior now lives in my work bag!! Are there any other good dry shampoos i should try?


Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Garnier Soothing Restorative Hand Cream

That's was a mouthful!! I still have tons of Garnier products to review and tell you about! Sometimes reviews are one sided and just persons opinion. So for this review, I took it to work for everyone to try out and let me know what they think!!

The cream is aimed at dry/sensitive skin and is fragrance free. It contains Maple Sap which is 'renowned for its soothing properties'.

'It nourishes and soothes dry skin an restores comfort and suppleness. The skin is left feeling intensely hydrated and dry skin feel relieved'

I agree with this. Its the nicest hand cream i have used that has results that last. Even after i had washed my hands, i could still feel they were hydrated.

Colleague A-
'I think its really greasy. I feel like if i was to each my lunch now, id get mouth full of cream'

Colleague B-
' If creams aren't thick and a tiny bit greasy, i don't feel like they have worked'

Colleague C-
' I don't think its greasy as its absorbs really quickly into the skin. I love it, shall i look after it for you?!'

Colleague D-
' Its a really nice consistency. I want to keep using it over and over again, but unlike other hand creams, the results actually last'

So all round a good reaction. Since i first took this into work, i have had to keep hunting it down to use it as it keeps disappearing from my desk! I'm taking that as a good sign!!


Has anyone else tried this?


Saturday, 18 July 2009

Eyeko bargains...could be yours!

Eyeko are offering a huge bargain for a limited time only!

Be an Eyeko VIP!

Grab the Best of Eyeko (rrp £45) for only £25!!!

Get all this...


3 in 1 cream
Tinted Cream
Touch & Go Concealer
Touch and Gloe Highlighter

For a bargain price. If you havent tried eyeko or need to stock's your chance!!

Bag it now.

If you use the code E1947 you'll also get a free full size gift!!

Thats a lot of goodies for £25!!


Thursday, 16 July 2009

Things I'm loving right now...

Over the past month I've acquired a lot of new things in my collection and not just make up. Here's a run down on the things I'm loving.

Too Faced- Extreme Wrinkle Filler

Correct me if I'm wrong but i think this is the same idea as prep and prime. I fills those fine lines and primes my skin ready for foundation. I love how it makes my skin feel and makes my wrinkle (singular, the one that is always there!!) less noticeable.


Benefit- Erase Paste

I have been using Boiing as my concealer for a long time. But when i saw Holly using this at the Garnier event and Liparazzi blogging about it, i had to give it ago. I am amazed how well this works. I haven't heard amazing things about this so far which is why i didn't already have it. I really does 'erase' my circles and even my skin tone. It is a completely different texture to boiing and is really blendable. Please benefit, never discontinue this!!


MAC- Florabundance

I ordered this with my colour craft order as I only have one lipglass from MAC (from Sugarsweet) and had heard this name a while ago. When it arrived i was amazed that it was the colour I've been looking for, for such a long time! Its 'my lips only better' gloss and i haven't stopped wearing it since!


Ralph Lauren - Lauren Style

Love this!! I got this in Boots in the sale as it is being discontinued. It smells a bit like baby powder but really girly. A bit gutted that they wont be making anymore :(


NOT loving-

Too Faced - Lip Injection

If you have been following me on twitter, you might have heard about my experience with this. All the lip plumpers i have used in the past have been pretty pants and not done much. This couldn't work more if it tried. Yes it plumps, yes it hurts! I was in pain, so much that i couldn't take it anymore and had to wash it off and apply lashings of lip balm to cool my poor lips. They plumped so much i thought i resembled Lesley Ash! Not a good look. At one point i wondered if my lips would just keep swelling! This should come with a warning and a consent form!!



Monday, 13 July 2009

International Swap?

As im on P10P i figured....i cant buy for myself, but i can buy for someone else, right? Ive loved my previous swaps and would love to do another one. So if there is anyone who fancies so UK goodies,(gosh darling, barry m...) comment below with your email address and ill get in contact!


Sunday, 12 July 2009

Packing for an overnight stay!

Next weekend the girls are off on a road trip. Not along Route 66 but just to a town for a night out, stay in a hotel and a hungover day of shopping and travelling back singing at the top of our voices to the best of the 90's! I love packing so i started thinking about what i would take today.

First up toiletries-

I kept reminding myself that i will be going for 1 night and wouldn't need to wash my hair.(i did have huge bottles of shampoo, conditioner, heat protector, serum..) I need to pack shower gel too!


Make up-
I packed, then repacked, then repacked again. Then took this pic...


Then packed again and got it down to this little lot!


We are going out in fancy dress so my make up is pretty much planned already! I also wanted to pack light but be able to work a few different looks out of what i take in case there is a sudden change of weather, or a freak accident where i need to have enough make up for hundreds of people to use! lol. I like to always have an overnight bag ready in case i need it and it mainly consists of sample/travel sizes that have been gift with purchases.

If i can last just ONE night without my whole collection, I may just about make it through the weekend!


Love/Hate Tag

Stolen form Laura check her out. She also has a website called Swapsies which you should definitely use to swap your unwanted make up or those hidden gems you've always wanted! As they say, one girls rubbish is another girls treasure!

Do you love/hate?

Ginger Hair-
Well seen as i am a redhead at the moment, i love it! Ginger hair doesnt have to be 'carrot top' looking. Think LLo and Isla Fisher. Love their hair.

Sometimes you can find loads, other times i walk out empty handed. Touch and go!

Mamma Mia-
Love love love. Give me a musical and I'm a happy girl!

I watched the first series which i thought was good. After that it just got a bit silly!

haha! Whenever i do these, i always regret it! But at the time, its such a good idea!

Katie & Peter-
I think Katie Price is a very clever girl. She's made a fortune and fair play to her. I havent seen the latest Piers Morgan show but i dont think it would sway my decision on her. I love people watching which may be why i love how her life is documented. Peter- still undecided!

Skinny Jeans-
When they first flooded into shops about 4 years ago i hated them and thought no way! But i love them. Staple item!

Wildlife Programmes-
I love animals so i find them interesting. I do cringe when they feel the need to show how they mate...

Fake Tan-
The easiest way to lift my mood! Everything looks better with a tan.

Angeline Jolie-
She stole Brad.


Facebook status updates-
I hate it when you someone lists everything they do!
Amy is watching tv
Amy is getting ready for tonight
Amy is going to the toilet....

Not so much. Playsuits yes.

Can take it or leave it!

Stubble yes, beards, no no no!

Ironing bed sheets-
If someone else is doing it for me! LOVE!!!

Harry Hill-
Hate, one person i dont find funny. AT ALL

Dark Chocolate-
Love but so moreish.

I tag all my followers! Cant wait to see your answers!


The Body Shop - Make up Brush Review

I was sent a selection of brushes in my huge package and I am finally getting round to writing review! I have chosen a few of them to write up about.

1. Face and Body Brush and Blusher Brush
These are both very similar but different in size. I have always eyed these up in the shop but never purchased them. The feel so soft but do not move out of place much and are quite stiff. Both of these are great for 'placing' make up. I like to 'stripe' on my contour before buffing out with a kabuki.



2. Mini Kabuki
Works well with the above, i like my kabuki to be firm so i can really blend and this is perfect. Really soft bristles so its not as hard as my bourjois one. I am taken this one away with me as its tiny!!


3. Eyeshadow Brush
Not much to report on this one. Its an eyeshadow brush, alot like many others on the market.


4. Slanted Brush
The bristles are stiff on this one so it was great for lining my lower lashes and also lining my upper lash line before smoking out.


For me personally, i like my bronzing and blusher brushes to have more freedom and movement to them. However these work for applying make up in a different way. I like their handles as they are easy to grip and use. These are quite highly priced for what I imagine is synthetic bristles?? I'm not crazy about them but they may loosen up with use, then they will be loads better!


20 Questions Tag

Yes i know its taken me FOREVER to get round to this one...but its finally here!

1) Things you cannot leave the house without?
My mobile, purse and keys. If i am leaving the house for more than an hour, ill need my big has everything anyone could possibly need on a desert island in it!

2) Favourite brand of makeup?
So many but fav right this second is mac as i am excited about my colour craft delivery!

3) Favourite flower?
Calla lillies and lillies. Im a white rose girl, not red.

4) Favourite clothing store?
Topshop at the mo.

5) Favourite perfume?
Juicy Couture mmmmm!

6) Heels or flats?
Flats :( I'd love to be one of those girls who lives in heels but it just isnt going to happen.

7) Do you make good grades?
Sometimes, out of school yes! I didnt get bad grades but i could have achieved alot better if i had applied myself.....haha! sounds like a school report quote!

8) Favourite colours?
Pink, always have, always will.

9) Do you drink energy drinks?
Nope, i'll only have a lucozade if im really dehydrated.

10) Do you drink juice?
Yes, love juice and squash.

11) Do you like swimming?! Sharing a huge cold bath with other people and following each other in thanks.

12) Do you eat chips with a fork?
Depends what kind of chips really, where i am and who im with!

13) Favourite moisturiser?
Nivea Creme for my face.

14) Do you want to get married later on in life?
I have always been a marriage girl but recently ive had days where I'm against it. Ask me tomorrow.

15) Do you get mad easily?
no comment!

17) Any phobias?
Birds, lets not talk about it.

18) Do you bite your nails?
Yes, which is why i always have gels or acrylics!

19) Have you ever had a near death experience?
I have one on a daily basis but apparently breaking a nail isnt a near death experience!

20) Do you drink coffee?
Nope, yuck. I dont like hot drinks. I only have hot chocolate and thats about once a year. I dont like coffee anything. Revels are a no go area too!

Anyone who is yet to post this, get blogging!


Saturday, 11 July 2009

Confessions of a Shopaholic...

Rebecca Bloomwood is me all over! When i see something i like, i have to have it. I have always refrained from high end designer splurges but when it comes to clothes, make up and accessories, there isn't really a point where i stop and ask myself if i really need it. Its got to the point where i have 10 unused make up bags just sitting in a cupboard(seriously!). I currently have 6 in use mascaras and 8 back ups...i asked myself today, is this really necessary?! I can only use 1 at a time! Sorting through my belongings over the past few weeks has been a wake up call for me. I could easily get to 2010 and not have a need to buy any make up, skin care, moisturiser, perfume...the list goes on! I regularly wear about a quarter of my wardrobe and shoes with a ton of things un worn and still carrying tags. I have easily 50 items that i need to list on ebay some never worn and unwanted! I think today reitterated my thoughts; one of my friends was searching the shops for some wellies for V festival and finally settled on a pair on patterned ones that cost £7.99. I went online a month or so ago and bought a pair of Hunters for £50 that ill probably wear for one weekend and will then be sent to Narnia in my wardrobe.

I love nothing more than a delivery arriving on my doorstep or being handed a bag full of my new purchases but this has to stop. If only till i hit those shops in Vegas!! I dont NEED a new outfit for every social occasion, although it is nice!! Its time to rediscover those hidden gems that I have forgotten about!

I am going back on the spending diet and allowing myself £25 per week for purchases other than my regular outgoings and much need necessities(mainly toiletries!). This needs to be done before i cannot close my bedroom door anymore! I have already placed my colour craft order online and i have a few bits arriving over the next week or so, but that's it. No more!!

Spending diet and project 10 pan!

I am not saying goodbye to my inner Rebecca Bloomwood but merely 'see you soon chick!' Departing Splurge City next stop Sensible Shopper (yuck!!).


Friday, 10 July 2009

The LOVE of my life...

Lots of people have posted about their boyfriends and made them known to the i thought id write about the love of MY life...

My chi is 3 and 3/4. She is a long haired pure breed chihuahua.
I am always taking pictures of her.
There isnt a day where she doesnt make me laugh.
She loves handbags, if i buy a new bag, she is straight in it. I dont make her go in there, she loves it!
If she doent want me to leave her she cries and it breaks my ♥
I miss her if i'm not at home.
She is a little baby!
I had to wait 3 weeks once i found the right breeder for her to be born.
I went to see her when she was 3 days old and she fitted in the palm of my hand...without the fingers!
She was so tiny at 12 weeks when i could take her home, she could sit in my hands.
She loves afternoon naps! She can be found on my bed most of the time!
When she is up to mischief she makes me laugh!
She is love ♥

Honest Scrap Tag...

I was tagged by the gorgeous Liparazzi to do this. Love her, check out her!

Tell your readers 10 things about you that they may or may not know, but are true. Tag ten people with the award, and be sure to let them know they've been tagged (a quick comment on their blog will do). Don't forget to link back to the blogger who tagged you.

I have been trying to think of things you don't know about me....

1. I have weekly obsessions of things i love where i have to have it everyday! One week was sushi, another muller lights, kitkat chunky's, diet coke, smokey bacon wheat crunchies. It varies but it is very random, people at work laugh at me!

2. My ex was in a boy more on this one!!

3. I love speed. Getting behind a wheel and testing the brakes! I think i could be a rally driver! I am not encouraging speed and erratic driving!! I just love fast cars.

4. I have no logic when i shop, if i want it, i get it....very bad news!!

5. I'd love to have a flat like Carrie Bradshaw, love the layout! And obvs the closet!!

6. I cant lose when its comes to games and competitions. One friend bet me that i couldn't not eat for 2 days....i did it! I'd die before i lose!!!

7. I am always planning something. There is never a point where i don't have something to look forward to, it gets me through the day.

8. I love reminiscing, listen to music, looking through photo's, remembering funny stories with friends. Nothing better.

9. I still don't know what i want to do with my life!

10. I'm never too full for cheescake!!

Come girls, get your tag on!!


Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Review- Garnier Pure Active Range

As you know i was lucky enough to attend the Garnier event. In the huge goodie bag was the full Pure Active range which is their new spot fighting range.

The week before the event i had been using Korres primer which completely broke me out. The only time i have ever broken out before was using one of the maybelline foundations which i don't think the sell anymore. My face was really sore and i didn't expect that from a product that was a) expensive compared to other primers that work better and b) an organic product!! So when i started my 7 day Pure Active had a tough job to do! I thought i would review all the products in one post.

Blackhead Clearing Scrub-
Love this!! I have tried soooo many scrubs and many of them fail to exfoliate AND clean and leave my skin feeling refreshed. This is possibly the best scrub i have used and its rival for me is the St Ives scrub which i swear by. This set up my skin perfectly for a good moisturising session! My nose area is prone to black heads which have actually become less visible...nothing has done this before!!

Deep Pore Unclogging Wash-
I don't really have a lot to say about this, its a face wash that doesn't really stick out for me. I have opted for the scrub more, when my skin is clearer, ill probably use this more.


Spot Purifying Toner-
I like this. I like how it dries out my spots without drying our my skin and stripping its natural oils off. It isn't as harsh as the Clinique which i like.

Spot-on Roll-on Rapid Soothing Relief-
When i first saw this, my thoughts were...a roller ball applicator?! Surely thats a recipe for disaster?! I have been applying this with a clean finger until i was advised the roller ball pops off which is perfect for a cotton bud application! This actually works! I have been using Boo Boo Zap by Benefit for about a year, this is like that but supercharged! I think this is the best spot treatment out of the whole range.


Spot Fighting 24hr Moisturiser-
The firt time i used this i didnt like it. It is perfect for oily skin as it mattyfies (that so isnt a word, or spelt correctly if it is...) but for me, i like my moisturiser to give my dry skin a healthy glow. After 2 days, my skin was really dull and i looked ill so i switched to the Pure A daily Treatment Moisturiser which is sooo much better for my skin and the results i want. I liked the clean feel it gave my skin, but unfortunately this just isn't for me :(


The packaging makes me think the range is aimed at teenagers and doesnt look great compared to my hot pink hair products but id have everything pink if i could!! I am impressed with this range as my skin has (nearly) cleared up. The usual stuff all went within about 5 days but the breakout is under control and this has kicked its sweet little ass!!

My favs are the scrub, spot 'roll on' and toner. The face wash and moisturiser i can use or leave. I'm thinking about buying another spot roll on for my work never know!!

Finally a spot fighting range that actually works!

Loving Garnier at the mo. Next week i'll be trialling the summer face and summer body...keep those peepers peeled!!

Has anyone else used his range?



Tuesday, 7 July 2009

I'm back!!

Like Arnie, i came back!! I didn't leave through choice...oh no. The huge storms on Saturday(the one before last) messed up my internet and it has taken Orange a week and a half to sort. When i first found out it had broken i looked like this...


But tonight i look like this...


Time has flown by as it was my birthday yesterday but celebrations started last Tuesday with different meals, drinks, Take That etc!!

I have lots of posts up my sleeve so will be posting lots this week so make up for the drought!!

Hope you are all ok. If there is anything you'd like to see on my blog, let me know!

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