Monday, 29 June 2009

Garnier Hydralock Moisturising Milk

I suffer from quite dry skin on my arms and legs but after the Garnier staff telling me how great this was, I thought it would give it ago. I have used so many moisturisers over the years, and Body Shop butters have always performed the best for me until now…

I first used this on Friday night and immediately my skin felt soothed and hydrated. Saturday morning and it was still the same as when I had first applied. I have used it everyday since and I have noticed a huge difference in the texture and feel of my skin. I have been using it in conjunction with the sugar scrub we also got in our goodie bags, as a team, these two are on top form! The moisturiser doesn’t really have a fragrance so shouldn’t irritate sensitive skin. The scrub smells lemony(is that a word?!) and zesty which was really nice on such a hot day yesterday!! So many exfoliators are a bit pansy and don’t do much, but this set my skin up for a good moisturise. Although the Hydralock works well, it didn’t make my skin greasy which was a bonus as I didn’t have to wait ages to get dressed, a bonus for when you need to rush out the door!

The Hydralock is only £2.99 which is an absolute bargain compared to some of it competitors (ahem, body shop). I think the scrub is more round the £5 ish mark but it comes in a big bottle (they have made it bigger since the picture below) so will last a long time.

These is now proudly placed at the front of my cupboard!!


Ps. I am on Day 4 of my 7 day Pure Active routine…so far so good! Full review at the end of the week!!



Saturday, 27 June 2009

5 days...5 items Challenge

Last weekend, one of my friends come over to get ready at mine before we went out. She turned up just out of the shower with just her hair dry. 'I'll just get my make up and we can start getting ready' were her words. I expected her to go out to her car but out of her over sized HANDBAG she produced her make up bag...which is her ENTIRE collection!! I was sooo shocked! Her make up bag was the same size as my on the go bag that comes to work with me for touch ups. Without making any fuss I finished off my make up which i had already been applying for about 45 mins and carefully watched each item she pulled out of the bag. She used a maximum of 5 products before announcing she was ready to get changed and finish her hair. We went on with the night as usual but it really did make me wonder... She looked perfect with few items where as i had so many different products on, primer, foundation, concealer, powder, bronzer for contouring, blush, msf...and thats just my base, not including my eyes and lips! So i set myself a challenge. Everyday that week at work, I was only allowed to use 5 products and one bonus item( 5 is really hard!).

Day one...
Bronzer(Barry m)
Mascara(false lash)

Day 2...
Mascara(lash stiletto)
Eyebright eyeliner(benefit)

Day 3...
F & C (same everyday!!)
Moon river(blush and highlighter in very clever!)
Mascara(Loreal HIP)
Eyeliner(gosh bananas)

Day 4...
F & C
Nars duo (laguna/orgasm)
Refined MSF
Eyeliner(loreal superliner)

Day 5...
F & C
Mascara (False lash)
Eyeliner (black gosh)

My bonus product was a lipgloss everyday! At the end of everyday, i still looked as i always did, which was one of the main factors for me.

I realised, i didn't have to use a mountain of products to create a different look. Everyday i went for different products to prove it could work! It also saved me loads of time in the morning which was great as i could press snooze one extra time! As much as i love playing with make up this is great for me before i rush off to work in the mornings. This is definitely something I am going to carry on with Monday - Friday.

Take the 5 item challenge now!!


Thursday, 25 June 2009

Garnier Bloggers Event 25.06.09

About 20(ish) beauty bloggers were invited to Loreal HQ in London to talk about Garniers new Pure Active range.

Before today, Garnier isn't really a brand I would actively buy. My original views were that it was a range that was over priced and not aimed at me... how wrong I was! I am really glad my eyes have been opened to a range that is so vast, affordable and so well thought out. In a world where 'organic' is such a major selling point, Garnier's view is 'why stick ingredients in just so it smells nice' they concentrate on picking natural ingredients that work and using them to their best ability!(eg. blueberry, apricot, bamboo) Until they touched on their ranges, I had completely been oblivious to how many ranges I had looked past and not tried.

Their new range Pure Active is aimed at 13-35(if i remember rightly). A huge ingredient in the rang is Salicylic Acid which in this rang is 2%. Salicylic Acid is an anti bacterial. This is a big ingredient in the US but not really touched on in the UK so its great that someone has stepped up the game when it comes to spots and blemishes! Maybe flawless skin isn't such a chore anymore! I was also impressed with the prices as they are very affordable. I am going to be ditching my usual products and using this range for 7 days and will report back on my progress. I have my fingers crossed that I have found a range that is cheap and works!

After a presentation about the products we were let loose to check out the products in lots of the ranges and talk to the staff about them. We were encouraged to take products we wanted to try and I cant wait to give them a go. I think the event really gave us an understanding of the brand and how much time goes into each product right from the idea of the range to picking the key ingredients and developing the products. When we pick the final product up in the shop, i think we forget this! We were definitely well looked after right from the huge spread of food to the goodie bags. I don't think anyone left without struggling to carry their bags FULL of products! I think we are all very thankful for that! I had a really nice night and it was lovely to meet some of the bloggers although there wasn't too much time to chat! There will be lots of reviews coming over the next couple of weeks but its going to take a while to try everything!

A huge thank you to Garnier and Headstream PR who did a great job and made me feel very welcome! I cant wait to report back on the products!



Monday, 22 June 2009

TRESemme 24 hour body Amplifying Mousse & Root Boosting Spray

Well, well, well. Volumising products in my eyes ha vent always performed very well so I was excited to try these products as the rest of the range has never let me down before. I have already had good results from the finishing spray so gave these two a go too. I started with the mousse. In the past using a mousse has left my hair hard and crackly like I had sprayed hairspray on it so I used this with a mind set that I might have to wash it straight out again once I had dried my hair. How wrong I was... My hair felt like it normally did but I was left with 'amplified' roots! woo! Again after the 2 day test, I could still see the results and if anything, it slowed down the need to wash my hair because it didn't go flat and lifeless...bonus!!


Next up was the root boosting spray. I like how the nozzle on this means you can get a precise application. Once again i wasn't disappointed and I am more than happy with the results. If anything I prefer this to the mousse, mainly because of the application process. I would definitely recommend the 3 products I have tried in this line and wouldn't hesitate to try the others too. I don't think ill need to buy new ones of these for a while as the bottles are really generous but I will defo repurchase. I think these have performed better than the likes of higher end salon products...whose names I wont mention!! Plus these are a quarter of the price!


I hope the rest of my review team loved theirs too.


Sunday, 21 June 2009

A bit of a change...

So as you have seen from my hair history blog a while ago...I have been brunette for a while now...about 2 and half years to be precise!! I was getting a bit bored and going back to blonde would not be good for me!! I decide to go auburn/redhead, which I have never been before. My skin tone when im not tanned is fair and when I was about 5 my hair was an auburn colour so I thought I wouldn't look too washed out. So on Wednesday I took the plunge and did it. Since then I have been trying to get a decent picture to be able to show the full effect of the colour as sometimes it looks red and sometimes just brown.

This is me(in the middle) last Sunday...


This is me and my bestie last night...yes I have drunk eyes lol. The full effect of the colour isn't showing :(


Anyone thinking of changing hair colour should do it, its the best way to get a new look. Luckily with this colour I don't have to change my whole make up!!


Wednesday, 17 June 2009

TRESemme 24 hour body finishing spray

I was lucky enough to get sent the new TRESemme range to try out. The range is all about volume and body which for me, it something I am always striving for. As the brand says, they are 'salon quality products, without the price tag' how we all love their adverts...
The first product I decided to try out was the finishing spray. Mostly I wear my hair down to work but sometimes I wear an alice band with a bit of a boof...which happened to be today!!

I would describe this product as 'back combing in a can'. The product says to spray it on roots between layers which is where i would normally back comb and spray but one spray and it was done for me.

Next up... 24 hour promise... I wear a headset at work(yes I like to pretend I'm Britney) which i was worried would squash down the main bulk of my boof but even after 2 hours bounced back!! wooo!! At around 3pm, i wanted to restyle my hair a bit so I went to the bathroom, added a touch of water to where the product was and voila, restyled hair! This is a product I would like to have in a travel size but the lasting effects mean that I wouldn't always need to take it to work for a touch up.

Unfortunately I don't have the RRP to hand but I cant imagine this will be more than £5-£6 based on the rest of the range, which is about a third of the price of its rivals.

If you too have lifeless flat hair...give this a go!

Thumbs up on this one. I cant wait to try out the rest of the up, amplifying mousse!



Project 10 Pan...round up!

It's finally over!!!!...It was tough at the beginning with cravings and me having to avoid shops, but as i worked through my 10 pans... i realised how many back ups and dupes I had. I have so much blush I really don't need to buy any until next year! I also had about 6 mascaras on the go at once which was silly as a couple were just going to dry out before i got a chance to finish them all! I'm glad i embarked on the project as I have been nearing the end I found myself only looking at things that I don't have or something very similar! I think ill have a little break for July and then start again. I don't have any major plans to splurge but my birthday is in July so I'd like to treat myself to an MSF if i want to! Plus there is a mac collection coming out that I am dying to get my grubby mitts on!! Even though this was all about make up, it made me look at skin care and hair products too... 4 shine sprays?...necessary?! I think i should do a project just getting through 10 lipglosses/balms/tinted balms/ name it, i have it!

So maybe this is a reformed me...we'll see!

For now, I'm glad its over, but as i type I'm thinking about what my first product will be!!


Body Shop- Body & Lip Butter...mum's point of view!

Ive used these products for years, so when the products arrived, i gave them to my mum to try out! Personally, no mater what moisturisers i try, i always end up coming back to these babies! For me, these are essential and I haven't found a moisturiser that is effective as these.

So onto what the mother said...(very edited, she doesn't know when to stop!!)

Body Butter-(Brazil Nut)

'I thought the product would be richer and was a bit dubious about how it would smell but it turned out to be ok! People already think im a nut job!!(hahaha!!) I am a dove girl(old lady...) but I have tried other flavours of this when I have stolen Amy's and find these to be alot thicker and nicer smelling. Overall ,a good product that left my skin silky smooth all day which is essential for me!'


Lip Butter-(Mango)

'I love this!! Now i know why Amy loves lip products so much! Sometimes lip balms taste a bit chemically produced but I couldn't stop licking it off my lips. I have been using it everyday and will definitely be purchasing a different flavour to try next!'


Further comments...( you should try shutting her up!!)

I have used Body Shop products since my children were tiny and I have never had a problem with any. The kids always used to buy me their stuff for Xmas and birthdays. I would like to thank The Body Shop and my beautiful and generous daughter for letting me review their products!! (I totally added the daughter bit in!! high five to editing!)


Saturday, 13 June 2009

Hot & Not...

This past week has been mega busy but also heaven sent!! The end of this week called for 2 whole days off. This may sound menial and I think it gets a it sad when I look forward to a couple of days off over 2 whole weeks....but anyway!!

Primark- Being a higher end high street girl has been costing me a fortune as i've been swapping make up for clothes whilst on P10P. My sister lives 100 metres away from Primark and I managed to pickup a cardigan that would have cost me £35 in topshop for £10!! A perfect dupe for Office flats(RRP-£50) for £4!! I need a Primark visit more often!! Another 2 pairs of flats fell in my basket too!
Annual leave- shops are quieter, so are trains and the roads...the annual leave allowance should be 6 months!!
Music- Britney, Summertime ball and Katy Perry concert...all in one week!! Overload!
Brighton- Relaxing!
Chocolate Yazoo....mmmmm!

Tube strike...nothing more needs to be said on this subject.
9.57 am, call from work...can they not live without me?!
My birthday...i don't like getting old!!
Not getting much time to sit down and blog.
Family Christening... how excited am I to be asked by every single member of my family 'how's the love life' 'where are you living' and feeling like a failure, even though i'm not!!! I'd rather send a memo prior to the event so that everyone has an update that yes I am single and yes thank you, I am happy not being a stepford wife!!


Tuesday, 9 June 2009

TRESemme Giveaway!

So TRESemme are launching a new line called 24 Hour Body and have kindly offered to send 3 full sized products to 5 of my lucky readers!!

The PR bit-

Make a statement this season with voluptuous, voluminous styles that last and last…introducing the new 24 Hour Body Collection from TRESemm√©. Formulated with a unique new Volume Control Complex, the 24 Hour Body Collection of hair care and styling products is specifically designed to lift, plump and boost body, particularly for fine, flat or limp hair types, without adding weight or being sticky or stiff.

Step one in creating and maintaining head-turning high styles is new 24 Hour Body shampoo and conditioner, enriched with Collagen, Silk Proteins and the new TRESemmé Volume Control Complex to help build all-day long lift and shield the style from humidity. The shampoo is effective at removing product build-up yet gentle enough for every day use, whilst the conditioner smoothes and replenishes to make hair manageable but without weighing it down.
Fix fabulous fullness with the 24 Hour Body styling collection, and achieve amazing body and bounce that looks and feels natural. The collection comprises products to suit different hair types and styles, all featuring the unique TRESemmé Volume Control Complex which helps create a barrier to humidity, delivering ultra long lasting hold and lift but still allowing hair to move freely.

Turn up the volume with 24 Hour Body Amplifying Mousse; a weightless mousse that infuses hair with maximum body and bounce, setting the style to last without the worry of it falling flat
Go full and fabulous with 24 Hour Body Root Boosting Spray; an essential blow dry spray that shoots volume into roots to get ultimate all day, all night lift. Perfect for achieving the most natural looking styles.

Form effortless full-figured styles with 24 Hour Body Sculpting Spray Gel; a non-sticky spray gel that adds va-va-voom to any style, as well as protecting from lock limpen-ing humidity, helping plumped-up looks last all day…and beyond. Use all over hair to shape and style full-bodied styles.

Stop the clocks with 24 Hour Body Finishing Spray; a light hairspray to set sexy, super-size styles in place to last the distance, with no fear of flattening or falling, and with touchable hold. Mist over finished ‘dos’ and between layers, directing the spray at the roots with the ingenious 360 degree actuator for full-on fabulousness that stays put.

Visit for more info about the products.

You will be sent;
24 Hour Body Amplifying Mousse
24 Hour Body Sculpting Spray Gel
24 Hour Body Finishing Spray

All you need to do is give feedback on your thoughts of the products! Easy!

If you would like to be in with a chance to bag these babies, then comment below and send me an email with your full name, blog link, and full address. 5 lucky readers picked by a will be contacted by the PR company and be able to tame their tresses!!

They have also launched a blog where you can find tips, weekly updates & a whole lot more:

Get your comments in quickly girlies.


Saturday, 6 June 2009

Review- The Body Shop Vitamin E Facial Wipes

I was sent these(along with loads of other goodies, more reviews coming soon!!) to test out by the brilliant PR company for the Body Shop. I've heard lots of good stuff about the Vitamin E range so I couldn't wait to try these out.

What the website says...

'Keep these tucked in your gym bag for quick post-workout cleansing. Convenient and easy to use cleansing wipes that remove make-up and impurities, cleanse, tone, moisturize and protect the skin, leaving it feeling refreshed, soft and smooth.'

RRP- £5.35 for 25 wipes. Buy them here...there are loads more info about them along with the ingredients list on this link!

The first thing i noticed was the smell which was fresh and light. The wipes felt more cloth like than some other brand wipes. My make up was removed well without much effort but my eye make up was a different story. My mascara really didn't budge and I was quite disappointed until I realised I was wearing waterproof mascara. To give the wipes a fair review, the next day I wore normal mascara so at the end of the day I could see if it would come straight off like my foundation. Guess what... it worked! Yay!! One thing I love about these wipes are that they aren't too wet or too dry. In the past I've used some wipes that are so dry they don't remove anything!! These wipes left my skin feeling refreshed after a long day. I'd rate these 9/10, they would be 10/10 if they could remove my waterproof mascara, but who knows, a new formulation could be released!



Eyebrows.....part 2

So in a previous post i mentioned I would be trying out different eyebrow products. Over the past month I have tried a range of products to tame, groom and fill in my eyebrows.

All the products below are exempt from project 10 pan as I didn't have anything like them before!

In the early stages of the brow growing I decided to get a product I could use to fill them in while they(slowly) grew. I searched high and low for a colour that was natural for me and closely matched my eyebrows. My brows are not the same colour as my hair, they are slightly dark grey...sounds weird i know! It has taken me forever to find a good color match and a pencil that is blendable and doesn't make me look like i have really made up brows! I finally found Benefits 'instant brow pencil' in light to medium. When I swatched it and tried it on my brows I felt like a group of angels had crowded around me singing hallelujah!! It did come with a £12.50 price tag but I didn't mind spending a bit more than drugstore prices for a decent colour match!


The first grooming product i used was Tweezerman's Brow Mousse. I love this stuff! Its not too wet, dries clear and stays the whole day! I have nothing negative to say about this at all! I think it retails at around £10 ish mark which again is a bit pricey which is why I went in search of a cheaper version.


I stumbled across Barry M's clear mascara/eyebrow definer. For £3 ish(i think) i was hoping it would be a dupe for the tweezerman one. Here comes the negativity.... first I had to wait 3 weeks for the delivery which never arrived...cue 3 unanswered emails and 2 non returned phone calls. I finally get a call back and I am told it will be resent. Personally I don't think it was sent in the first place, I've always has the same postwoman for about 12 years and she always delivers...unlike Barry M! So I finally got my delivery and I cant believe Barry M have put their name on this product. The first thing I noticed was the says fragrance free but it smells worse than any mascara I have used before. The bristles on the brush are so hard it scratches. It probably wouldn't hurt so much if there was actually some product on the brush once it has gone past the stopper. I really have nothing good to say about this product and I feel completely let down. I thought I would love this product as much as the rest of the Barry M range but for me...this will be the bin!



Review-Natural Collection Tinted Moisturiser

The hot weather really made me look at what i was using on my skin. One morning on the way to work I caught a glimpse of myself in the rear view mirror and looked really powdery and not fresh faced, so much so that I tried to 'unpowder' myself as soon as I got to work! This is when I realised I had to change my make up to 'summer mode'. The best way I thought of doing that was to use tinted moisturiser as a replacement to my foundation. About 4 years ago I only used tinted moisturiser and mascara(that was my whole make up naive i was lol) and I liked the effect it gave. So in a quest for a fresh face and glowing skin, I dragged a product out of the bottom of my collection that I bought a couple of months ago, Natural Collection Tinted Moisturiser. Originally I bought it for when I was just popping out of the house or for 'no make up' days. I chose a cheaper option as I thought I wouldn't use it often and for under £3 is was worth a shot! Years ago I found the Estee Lauder to be the best for my skin.

I was impressed how easy it was to apply. This may have been a stupid thing to think as it is moisturiser but in the past I have experience a couple of messy or hard to blend ones. The colour was also natural and didn't leave orange tinges on my face.

Staying power-
So on Monday I decided to brave it with some concealer, tiny bit of powder, bronzer, mascara and the moisturiser. By the time I had finished my face, I looked pretty much the same as normal! First impressions were good! Day one over and I was still pretty happy but thought the net day I would powder again at lunchtime. Day two powdered up at 1pm...better results. Day 3 and 4 continued the same. Day 5, the weather forecast wasn't great but still used the same routine. At 5.30pm I left the office and to be honest I looked awful!! Ive come to the conclusion that I personally prefer to have a decent coverage when the sun is sleeping.

As soon as the sun realises its June I will be using this again on a daily basis but while its a bit grim and rainy, I'll be sticking to my usual foundation! For under £3 you cant go wrong, in my eyes this is as good as the Estee Lauder.


Friday, 5 June 2009

Project 10 Pan Update...

I havent' been blogging much recently as the days(and nights) seem to be flying by at the moment! Work and play have been very busy recently but I have lots of reviews and posts to come very very soon!! My drive to and from work is pretty much my brainstorming time where I think about what you guys would like to read and this weekend hopefully will see more blogs from me!!

So onto the dreaded project 10 pan...

So you all know i 'cheated' (if you can call it that) a couple of weeks ago. At the start of the project I found it really hard not to buy whatever i wanted but I soon got used to Using what i had and realising how much I actually have! I have even reorganised my make up so I have the most used products all together and the ones that are on the subs bench that don't get used most days. I have so much to get through and it has really made me think before I buy! I never thought id see the day!! I may have purchased one or two things that I didn't have at all in my collection but these are mainly for review purposes(i promise!!). I even had a look at the Style Warriors collection and nothing really stood out that I didn't have in a shade really close to or something very similar by a different brand. So far I have survived 2 collections!! Im keeping a running total in the sidebar so you can see what im getting through, which seems to be the same sort of things!!

I have also been sent a huge goodie bag from The Body Shop which I will be reviewing(with a little help from my mum and sister!) over the next few days. There are also a few more packages on their way to me as we type so lots of reviews coming!

I would also like to say thank you to all my followers!! I am now over the 100 mark (yay!!) and love reading all your comments! I know everyone says it, but i really didn't think anyone would be interested in reading my blog!! Thank you chicks!!
I cant wait to meet some of you at the Garnier event as I couldn't make Barry M!


Monday, 1 June 2009

Review- Neutrogena Wave vs Body Shop Facial Brush

Around February time i developed an obsession for skin care. I wanted flawless skin which in turn would lead to flawless make up.

I'd had my eye on the wave for a while and although it promises skin that looks like Gabriella from High School Musical (Vanessa Hudgens!! Yes I'm a loser!) the £12 price tag wasn't something I wanted to spend as I hadn't heard amazing reviews. When it was listed on Swapsies i decided to give it a try. From the advert, it looks pretty good and lathers well. In real life, this isn't the case. Not once when i used it did it lathered well enough for me to feel like i was really getting that deep clean. I've tried using extra product, adding more water, you name it I've tried it! Although my pores did feel super clean once i had finished, i didn't have any easy ride getting there. Its not totally easy to handle either once it gets wet and soapy and it slipped out of my hads a couple of times. I'm glad didnt go all the way and get the clarisonic, which again hasn't have amazing reviews for a product which promises so much.

Whilst browsing in The Body Shop a couple of weeks ago, I spotted the facial brush. It looks a bit like a nail brush except for you face!! For £3ish (it might have been £2.90) i thought it was worth a shot. When i first used it I did feel the bristles could have been more taut and less floppy but as i worked step one of my 3 step into my skin, I realised I had found a product that I wanted the wave to be. Its was easy to use and unlike the wave, didnt fly out of my hands! Plus I only needed one pump of face wash, not my usual 2-3. Ok, so it doesn't vibrate and I might not turn into Vanessa Hudgens overnight, but I really did get that deep clean feeling as well as boosting circulation and gently exfoliating at the same time (triple threat!!)

As for my wave, I will use it every now and again but my facial brush now sits proudly next to my Clinique, which is my opinion is a very good place to be! So time you're in The Body Shop, grab one of these bad boys.

Sometimes the smallest things can make a world of difference (I sound like my mum!!)



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