Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Hot & Not...

Ive been awol for a while, mental couple of weeks and work has been a bit more than ridiculous recently.

Nails, getting them done never fails to cheer me up!
Roller coaster of emotions this weekend but we raised 10k!!
Capital FM Summer Time Ball...cant wait!!
That feeling when you leave work at a reasonable hour.
Finally catching up with friends after months of neglect.
My head hitting the pillow at night

Rained on hair
Having to wake up, 'snooze' lasted 50 minutes today...
Weird heating at work means im still wearing winter clothes and missing the heat!

Hope everyone is well, feel like ive missed out on so much!!

Monday, 18 May 2009

Going the distance...

Ever get home from work and wonder where your make up has gone?! Well, i think i've finally found some products that last and dont rub off with all the stress and strains of a day in the office. I've even identified the products that are still there after 8 hours of dancing....I know!! I felt I had to share this with you as lets face it, im sure we've all spent a lot of hours and money looking for. These products are the ones i wear most days.

Primer-GOSH Velvet Touch
Foundation- Revlon colorstay mixed with Eyeko 3 in 1 cream
Concealer- Benefit Boiing
Powder- GOSH pressed powder and Mac Mineralize skin finish in natural
Bronzer/Blush - Hoola and Coralista
Mascara-Max Factor False Lash

Ok ok, so these are all products you've heard me talk about before but they work for me. I think that the reason they work so well is partly down to the primer. So GOSH if you're reading...well done!! You helped my make up stand the test of time (and daily traumas!!)

What does everyone else use to make those faces stay all day?


Saturday, 16 May 2009

Hot & Not...weekend version!

Shopping for essentials, nothing exciting but I love having a nose round the shops and filling my cupboards!
House to myself...afternoon nap with no interruptions!
Not being at work
Fajitas tonight...yummy!
Dancing like a weirdo with my sister to eurovision songs.
My dog being too cute.
Listing to old playlists on my many memories!

Awful choreography on eurovision...seriously!
Germany get Dita Von Tesse, we get Andrew Lloyd Webber...X Factor injustice with JLS getting boyone and Alex getting Beyonce has come screaming back to me!
Rehearsals 10-8 tomorrow, its going to be a looooong day!



After 2 really long and stressful weeks, I've been needing some therapy of the retail kind. I needed some essentials body butter etc and while browsing in boots whilst buying make up wipes, i stumbled across Revlon which was 3 for 2. I pondered for ages wondering whether to break my 10 pan in favour of saving some money. I use color stay foundation every single day and at £11.73 its a top end drug store price. I decided to get back ups for when mine finishes in about 3 weeks (guessing?). I got 2 in a shade warmer ready for summer and one of my usual colour. For the sake of saving the price of 1 whole foundation, I thought it was worth. I could have fallen off the wagon dramatically but thats all 'make up' wise i bought! I think i deserve a round of applause!! I got 2 body butters (body shop 2 for £20 pink grapefruit and satsuma...yummy!), some James brown dry shampoo (recommended by the sister) and a mini version for my travel bag. Batiste should bring out a mini marketing team, if you're reading this... I got some other travel sized things for my travel bag mainly moisturiser and toothpaste. Luckily one of my friends has just finished a huge promo and had some mini deodorants left and so i bagged a couple!

I felt i needed to confess for my foundation buy but it, in my opinion, was a sensible thing to do!!
I also depotted my e/s today but i don't think a trip to mac would be sensible right now, maybe in a couple of weeks!!

Hope everyone had a lovely Saturday. Only 1 week till the big night.

Also a big thank you to Lydia who ran a Barry m contest. I won a nail paint in mint green which arrived today!! It really cheered me up, so thank you chick xoxo

Friday, 15 May 2009

Hot & Not

Hot -
The prospect of dinner!
Having a slight lay in tomorrow.
Light at the end of the holiday in 9 days and counting!
Buying things for V festival.
This weeks obsession, chocolate milkshake.

12 hour days for 2 weeks...really starting to grate on me now. Serious lack of sleep.
Asos order not arrived :(
No time to blog all this week.
My holiday or any sort of break seems so far away!


Saturday, 9 May 2009


As much as i love to be a trend setter, I take my inspiration from those A listers (and sometimes Z listers!) for make up looks, or even how to wear a certain colour or bag. We live in a world of 'celebrity' so its hard not to get caught up in the hype. I do like to think I have individual style but when I see something I like, i have to have it. I know what suits me and I work around that. My friends often hear me say 'omg they look just like Lauren's shoes on the hills!' or 'I'm thinking of going for Cheryl's hair colour' I to The Media sculpt and perfect our views on what looks good and what doesn't... and mostly our views are subconsciously built around this. I like to think, if someone looks good, you should tell them. So if one of my girlfriends looks really pretty one day, or their hair looks nice, I'll tell them! There are soooo many people saying don't wear horizontal stripes, or mix florals with prints, but at the end of the day I think us girls have more sense than they like to realise!

My inspiration for fashion, hair and make up DOES come from magazines and TV but I am happy to disagree and forge my own opinions on what I see.

Here's a couple of 'celebs' who's style I personally love. (obviously without the faux pas!!)





Don't forget girls, behind every red carpet look is a hair artist, a make up artist, a stylist and many more!!



How can something so simple go so wrong?! Eyebrows are, in my opinion, the most important facial feature. The frame your face and eyes and set your whole 'look'. Over the years I have tried some different 'shapes' mainly due to experimental teen years and not knowing what to do! I hate to say it but I even shaved mine to start with age 13! I must have looked awful and luckily no pictures have materialised...yet! I would over pluck in the wrong places and generally not have a clue what i was doing! I also tried copying other peoples eyebrow shapes even when they didn't suit my face. Oh those were the days!! Since I was about 17/18 I have been getting my eyebrows done 'professionally'. I've always seen the same beautician every 4 weeks or so depending on growth. Eventually due to continued waxing and shaping and always wanting a smooth line, they started getting thinner and 'tadpole' like and I decided they needed to grow. So, since January I have been growing them and just getting parts of my eyebrows shaped, mainly leaving the inner corner to grow. I started off with 3 tiny hairs and now they are finally taking shape 5 months later! The other day when I was looking in my rear view mirror (looking at my make up not seeing if there was any danger behind me!) I realised how much more complete my face looks now I have fuller and thicker eyebrows. This made me realise how different someone can look just by over plucking or waxing.

I have added some pictures, I think some may have been photo shopped but this is how I found them...



I think you'll all agree that both Keira and Gwen look better with fuller brows. All the catwalk models you see have full brows and they make a point of grooming them in a certain way.



These brows aren't necessarily suited to the models but statement brows are all over the catwalk.

Girls, I urge you to grow those brows for a few weeks and nip down to your local salon to get them shaped! You don't need to have them done at an expense every few weeks but if you get your shape to start with, you can pluck them from there on out yourselves.

The best tweezers I have come across over the years are Tweezermans. The come in a huge range of colours and shapes to suit your needs and I cant fault them. They even offer you free sharpening! I myself opt for waxing and will be trialling threading soon.

I am going to be testing and reviewing some eyebrow products over the next few weeks and will report back on my progress. If anyone has any products they would like reviewed in particular, please let me know.

Love your brows and stop overpucking today!


ps. An example of perfectly framing brows....go carmen!!


Wednesday, 6 May 2009

TAG- Getting to know you...

Love these posts, love reading them and they give you a lil insight into my 'real' life!

What's your actual name?

Do you have any nicknames?
Amy-Lou, Ames, A.

Apart from the obvious make up / beauty hobby, what other hobbies do you have?
I love to dance, its my first love and ive been dancing my whole life. I dont think that part of me could leave me for too long.

What do you do?
I'm a PA but I used to be in Business Development so I still deal with all my old could say I do a 2 person job!! I basically do all my work and everyone elses! Within my company, there is nothing I cant do myself...indispensable, yes. Over worked and under paid, yes!

What would you like to do?
Either, hair or make up or dance professionally again. Even though I'm knackered when I get out of the studio, I couldnt dream of doing anything else! I wanted to be a hairdresser when i left school but I was talked out of it. I love doing hair.

Tell us something embarrassing, but that you love doing?
Watching High School Musical...i dont know all the words and dance moves... lol!

Tell us a little something that we don't already know about you.
I drive? Ok thats lame....I have a crush on one of my clients!! I really cant think of anything else!

What achievement are you most proud of?
Winning the All England dance finals in my category or performing at the Royal Opera House (dark horse i know!)

What do you most like about yourself?This is hard, I dont want to sound like I'm bragging! I'll go for my ability to pull myself up from the rough times and to have come out the other end shining.

What would you change about yourself if you could?
I'd love to be a size 6!

If you could have anything in the world (that doesn't cost any money), what would you want?Health and happiness...ok thats lame too! I think the question should be...what wouldnt i want!!

If you havent done this yet....get blogging!!


Monday, 4 May 2009

Hot & Not

Bank Holiday!!

Being ill...I cant breathe through my nose...aaahhhh!
Project 10 pan... I just want to spend!
My holiday being so far away!
Stupid credit card company calling up to 'remind' me payment is due...I know but if the banks are shut, the money isnt going to clear! Get a life and stop calling me!!
Having loads of stuff to list on ebay, it takes so long!


Friday, 1 May 2009

Summer Swap!!

This morning I had my dentist check up and clean. I hate the dentist and I told myself 6 months ago to grow up and go to the dentist twice a year to prevent me from having no teeth left at 30! So today I saw my hygienist and dentist. All went ok, but if you have a fear of the dentist and a sensitive gag reflex...the 2 don't really go together!! I had to have a sealant on one of my teeth too to prevent something turning into a filling? Anyway, I let him do it seen as there was no drilling involved!! After wards I went to get my eyebrows done (which I have been growing for nearly 5 months) so when I arrived home to find a brown box on my doorstep I got over excited!! My Secret Summer Swap had arrived. I was ripping it open before I was through the door! I must say I am very impressed with my swap!! I even had a poem note in there...I was going to type it out but I'm not sure if my secret Santa would prefer me to keep it private, but i loved it!!

So onto the goodies...


There is a definite pink theme going on....oh how you know me so well!!

Thanks Secret Santa, you really made my day :) cant wait to try everything out!!

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