Saturday, 21 March 2009

My shopping day...

I had a really great day shopping today, full of great customer service. It takes a lot for me to notice some one's customer service, I think this is because its a huge part of my job so i recognise when people go the extra mile as opposed to a shop assistant standing in a shop talking to their friends...

So today I had to go to finish shopping for my international swap. I have really enjoyed doing this and I hope Nadia loves her swaps. It has made me realise that we do have some great drugstore brands available. I cant reveal what i bought as I am keeping it a surprise!!

The only down fall on today was my Superdrug...which i have mentioned before...mine is supposed to be a flag ship store and about a year ago there was a huge renovation etc. To be honest, its now awful. I don't think they've had a delivery since the new opening. Every time i go in, it seems the same products still have the same congealed product round the caps and whatever I need/want doesn't seem to be in stock. I really have had enough of this and feel like complaining to head office. I even went a 30 min drive to one that I knew would be better last week....seriously, sort it out Superdrug, you're letting the team down!!

Anyway, back to the good stuff!! I went in boots today as I had 2 no7 vouchers and though I'd add to my mothers day stuff that I bought last weekend. Then i spotted the protect & perfect range was on 3 for I pick her up 3 things!! When I took them to the till, the girl said it might be cheaper to run them all through separately with the vouchers (plus each product would give me a new voucher) and it was! £30 worth of no7 stuff cost me £13! Not bad for the old bag!! lol only joking, she's not that old! So all in all, I have got my mum 5 no7 products plus the GWP from last weeks purchases for around £40, I think that's a bargain and it will put my siblings presents to shame....fav daughter award still in hand!! The Benefit counter is right next to no7 so perfect opportunity for me to browse....which turned into £££!! The girl clocked me looking pretty much straight away and asked me if I use hello?! Of course i do!! She started suggesting products for me...all of which i already had (oops!) But we began discussing the products and testing stuff out(any opportunity to talk about make up!!). One of the products she pointed out was bad gal plum, this isn't something I have thought of using, but we tried it on over my black mascara and it really accentuates eyes and brings out their colour...sold to the lady with the trusty credit card!! She then mentioned that if i bought another benefit product i would qualify for 1000 points(£10!!) so I went for the 'You clean up nice' face wash. It smells nice and clean and would really wake me up in the basket. She then mentioned if my total benefit spend went over £40 I would get a free full size B spot I went for 'eye con' eye brightening cream. I have had samples of this before and can really feel it working so I treated myself!! The girl (who's name I cant remember) was brilliant and advised me to go to the kiosk and get a voucher for an extra 250 points with any purchase to hand to the cashier. She must be new as I've never seen her in there before and trust me I go in there a lot! a gold star for customer service. She really advised me on products that I would like, not just whatever she picked up first.
So today I bought...
Eye Con brightening cream
You clean up nice face wash
Bad gal lash in plum
B Spot perfume ***free***
And i walked way with £15 in points and 2 no7 vouchers!!

Good times xoxo

Thursday, 19 March 2009

This weeks Hot & Not's

The sun is out!!! Has spring finally sprung?
Baby pink new gel colour for the next 2 weeks :)
Diet Coke. Ive always been full fat coke until I went on a diet and found out I could drink this as much as I have an addiction!!
Grapes I have a bunch on my desk everyday and I always get through them...yum!
Muller Light Vanilla....again an addiction! (see the pattern of food!)
One more day till the weekend
My dreaded phone bill coming in....only £50! I was using it loads in New York!!

NOT- general. Because I have so much industry knowledge and I'm really good at my job, I have become every possible role within the company. Even writing contracts from scratch?! Er...hello?
Headaches, they still haven't gone away, even after a weeks worth of 10 hours sleep per night :(
My dying car....stay away from the light baby!! Just a few more weeks!!

Monday, 16 March 2009

Mondays Blog...

Mood: Content, the sun was shining!!
Hair: Washed this morning so nice and styled!
Mascara: Max Factor, Falsh lash effect...still loving it!!
Outfit: Black trousers, black top & purple dolly shoes
Nails: Balck cherry gels which are being done on weds!! Not sure what colour to get next?
My guilty pleasures: I had a M&S white cho chip cookie from the bakery part...heaven doesnt come close!!
I’m really great at: Cheering my newly single friend up!
What’s for lunch?: I had a tesco prawn mayo triple!! A normal sandwich wasnt going to cut the mustard!!
What’s the weather like in your neck of the woods: Warm and sunny!!! No jacket or scarf!!
Weekly goals: Get through the week...thats about as good as ive got at the mo!!

My Hair History...

Hey chicks,

My hair history is finally ready. Ive gone back as far as I can find thanks to Facebook! Which isn't as far as I'd have liked but I can't work my scanner!!

First up we have aged 16 (I think), this was from one of my shows, hence the ugly leotards the other people are wearing!! As you can see I am blonde!! Loved this era...


Around the same sort of time at a wrap party... I like this look. I LOVED that top!!


Next we have the funniest pic ever!! This was exactly a year later... please excuse the outfit but I actually thought I looked good! Black bra showing through...NICE! And a fag in hand?! This was at wrap party in the height of summer. I had gone brunette about a month before. My eyes are closed here (prob due to the level of alcohol in my blood!!


The next is my hairdressers amazing attempt at saving my hair from falling out(it may not look like a good attempt, but believe me it was!!) after about 2 years of me and my friend bleaching our own hair. I cant even begin to describe how awful the condition of it was! Blonde with extensions, looking back, my hair was disgusting and my hair has always been my thing and what i get complimented on the most. My nose looks huge in this pic...why I ever decided to pierce my nose i dont know!! I only kept it in about a month or so though!


Without extentions, freshly cut, I quite like this....


Moving swiftly on, about a week after this I went brunette to save what little hair i had left! This is New Years 06-07 and yes those are extensions!


On to the year following this, all in the same style & colour...


My head looks huge in the next one but its because my friend was sitting further back from me! I dont have an oversized head!


Xmas 07 as work xmas party, very dark here but look how shiny and healthy my hair is!! Once again, massive head syndrom!! Still rocking the extentions!!


One night out without extentions...


The week after this is when I went short, the shortest I've ever been a la posh spice! This is the best pic i could find to show you the shape, we were on our way to carwash for a friends bday, hence the fancy dress! Starting to get a complex about my head!


Summer 08, my hair had lightened up in the sun!! Sunglasses are covering very drunk eyes!!


October 08 entertaining boobs look huge, clearly an optical illusion!!


And now I am growing out my pob so my hair is pretty much nothing at the mo, thinking of getting Cheryl Cole's colour for the summer and hoping my hair will have grow quite a lot by then!! I still wear my extentions too sometimes.

So there you have it!


Sunday, 15 March 2009

TAG- Random Photo...

Hey everyone, so I was tagged by pretty Lydia @ My Blonde Thoughts.

This phot of me is from the end of my blonde days(2006), as you can see its a really good look...not! Why am i sticking my tongue out like an idiot?! This is about 1am, in a sweaty bar in early sept. TBH im quite embarrassed showing you all this pic but i wasnt going to pic a really nice pic if it wasnt following the rules! So sorry but here it is!!


I tag everyone!! I love seeing these kid of posts!!


Saturday, 14 March 2009

Youtube is here...

So i finally created a channel on youtube, mainly so i can subscribe to everyones channels but also so i can start vlogging myself! I am without a webcam at the mo so bear with me, but the plan is to get one very soon and start putting my ramblings onto film!! Id love it if you all subscribed to my channel and i'll get making videos as soon as i can!! I had to slightly amend my name as mine was taken?!! Identity fraud is a HUGE game in the UK lol. Any tips on how to make my channel look snazzy would be great!


Friday, 13 March 2009

Hot & Not...

Its the weekend
The amazing atmosphere at work this week
Going shopping for my swap tomorrow! I love buying gifts!
4 early nights this week = feeling fresh!
Ideas for new blogs
Burt Bee's lemon cuticle cream, amazing stuff!
My clinque 3 step, my skin has never been this good
Having planned my nap tomorrow...sad? I think not!
Free worldwide shipping and a full size gift @ Eyeko...enter code E1947, treat yourself to a mid month affordable treat!

Needing just £8000... :(
My unruly brows, they've never been this naughty before-need an eyebrow product asap!
No new blogs for nearly 10 days...sorry!
After watching comic relief - Feeling like i take everything I have for granted and dont appreciate what i have.

Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Today's Hot & Not

Ive got a feeling there may be more nots than hots :(...


Having lots of new goodies to play with!
Seeing my big sis at the weekend and staying with her in Brighton!
Looking over pics of New York
New York in general
Hello Kitty haul...oops!


Going back to work
Geting a pay cut, better than redundancy?
Major jet lag
Still traumatised from the flight home
Knowing im going to have to cut back on spending, or get a second job...Second job it is!!
Eating whatever i wanted for a whole week, need to get back on the diet
Needing a new car

Geez, that is depressing!!


New York, New York

hey everyone, how I've missed you all!! Ive been back from my holiday for about 24 hours now, I'm still on US time and have been at work all day so I'm really zoned out right now! But i said i would get round to blogging asap for you!

I didn't buy as much as i thought i would, mainly because it wasn't that much cheaper than here, partly due to the exchange rate, but i still managed to spend a chunk of change!

For me holidays start at the airport, there were loads of sales on perfumes and i picked up Ghost 'deep night' 75ml for £24!! It was 40% off! There was loads of make up but no real bargains so i thought i would save my money for when i got out there.
Our plane touched down at 2pm US time on the Thursday so we still had plenty of shopping time! We went to Bloomingdales (which was pants) but I made my way to the MAC counter and got HK tippy blush & 214 shader brush. Loads of the HK range was sold out :(

Photobucket src="" width=518 border=0>

Next stop the benefit counter. I have a place in my heart for benefit and wanted the new coralista blush, i decided to get lipscription too. Id wanted this for a while so took advantage of it being a bit cheaper! One tube is a lip exfoliator and the other is a balm, i used this for the first time last night and loved it! Will help lipstick look really sleek.
We made our way over to Zara, which was more expensive than home so i skipped buying anything in there! By now we were really tired so we went to Bubba Gumps Shrimp Co. for dinner in Times Square which was right by our hotel. I'm so in love with this place!! Its based on the film Forrest Gump, they have a bench with his running shoes and a box of chocolates for you to pose on, the menus are on ping pong paddles, the food is even served on newspaper from the same time (obvs not the manky old stuff but the articles are from the time), the music playing is in the same era and they even have signs on the table to get your waitresses attention....

Photobucket src="" width=476 border=0>

Photobucket src="" width=499 border=0>

By the time we had finished it was about 2am(UK time) and we had been up since 5am the day before so we headed back to the hotel for some well needed beauty sleep!

Photobucket src="" width=491 border=0>

Friday was Macys day!! For anyone who hasn't been, you should go, everything is under one room and it takes up a whole block! I got some more mac...blonde & natural MSF's and i love how light these are! I didn't see any clothes that caught my eye but my friend did! 2 hours later, we walked out the front doors and right across the street was Sephora.....HEAVEN!! I really don't understand why we dont have sephora in the UK anymore, it has everything under one roof, make up, perfume, skin care. I got lots of Nars here....mainly, laguna/orgasm sin/casino duo's, striptease (classic) & sabrina. I also got Juicy Couture perfume set...yum! We have a serious lack of juicy in the UK, if you can find it, its so expensive! I also went to a couple of drug stores but the only thing i bought was some burt bee's stuff (which again i so over priced here), there was nothing there that i really though was different from everything i already have. I really wanted to go to sally's but i couldn't track it down :( My friend that was with me isn't really into make up so i couldn't spend hours looking round a shop as it wasn't really fair, next time, makeupaholics only!

Saturday & Sunday were our sight seeing days as we had pre bought 'New York Pass' thingys which got us free and fast track entry into all the top attractions. It was about £80 for a 2 day pass and no queue's either!! Saturday we started at Central Park and went to the Zoo, Rockerfella Centre & Top of the Rock deck, New York Sky Ride (a rubbish simulator thing in the empire state building-dont waste your time or $36, thank god it was free!) Empire State, NY Public Library (just for the sex in the city factor!) & Madame Tussuards. Sunday, we got a bus tou downtown, through China Town, Soho, Little Italy, West Village, we got off at Ground Zero (which was eerily quiet) and the carried up the east side of Manhatten & back to Times Square. In the afternoon we had the Sex in the City Tour which i L-O-V-E LOVED! Saw loads of spots, had a cupcake from magnolia bakery and cosmo's in Scouts Bar!! We also went to a shop called Century 21, now they call themselves 'New York's best kept secret' but in my opinion they could stay secret!! I'd compare it to TK Maxx but on a really bad day. Although they did have a clinque & chanel counter! A clinique I managed to pick up a full sized 3 step plan with matching travel sizes for just $50! Plus because i spent over $21.50 i got a free bag of goodies!! I'd never tired the 3 step plan but my friend swears by it so thought id give it a go. I used it for the first time last night and totally love it. My skin felt amazing when i woke up today, so worth the money and i will be using it for a long time. On the Sunday it started snowing and locals were telling us 10 inches of snow was expected. Now, being from England and the most snow id ever seen was about a month ago, i wasn't expecting much at all, but when we walked out of our hotel the next morning, it was so magical!! Id been saying for months before i hoped it would snow while i was out there and i got my wish! It was the first snow fall for 5 years in New York!! Everything carried on as normal though, public transport and cabs still ran, all the shops were still open. They have people shovelling it off the sidewalks so you can carry on your day! By the time i got to take some pictures most of it had been cleared :(

Photobucket src="" width=576 border=0>

Most flights out of JFK were cancelled but we were one of the lucky ones who managed to escape!! An amazing holiday and my second time to New York was just as good as the first. I would highly recommend a long weekend there!!

I even bumped into the boyf!!

Photobucket src="" width=564 border=0>

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