Monday, 23 February 2009

Hot & Not update

Ive been awol for a few days! As some of you know, i used to be a dancer so this weekend I went back to my old dance school as it was their show so i helped out with rehearsals and things. I realised i miss my old life soooo much :( I was dying to get on the stage. I think I'm going to go back to teaching. On Sunday i also started rehearsals for a new show, which is a charity event for a friend who passed away last year. It will be the first anniversary of her death on the day of the show. Growing up she was always dancing and acting and then went into primary school teaching. All our mutual friends are in the west end or on TV so it will be an amazing event with everyone giving up one night to be there. Friends from Starlight Express tour, Lion King (West End), High School Musical, Wicked etc are all in it so we are hoping to raise around £6000 for her chosen charity. So far in the past year we have already raised about £20,000. The charity are called the Willow Foundation which are a charity who send cancer sufferers on trips and days out...more info can be found here... So its going to be a really sad but rewarding day and i cant wait for the 24th May to roll round!!

So onto the hots & nots of this week...


Gavin & Stacey: I was a late starter with this programme and was only introduced to this at Xmas. I heart i sooo much!!
3 more sleeps; till i can take a bite of the Big Apple!!
Travel size products; who thought toothpaste could look cute?!
Pink Headphones; to match my my ipod!
Packing; I know some people hate this, but I'm excited for what I'm packing for!


Not being able to switch off; its really affecting my sleep
My car making weird noises; ok so its been going on for a while but its getting louder!
Missing my old life


Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Tag- more questions...

What’s your favourite eye shadow colour to wear? atm shroom and sable, im going to switch to ricepaper and another brown for more of a matte look.
What’s the one product you wouldn’t leave your house without? carmex lip tube. i cant not have something on my lips. this has been my fv for about 5 years
What’s your favourite makeup look – high drama OR natural? natural for work, unless i find i have extra time in the morning.
Which feature do you play up the most? my eyes
Which feature do you try to downplay/cover up? my undereye circles...concealer!!
Your favourite makeup brand, if you could pick only ONE to exist? thats a really hard one! i use different brands for different things. I think mac though fr the eyeshadow colour range and i have a lot of faith in their products!
Which product have you re-purchased OVER and OVER again? carmex!
Which product would you NEVER repurchase again and why? anything by collection 2000....bad times!
One beauty treatment you would always PAY to have done? everything!! i seriously cant choose, i get waxing, hair, nails, eyebrows, everything done!
One beauty treatment you would NEVER pay to have done? this one does not apply to me lol
One beauty trick you can share with everyone? drink tons of water and dont smoke! It makes your skin grey and dull and generall yucky!
Best advice you've ever been given regarding beauty and makeup? invest in your eyebrows, they will make your face!
I tag everyone who reads this!

This weeks Hot & Nots

I love these posts....sooo...

Max factor false lash macara... Still up there!!
My karen millen purse...3 compliments from strangers and counting
Planning my shopaholic trip!
Adding to my wish list
My swaps arriving!
Constantly learning new make up tips and tricks!
8 more sleeps to go!
Working the 'shopaholic chic' look!
Tag blogs!

Only losing 1 pound this week, compared with 3 all the other weeks :(
My credit card getting declined!! haha, totally maxed that one, was so funny!
STILL 8 more sleeps!
Having so much work to do and it seems to be increasing!!
A serious lack of sleep this week=breakout :(
Not being able to sleep because of work stress
Asking o2 for a new phone and being willing to pay, but instead sent a replacement phone...i want a blackberry again! :(

laters potatas!!


Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Tag...what im using right now!

Hiya make up lovers! i was tagged by the gorgeous OliviaCosmetics(love the name)

Thanks for tagging me :)

I do change the products i use quite a at the mo...

Shampoo: Tigi Superstar
Condtioner: Tigi Superstar/Tigi Treat me right hair mask
Styling products: Chi silk infusion/catwalk heat defence thingy
Shower Gel: ♥
Body moisturiser: Body Shop body butter
Deodrant: Dove fresh
Fake Tan: St Tropez all the way!
Cleanser: Simple fce wipes & clean & clear face wipes.
Exfoliator: St. Ives apricot scrub/st tropez
Primer: Gosh Primer, would like to try the mac one next, not sure if i want to settle for this one jut yet! I also had that gal by benefit but dont use it much
Foundation brush: Crown foundation brush
Concealer: Boiing by benefit (may have spelt that wrong!)
Powder: Gosh pressed powder
Blusher: Dallas! My hoola is all gone :(
Bronzer: Hoola as well on my pale days!
Highlighter: Not really using one right now
Eyeshadow base: Primer potion
Eyeshadows: Shroom & Sable (mac)
Eyeliner: Gosh 247 eyeliner, black ink or bananas
Curler: I think its a h&m one?
Mascara: Max factor false lash it buy it!
Lipstick: Gosh darling!
Lipgloss: Benefit, her glossiness, 'didnt hear it from me'
Nail Colour: I get gels done so at the mo i have a black cherry colour which i love and always seem to get. Bring on the spring!

I tag everyone reading this!! All my gorg followers :)


Sunday, 15 February 2009

Max Factor false lash effect mascara Review

Hi chicks,

When it comes to mascara, i have always use my trusted l'oreal lash architect. I'd say I've probably been using it for about 4/5 years and have even seen it go through packaging redesigns. My main concern about trying new mascaras is from experience they don't really do what it says on the tin! When i was in boots yesterday they were running a special offer for the launch of the said mascara so feeling adventurous i thought id give it a go. For £7 it wasn't too bad a risk to run.

Let me give you a bit of background knowledge of my lashes over the past 6 months. In October last year, one of the girls at work got lash extensions and i was jealous of how gorg her lashes looked. All full, thick and long, i was hooked. So off i went to get them with my bestie. Now the place we were told to go to was an afro carribean hair shop where you can buy the lashes and get them fitted for £12. A bargain price considering my usual beautician was charging £100(that should have been the first clue!) Anyway, we had them out on and off home we went. We were happy with our new lashes but they did mean we had to have alot of eye make up on so our bottom lashes weren't looking sorry for themselves. 2 weeks later my BFF took hers off and as they came off so did her lashes! I got slightly concerned but we thought it might just be her lashes. A week later i took mine off. We found out that they have used hair tar to aply them...the stuff thy use to glue extensions and weave in! Now you might no have looked closely enough before, but your eyelashes have a few layers to them. I was now left with just one tiny layer. They looked awful. Mascara couldn't even beef them up, as there was nothing there to work with. Cue lots of eyeliner and dark shadows to give my eyes some sort of definition. 2 months later and they were starting to grow back. Now its nearly 4 months on and they still aren't back to their usual self an I'm worried this may be a permanent fixture. The cycle of an eyelash is 3 months so hopefully by easter i should have a full thick set back.

So anyway, back to the mascara. Obviously false lashes are the way forward for my pitiful excuse of lashes.

False lashes everyday = heaven!

Now they state the below...

Unlike some other volumizing mascaras that only create volume at the base, new False Lash Effect Mascara wraps each lash right to the tip for a false lash effect.

Big talk for a mascara but its so true. I use eyelash curlers before applying mascara but after about 30 mins, they have dropped back to where they started. However with this product, it really lifted my lashes and stayed that way. It separated them amazingly and i really did feel like i was wearing 'natural' false lashes. I have been wearing it since 1pm this afternoon and even though my eyes are kind of tired, it has not been emphasised at all by my mascara. I usually find that when I'm tired, mascara will irritate them and make them feel itchy and bitty. I still feel as fresh as wen i first applied it. Id say you nee a couple of coats, but I'd rather coat it on than have clumps that I have to try and separate. They had a wand on the stand which you could play around with. It isnt like a usual brush, the bristles are plastics but so soft that they will just wrap around your lashes.

Now I'm not suggesting everyone will love it, but i'd say its worth a go. I did get a compliment from the topshop sales girl (which gave me another chance to rant on about it!) And I've converted my sister and BFF already! (did i tell you i used to work in sales!) I would not have written a review if i didn't think it was worth reading about.

A new must have in my make up bag! Let me know what you think too!


ps. Boots are running the offer of £7 instead of £10 for a limited time.


Todays Haul...

So this weekend has been quite depressing so i made up for it by going shopping...on both days! Today I went to Westfields, which is about 10min or so drive from me and I love it.

Topshop have brought out their new spring range of cardigans. I seem to live in these with my leggings, tshirt dresses and uggs. I got one in lilac which i thought at first might look a bit grannyish but i went for it anyway as its such a cute colour and I don't really see people wearing it much. Will look nice with light skinny jeans and a white vest and of course sunglasses!!

I also couldn't resist going into mac (obvs). I got 2 e/s in shroom and sable. These are 2 colours ill wear everyday so i have no doubt that they will be part of my staple 'must haves' very soon.

So i wandered past Karen Millen and I've had my eye on a purse from there for about...48 hours now lol. I saw it on asos and thought i would go and see what it looks like in the flesh. I was going to take a pic, but it wouldn't do it justice soooo......

here it is!! Is funky and fresh for spring and its big enough for me to use when I'm popping to meet a friend for a diet coke!


Isn't she cute?! lol. My gucci one which i've used everyday for 4 years now, is getting slightly tattered on the corners. I really don't want to replace it because i love i so much so this will be my new one for a little while. I always end up going back to my trusty gucci though!

I did not however, enjoy the sales assistant asking me how my valentines was....She then proceeded to tell me every tiny detail about hers...great fun! It was obvious she asked about mine so she could ramble on about hers! As if yesterday wasnt depressing enough!

Westfields is open till 6pm on Sundays so after we went to pizza express, which i heart so much! Apart from my friend telling me about a video on rude tube about some guys spot as i bit into my dough balls!

So good shopping day AGAIN. Hope you all had a relaxing Sunday.


Start spreading the news...

Hey bloggers,

As most of you are aware (because i don't stop banging on about it) I'm off to the BIG APPLE in 10 days time! I have put together a wish list of things i would like. It is quite long but once i see lots of the colours and products in the flesh, i may change my mind (lets hope so). So most of it is MAC just because i have a lot of faith in their products and like using them.

Ok, so first up....

Honey Lust
Naked Lunch
Satin Taupe
Expensive pink

A nice range of everyday colours as well a some brights for spring.

Pink Swoon
Pinch Me
Well Dressed

Creme Cup
Highly Strung
Creme D'nude
Lavender Whip


A lot of these colours are quite similar so may only actually get a couple of these!


Nars Laguna & Sin blush
Mentha Lipglosses

I am also going to work my way round the drugstores for some bargains and defo going to Sephora. We used to have a sephora in town but it closed down bout 4 years ago :( I think I'm going to test mac foundation too as everyone is raving about it!

I'd love it if anyone has any suggestions of things i should look out for. I've always been a bronzer kind of girl but I'm moving away from that now, hence the blush wish list. Is it worth getting paint pots like painterly? I'm quite big into perfumes too. Let me know what you all think! Or if anyone can get me upgraded to first class then shoot me a message lol.

Happy Sunday



Saturday, 14 February 2009

Todays Hot & Not

So as today is all about love, i thought id love myself my treat i got...

Harajuku Lovers perfume in lil'angel
Lash architect mascara, this is my staple mascara and always use it. For me it really seperates my lashes and lengthens them.
max factor false lash effect mascara (on offer £7) i was in an experimental mood so thought id give it a go!
Garnier caffeine eye roll on...again on offer at just over £4 so why not!
Soap and glory stuff on 3 for 2 in boots. I love this stuff, it reminds me of benefit but cheaper! I got some 'Slim Wear' cream which is meant to tighten bums etc and some foot cream so when i whip my flip flops out my tootsies will be super soft!
revlon blush in 'toast of new york' (my hoola has run out, £7 is better than £22.50!)
gosh pressed powder in 02- so natural
gosh fantail brush
gosh velvet touch primer
gosh velvet touch eyeliner in bananas & black
Topshop bag which is for my hand luggage bargain at only £35 which is cheap compared to the £100 one i have had my eye on!
black baggy vest from topshop, i think in the summer ill be living in these. i may have to go back for a purple one!

I did get some other bits too but not really worth mentioning! I did see a gorgeous French Connection bag that im considering getting...which i cant find on the website so no pic sorry!

So today's update...


Not having to think about work for 48 hours
Treating myself (a week before my shopping holiday....oops!)
Knowing that im going to see my bestest friend ever next weekend , for pretty much the whole weekend!
Making wish lists of things i NEED to get on my holiday...(i use the word need very lightly)
My new topshop bag...pic soon, very versatile and much needed (haha again needed? really?!)
Swapsies website.... get on there!!


The 'assistant' in superdrug (who always seems to be the one i speak to) not assisting very much at all. Everything i wanted that was out of stock is apparently being 'discontinued' can get away with that excuse once, but 6 times? Sort out your stock levels!!
Valentines day being on steriods this year.
Friends who are totally loved up today after being given a card and flowers but will be moaning to me over dinner on monday about their 'amazing' bfs.
Me and my dog having a romantic night in

Have a good valentines everyone!!


Thursday, 12 February 2009

Hot & Not...

Hey chicks, ive been mega busy this week so havent had much time for blogs :-( so now i finally have some time to update! I love ready up/downs blogs so here is mine...

Muller light yoghurts - heaven in a pot
Picking up my tickets for my holiday
Everything ticking along just fine... feels strange!
Obsessing massively about make up so much so that i actually had a 10 minute conversation with one my clients on sudocream!
Losing 7 pounds (thats half a stone) in 2 weeks, you cant wipe the smile off my face!
Trying new 'work' make up looks
Planning fun things to do this summer
Getting comments on my blog
My lil tink, loving her at the mo, she's sooo cute!
Orange wednesdays at the cinema, this weeks outing 'he's just not that into you' go see it!

Being really busy at work and not leaving on time
It being so cold that my feet feel like ice
Having to plan what im having for lunch at dinner time the day before (damn you slimming world!)
My holiday STILL being 2 weeks away...
None of my friend obsessing about make up as much as me (hence my blog)
Getting excited too early about the summer

Thanks to everyone who follows me...dont forget to follow me on twitter tooooooo!

♥ lipgloss86

Saturday, 7 February 2009

25 Random things

welcome to the world of Amy-Louise...

1. I used to be a pro dancer and teacher
2. I am in love with muller light vanilla
3. I have a big thing about teeth, i like them white and straight, in an ideal world id have a hollywood smile!
4. I cant touch glasses that have been in the dishwasher, they feel so horrible it makes me puke! my best friend has the same thing but no one else in the world knows what we are going on about!
5. Im the third child of 4
6. I have a chihuahua called tinkerbell (she gets called tink though) she was an anniversary present
7. Im obsessed with all things police related...give me road wars, the bill and street crime uk and im happy
8. I was blonde for a long time and im thinking of going back to the fun side!
9. While i was a dancer i also did personal training.
10. I worked for one of the gladiators
11. I live in flip flops in the summer and uggs in the winter
12. Ive been to a sandals resort....lets just say paradise!
13. I heart my family
14. I get home sick while on holiday but i would love to live abroad!
15. I believe in soul mates and 'the one'
16. I want a huge white wedding
17. But im single at the mo.... lol
18. I love retro sweets
19. and anything that makes me nostalgic
20. I love sex in the city, gossip girl, 90210, girls of the playboy mansion and you can bet that i have the whole SITC boxset!
21. I am extremely amitious and competitive
22. I have a passion for well made cheesecake and creme brulee
23. In the summer my sunglasses dont leave my face
24. I couldnt live without my ghd's
25. I bum MAC and cant shop there on my own or i would actually ask for one of everything!

♥ lipgloss86

Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Wait a minute Mr Postman...

I love coming home from work and finding i've had a delivery, even though i should be expecting it as i placed the order a couple of days before. Still, i havent got over the excitement yet! So today i had my crown brush delivery delivered! Everyone raved about how cheap and good they are when they came accross them at IMATS so i placed an order on monday night. I ordered 8 brushes and they came to under £20...not bad hey! So here they are....


I have quite small eyelids so i find the smaller brushes alot easier to use. I have a mac 239 brush that i have used once which im going to post on Laura's swapsies, its just not working for me. Anyone who would like to swap let me know!

I am now on twitter too, type in lipgloss86 and i'll be there! Not quite sure how it works yet but im sure i'll get the hang of it (I'll be adicted by the end of the week!)

Love ♥ lipgloss86

Monday, 2 February 2009

Snow day!

I woke up before my alarm today thinking it was saturday...haha! how wrong i was!I managed to fall back asleep with my alarm waking me at 7.20am. I snoozed and took full advantage of having washed my hair last night, when i finally decided id pushed it a bit too much, i got up and realised i had woken up in Narnia! Today was the biggest snowfall ive seen here ever and i couldnt wait to go out in it (yes, i am a big kid!) then i realised i am now a grown up with responsibilities and i have a stupid career thing that is taking over my social life! So anyway, i was snowed in so i could work from home! yay! To be honest i didnt get much done but oh well, makes up for all the unpaid overtime ive done! Plus i could work from my laptop in bed!! I took some pics of the snow as it was so pretty and lets face it, it doesnt happen that often!! I took my dog out in the garden with me and the snow covered her, she's tiny! Today has been a 'no make up' day which i try to do if im just staying at home so give my skin some air so not much to report on that front. Hope you all had a good snow day and thanks to everyone following my blog so far!! I will do videos soon!

The view from my kitchen, those lines are window panes not prison bars!


View from my bedroom


Tink decided she was going back to bed!


♥ lipgloss86

Sunday, 1 February 2009

Oh my GOSH....

So, yesterday I went for a shopping trip to London. We normally drive but decided to make use of our oyster cards and get the train. In Bond Street station i walked past Superdrug, its only a small one but thought i'd have a look inside. I rushed to the make up section and scoured the shelves for GOSH. I spotted the lipsticks...knowing number 134 is the one im looking for....a choir of angels then surrounded me and sang hallelujah as my eyes nearly popped out of my head and saw that they have one in stock!! I grabbed it quicker than the speed of light! Next off to Selfridges which is probably my fav shop in London. I spent most of my time looking for a new bag and was really upset to walk out empty handed. Anyway, i made my way round the store, since my last visit about a month ago, they've also taken the reese's stand out! What is wrong with the world?!! So to the mac counter it was packed so decided id go to the pro shop instead. Ive been waiting for the new 'coralista' blush from benefit to come out for about 2 months now and i knew it was the launch yesterday and they had a special salsa event. I went and sampled it and to be honest i was disappointed. I have most of the box powders and was expecting to love this but its just too shimmery for me. I felt like i was covered in glitter, but i think for a summer evening look it would look nice and fresh, im yet to be totally convinced. I made my way down oxford street. I needed a new body butter so next stop was The Bodyshop. They had some flavours in a 50% sale so my usual strawberry body butter was substituted for pomegrante. For £6.25 it was a bargain!! House of fraser next for Urban Decay primer potion and twice baked. I was speaking to one of the girls on the stand and she had swatches of eyeliners on her hand. I cant remember the name of them now but she had a whole range of colours on. They are liquid for the first 5 mins so you can blend etc then after that they stay put. She even let me try and scrub them off but they wouldnt budge. I think i'll got back for them! On the way out my friend got stuck on a free make over from a new company calle New Kind Cosmetics. They said they were a new brand and were going to be bigger than MAC...big talk! I was really impressed by the products. They had Grazia magazine where they had rated bronzers, they had come out number 1 over bobbi brown and mac. Maybe one to look out for? We made our down oxford street, obviously stopping at Topshop!! Next was the Mac Pro Store which was so so busy, but i managed to buy 3 eyeshadows (carbon, black tied & scene) 2 brushes (224 &239) but decided to finish there when i got so fed up of trying to get past people! I think i'll have to go in during the week. I also stopped in benefit for a hard angle brush as it was highly recommended to me! Next off to Sallys in shaftesbury ave for chi tongs which are being sold at a bargain price....none to be found! The shop assistant said he hadnt heard of them!! Looks like i'll be going to a different sallys to try and find them. They had babyliss ones which had a nice big barrell but i dont really have much faith in babyliss products. I dont think they get hot enough to be able to hold a curl all day! As it was getting really dark and the shops were closing, we decided to head to On Anon for champagne cocktails!! What? they were only £4 each which ws cheaper than the wine!!
Ive included a pic below of my purchases, the paws in the corner are my dogs, she really wouldnt move out of the way!!


Hope you all had a good weekend.

♥ lipgloss86
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