Wednesday, 18 November 2009

L'Oreal Lash Renewal Serum

When this was first launched I held out for some reviews before parting with just over a tenner. I didn't want to fall for what could tun out to be a gimmick type product. A few weeks later and some good reviews later I toddled off to my local boots to grab myself one. Like everyone had said, there are no instructions, no selling points, nothing! So I decided to use my contacts to get me the inside scoop!

L'Oreal say-

The Renewal Lash Serum is a 1st for us at L’Oréal Paris.

The development of this product was based on L’Oréal research on the mechanisms that determine eyelash growth cycles. The findings showed that only 15% of eyelashes are in the growth phase vs. 85% of hair.

The Renewal Lash Serum was therefore developed to give lashes a nourishing boost. It has an intensive formula enriched with Arginine and Centella so lashes feel fortified and look renewed.

Directions for use:
1) Use rounded tip to treat the lash line
2) Sweep the curved brush from lash root to tip

By day, apply under your mascara.

By night, remove mascara and apply to bare lashes.

I have been using this for 3-4 weeks now. I first saw results after just 2 applications. My lashes were more conditioned which gave a fuller and longer look. I have noticed a little bit of growth but not sure if that is linked to this product. So although this isn't a Lilash alternative in terms of growth, its enough for me. I will continue to use this for a full 3 month lash cycle to see the true effects but so far so good! I have used about 1/8 of the product so far over nearly 4 weeks and I have been applying every night.

Has anyone else used this?




  1. Great post hun, Ive just bought this but havent used it yet, but im glad that i did buy it from your review! :)


  2. Sounds good, I'll have to check it out x

  3. I am currently trying this out.
    I will post weekly photos to see if it really works. Somehow though, I feel that I fail a little to apply it to the roots. I am scared I you do it from the waterline or on the part connected to the lid?

  4. I have been using this for roughly about 4 weeks now i bought it the same time as i got talika for my eyebrows. (Jury still out on that buy)
    I only use it at night as it makes my lashes feel too gunky in the morning to put mascara over.
    I have definitely noticed a differece. My lashes are fuller but not through extra hair growth. I think its because my own lashes are not shedding as fast. I always had a sparse area in the inner corner of one eye but that even has lashes there now. I have gained up 2 ml in length too, before my lashes were thin and sparse and adding mascara didnt really help much. Now I can add a ton of mascara and look like I am wearing falsies. I didnt want to fork out £90 for lilash as I dont like the really long spidery lashes but I would love a little extra length on my bottom lashes. Maybe this is the start of affordable alternative to lilash, afterall they cant really expect ppl to pay for that and no one else to bring in an affordable version.

  5. after two uses my lashes appear longer and fuller!!! even at work they asked if i had fake lashes on haha wonderful im going to keep using this

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  7. I hate having to use something which not works. But xlash eyelash serum has really helped my lashes tremendously. I never had long lashes. xlash something that is inexpensive, but helps me to feel good about myself. I would recommend to others as well.


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