Saturday, 29 August 2009

Why Shop...

When you can swap!!

I have been reorganising my make up recently and once again I have found some items that I am not getting round to wearing or just aren't me. There are even some that i think to myself 'what was I thinking!'

Instead of leaving them to gather dust. Put them on Swapsies UK and exchange them for something shiny, sparkly and new! Those of you that don't know about Swapsies, its a place where you list all your unwanted items, it doesn't just have to be make up, it can be books, clothes bags, shoes...anything! And the best bit... its free to use! No listing fees like ebay! Even if you dont have aything to swap at the moment, there are forums where you can chat to other swapsies.

One girls trash is another girls treasure!

If you need any help with the site you can contact myself, Laura, Jen or Kelly.



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