Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Wax, Pluck Thread?

My obsession with eyebrows continues...

Are you a waxer, plucker or threader?

Personally I'm a waxer. It seems to be the happy medium between self inflicting pain and what can feel like the shredding of your face!!



  1. I agree with you, im definately a wax person!! Tweezers hurt too much!! x x

  2. Threading - I feel like it gives a more fluid shape plus it's gentler on that delicate skin. Being nearly 30 I'm super paranoid about my eyes, I think it's the first place to show signs of aging.

  3. I did thread but last time I had a horrid reaction - my threaded skin round my eyes came up in awful spots and my hair grows back like nothing I have ever seen! Right now I am keeping them under bay with tweezers but may go back to the wax next.


  4. I'm a waxer for sure. Mainly because I can do it myself when ever it suits me and it saves me a fortune:)

  5. I am a plucker, yeah it can be a little painful but my brows tend to follow a nice shape and don't need too much maintenance so it seems silly to mess about with any other method.


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