Thursday, 20 August 2009

V Festival...What I'm packing...

So I'm off to V festival tomorrow! It will be my first one and I'm am nervous and excited! The only reason I am nervous is because of the cleaning situation! I wouldn't say I'm high maintenance (my friends would) but I like the finer things in life! I will be there for 3 and a bit days and have been thinking about what i need to take for a while!

I thought I would share what I am packing. I need to keep reminding myself that I wont have a lot of room and everything i take needs to be things I don't mind if they get muddy and ruined. I would rather have nice hair and make up than be trying not to get my Kurt Geigers dirty!

So far I have-
2 pairs of leggings
3 t shirt dresses
2 cardigans
1 hoody (so i can snuggle!)
1 very 'kate moss' hat
trackies to sleep in
1 pair of hunters
1 pair of flip flops
and obvs underwear!!

Now onto the stuff that I will treasure!
Make up wipes
Deo wipes
Hand wipes
Baby Wipes
Dry Shampoo(batiste)
Mouth Wash
Tooth Paste
hair bands and kirby grips!
Toilet roll is an obvious one!

Make up wise...

Now before I announce this, please remember, during the day I will have my oversized sunglasses on and at night everyone will be too drunk to see... Take a deep breath ladies, this isn't pretty!!

Revlon Colour Stay Foundation
Benefit Erase Paste
Natural Collection Bronzer (pretty good and for £2 i don't mind it getting ruined/smashed!)
Couple of coloured eyeliners and glitter liners to funk it up a bit!

And that's it! I am quite scared that I will have so little! I don't pack light and I hate not having something if I want it! But for 3 days (1 of which I ill be arriving from home with a full face!) I'm just going to have to cope!

I am being sensible and wearing SPF 50 on my face as I am going to be outside constantly the whole time and I will be taking Garnier Clear Protect in SPF 15. Skin damage is not cool ladies!!

As i will be away, there will be limited twitter access and no blog access.

I'll miss you all.

Wish me luck on my toughest challenge yet!! I will report back with my progress.

Have a good weekend girlies. Mine might turn into tents, cider and tantrums!




  1. Hope you have a great time. Your packing list sounds perfect to me xx

  2. Have a great time lovely!!

  3. Have a great time! I went to this year's Glastonbury & my list was pretty much the same as yours. It was torture! But worth it! ;) x

  4. Im like you with the packing and not having something when you need it!! Your list looks fab though, don't think you've missed anything, enjoy it!! :-) x x

  5. I went to Rockness and it sounds about the same as me! Although I didn't take all of those different wipes I just took a big thing of baby wipes which i used for everything along with a mini deodrant and some hand sanitizer!

    Have fun x

  6. Baby wipes will be your best friend lol! yeah defo good idea to pack the sun cream. Have a fab time! x

  7. Haha i'm like that with the packing too, hope you had a fab time x


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