Tuesday, 25 August 2009

V Festival - The Aftermath

As you all know, this weekend was spent at V fest. I thought I would let you all know how it went so you too and throw away those festival L plates!!

We arrived at 2pm on Friday afternoon all excited about our little adventure!! We parked in the field and soaked up our surroundings looking for landmarks for us to be able to find our way back to the car. We decided to take what we could carry and leave some bags to come back to as surely the campsite could only be 20 minutes away? WRONG!!! An hours walk later, we found ourselves in a campsite with tents as far as we could see. They were all squashed up and we were getting frustrated that we couldn't seem to find anywhere to pitch ours! Finally a spot just big enough to squeeze into, I pitched our tent all on my own while my 'friend' looked on and told me how impressed she was! A little help would have been nice!! After a rest and some time to pluck up the courage to walk an hour back to the car and then make the hours return journey with yet more bags, we were so tired from travelling and 4 hours walking that we decided to get an early night ready for the morning.

FYI- nobody sleeps, and when you just about think they are turning in for the night, they decide to make breakfast!! Burgers being served at 6am!! So at about 7.30am we got up to check on our blisters that our Hunters had given us the day before. Ouch! Serious pain! We waddled down to the medical centre for some plasters!

We made our way into the arena at 2pm ready for some music! It was a gorgeous and we sat on the grass relaxing to James Morrison over a cider! Saturday and Sunday were both filled with music, drinks and sun. I did however get sun burnt, which never happens to me. There is no cover so even if it is cloudy, you have no chance. My little nose is peeling which is very attractive!! We tried to catch as many acts as we could and made sure we chose the ones who we hadn't seen before first!

Best of the weekend for me were-
Lily Allen- Love her, so glad I got to see her.
The Script- Yum!
James Morrison- Seen him before but I could never get bored of watching him perform.
Lemar- All his songs bring back so many memories. He also did a version of sex on fire!
The Killers - headliners of Sunday
Oasis- headliners on Saturday and cancelled Chelmsford on Sunday!!
The Specials- reminds me on BBQs in the sun when i was younger.
Taylor Swift- saw her while waiting for the next act and I loved her.
Will Young - Its love and always will be!
Snow Patrol- Chasing cars will always hold so many memories.

One of my favourite things to do is relax in the sunshine with music and a cold drink. V offers something for everyone, if you want to chill out you can, or you can make your way to the front of the crowd or the Bacardi bar for some partying. There were fun fair rides, stalls, so many food places and even movies played through the night!

Be prepared to lug your stuff form the car to the campsite. Bring a trolley but be prepared for grass to be caught in the wheels!!
Alcohol hand gel is your best friend.
Always have a toilet roll in your bag.
There were ghds- £1 for 3 mins. Perfect for tidying up your hair after the trek up Kilimanjaro!
So much food to chose from. We only took snack a jacks and special K bars but hardly touched them.
No alcohol allowed in the arena are so drinks in the tent before you go.
Chairs are a defo!
Get up super early on the last day and get out! We spent 7 hours in the field with the car turned off and moved less than a mile! We left the campsite at 7am.
There are police with sniffer dogs on the way in, in case any of you are into that kind of thing!
No glass bottles allowed so save time and put everything into plastic ones. You are allowed cans. You might think warm drinks don't sound appetising but they get old at night ready for the next day!!
Rock the celeb fest look by covering those hungover eyes with over sized sunnies in the toilet queue!
We were lucky to not get any rain till we were queuing to leave but you need sun cream!
A decent sized tent is a must. We had a 4 man for 2 of us but this was small at times!
Get there early and make your way to the top of the hills. If it rains, you'll be glad your tent isn't sliding down it!

If you are thinking of going, do it! As much as I hated the walk, the blisters on the bottom an back of my feet and the lack of sleep, I loved it. I'll see you there next year!!



  1. Sounds ace! I've never been to a festival but will have to do it sometime :)


  2. I loved V! I keep meaning to go to more festivals but can't help but feel my money should be spent on a weeks holiday seeing as I haven't had one for about 3 years!

    Oh and you can take alcohol into the arena, you just have to be sneaky about it! If you are with lads, get them to wear baggy jeans and long socks, then shove cans or bottles in the socks. Or (and this is naughty) get a coke bottle and fill it with coke + mixer, then at the gate tell them you are diabetic and need the coke in case your sugar levels drop. I have a mate who does this and they let her in with it no questions asked!


  3. Sounds like you had a great time! I went to V a couple of years ago and Sonisphere this year but we didn't camp! They were within travelling distance so just went home and back again the next morning!
    My main complaint with festivals are the toilets, don't you think they should have women only toilets seeing as the blokes get urinals, its only fair lol!
    Great checklist! x

  4. Glad you enjoyed!
    I went to my first festival during the summer and for me, like you said, the worst part is the walk from the car to the campsite and finding a space while carrying what feels like a ton of stuff! But after everything is pitched and you sit down with a nice drink, it is all worth it :)

    And yeah like someone said, alcohol into the arena is easy, we just took a box of wine and took the bag out and put it at the bottom of a bag and put a hoody or something over it :) So much cheaper with the amount we drink!


  5. Sounds like so much fun! I've never been brave enough to attend one yet! xXx


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