Monday, 3 August 2009

Monday Poll

I kind of, might have stolen this from Sarah @ The Polished but anywho...

Mood: Unknown....a bit inbetween and nothing to report.
Mascara: Lash Stiletto, second one of these. Its totally grown on me and i love the light feathered look it gives my lashes but it totally buildable too!
Breakfast: I cant eat in the mornings.
Love (makeup related): The mac order i placed today!
Love (non-makeup related): The exciting plans i have!
Outfit: Work clothes...boring!
Fragrance: Calvin Klein Euphoria, trying to use it up!
Quote of the day: 'I'm gong to be a terrible mother, 2 out of my 4 fish have died'
Goals of the week: Read before bed every night this week. I'm trying to get back into reading and hoping it will help me switch off at night!



  1. I can never read at night, if i start reading a book i end up up staying awake half the night trying to finish it!! xxx

  2. I could never read at night, cos it helps me doze off...ahaha...I'd rather read during the day.

    Hey sweety have you check out my wonderful giveaway already?!

  3. Thanks honey, don't forget to write a referal post on your blog. It's a mandatory condition if you want to be the lucky one :)

  4. Reading at night is a great way for me to get to sleep. I usually only manage a few pages before I'm dozing off. It takes me a ridiculous length of time to finish a book lol!!

  5. Hehe, I steal it from Karen at makeupandbeautyblog!! I have a link to her down the side of my page if you have not already visited her amazing blog :) She does a different one each week but I usually pick a random one from her previous posts.

    I find that reading before bed is great at getting me to wind down and sleep..I usually cannot even finish a chapter before I have to put the book down as I am so sleepy.

    I hope you will continue to do these as I love reading them!


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