Thursday, 6 August 2009

Lumiere Minerals

Sarah from Lumiere Cosmetics sent me a cute little package all the way from America with some goodies in for me to try! I was gobsmacked at the shipping time, it was literally 2 days before it was waiting for me when I got home from work.

I did't use mineral make up before Lumiere, but I have always been interested to find out more, and this was my perfect opportunity!


In the picture is-

A foundation sample-

My naive thoughts on mineral make up was that I wouldn't get enough coverage. How wrong I was. Just the tiniest amount managed to cover my whole face and even out my skin tone. I did however choose the wrong shade which was a bit of a bummer but would defo work in winter for me.

Sheer finishing powder-
I have seen a brand with a product similar to this and I was really keen to try it. On day one I put this all over my face, which was a mistake for me. Towards lunchtime, the minerals hadn't mixed well with my concealer and my under eye circles looked like they had major wrinkles. The next day, I used it in areas I thought needed a boost, basically the usual places you would highlight and I love the effect it has. I cant stop wearing it! It really lights up my face.

Eye pigment-
I love this colour. Its much more 'rounded' and offers a bigger spectrum of colour compared to standards shadows.

This reminded me of a dazzleglass with the effect it gave, super shimmery to a point where my lips looked holographic. The gloss part isn't sticky and super shiny, the minerals do all the work!

Pressed pigment - (not pictured)
Comes with a mini applicator too! This is a lovely champagne type colour which looked great on my lower lashes and inner corner AND stayed all day long!

Long handle kabuki-
Sometimes my normal kabukis go flying out of my hand so this is perfect for extra control. The bristles feel just like the body shop ones.

My views on mineral make up have completely changed and I will definitely be reaching for this type of make up more often.
Check out Lumiere's Skin & Beauty Bar I love the thought of a beauty bar!! They also have a myspace page here

If like me you've never tried mineral make up before, get to the beauty bar now and pick up some cheap samples, they deliver quicker than some companies based in the UK and with the £ working its way back up, its like getting a discount!



  1. Sounds really nice! You will have to do a FOTD for us! x

  2. I keep meaning to get a long handled kabuki (and I love body shop brushes) so that's a fab comparison for me - thanks for the review!

  3. hey honey, how much time did it take to get to you?
    I've been waiting more than 10 days for my samples to arrive, I really wouldn't like that it got lost in the post. I don't know if I have to email Sarah or not...what do you think??

  4. @Lyd drop her an email, she might have been on holiday or something but mine was literally a couple of days. I'm sure she would be worried too if it hadnt arrived yet x

  5. Glad you got a chance to test out their products too :) xx

  6. theyr great, would love to try some, the brush looks great, I need one with a long handle, all mine are tiny xx

  7. Mhm this is not good news. I have just dropped her an email...hopefully she will track the parcel down...I hate the post service sometimes!

    Once they tried to keep a package with a camera! They have never delivered that to me, and when I went to the office, they were keeping it there, until the complain days were over and they could keep it! :O


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