Friday, 7 August 2009

How young is too young?

Perfection is something we see everyday, on TV, in magazines, billboards, everywhere!

As beauty lovers, we strive to be picture perfect and are led to believe that age is nothing but a number when we see celebs with zero wrinkles and no signs of aging! We lust over flawless skin and are drawn into believing that just one mascara can change your life and give you the full thick lashes which is turn will lead to a gorgeous guy falling in love with you!

One thing over the past few years that has been playing on my mind is preventing the signs of aging.

My mum has always looked younger than her years and that is mainly due to her lifestyle, she doesn’t drink (maybe the odd glass of wine at xmas!), doesn’t smoke and has always used vitamin E face products as has my Grandma who also looks easily 10 years younger!

About 18 months ago, I was really looking at my own lifestyle and the effects it would have on me in later years. So, I quit smoking, and cut down on drinking massively. I wouldn’t say I was an alcoholic, I just didn’t say no to a night out on the town! I also haven’t been on a sunbed for nearly 3 years which I would about 2 times per week. Still, the signs of aging play on my mind. I am convinced I have wrinkles and I don’t want to look older than my years. I know I am only in my early 20’s but even now, there seems to be pressure to stay looking young!! Companies even make anti aging products for my age range! But how far can a face cream go to fighting those ‘expression’ lines? Which brings me to cosmetic surgery.

I personally know someone who at the age of 20 has had Botox and collagen injections in his lips. Yes a bloke! I myself have always said, in my old age, if I want something done, I’ll go for it. But should I change my own appearance for the sake of society’s perception which is based on airbrushed and digitally enhanced pictures. In the UK, it is legal to have cosmetic surgery at the age of 18 and in some case 16 with parental permission.

‘In 2005, 346,000 teenagers below the age of eighteen had cosmetic plastic surgery. This is not counting peels, dermabrasions, scar removal, and laser hair removal which together constitute more patients under eighteen than all the surgical procedures.’ This was taken from relating to teens in the US.

So my question to you is…

How young is too young?



  1. I personally will never have any plastic surgery unless I'm burnt in a fire and disfigured or something like that. When I have kids I want them to see that true happiness and long term confidence comes from being comfortable with who you are. Once you get one job done, who knows where it will end? Take someone like Jordan who is addicted to plastic surgery, it becomes an unhealthy obsessesion to reach 'perfection'. The reason I fell in love with my fiance was because of his little imperfections that make up the wonderful person he is.

  2. "should I change my own appearance for the sake of society’s perception which is based on airbrushed and digitally enhanced pictures" --> very good point, most of people's perception of beauty is utterly distorted by all that: Surgery, airbrushed, digital touch-ups...I found a video in the Dove site once, which was awesome. They took a very very plain looking girl, did her makeup, her hair, and digitally retouched the photo. The process resulted in a picture of stunning girl, who wasn't her anymore.

    As far as plastic surgery is concerned, I've always thought that it is ok to have it when there is something about your appearence that really makes you an ugly nose, or a very big scar (like mine, and living in a sea town with a scar on your ovary line is aweful, trust me!...all these little swimming suits they make nowadays kill me!)...
    But changing your features because you want to reach "perfection"? That's insane!!! And then, again, what is "perfection"? is there a paridigme, some sort of epytome of perfection? ...I'm skeptical, "perfection is insipid in this naughty world of ours" (and I quote)

    Teenagers having plastic surgery scare me, but their parents allowing the procedures are what really creep the hell out of me! How could they raise them like that? Clearly, not only do those kids have no personal identity, but they also have no SENSE OF IDENTITY AND SELF-ESTEME at all!!!

    I think too young is everything that does not reach 21 at least.

    Sorry this was long, but I'm very sensitive on the topic!


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