Sunday, 16 August 2009

How long...

Does it take you to get ready?

This is a question I am asked quite a lot.

I love taking time to get ready, and looking like I have made an effort rather than going for the 'bed head' look with 'natural' make up! I love it even more when my friends are round and we can all chat and get ready together and maybe a glass of wine or two! (note to self- ensure make up complete before finishing that first glass, we don't want another 'xmas eve gate' again! Not even making it out of the house is not cool!!)

What girl doesnt like investing time in looking nice. Believe me, it is an investment!

If I don't have a deadline then I can take a while as I get distracted playing with my make up or styling my hair. Last weekend it took me 3 hours from getting in the bath to leaving the house!! I hate rushing though when I don't need to! If i had to leave the house almost immediately, I can make it out the door in 30 minutes, but where is the fun in that?!



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