Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Herbal Essences 'Hello Hydration' Intensive Mask

I got home from V Fest to find this waiting for me, which was perfect timing for my sun frazzled and dried out hair! I love hair mask and when I find a keeper, I stick to it! I have fine hair which gets dry and I tend to deep condition it every other wash which is just right for my hair. In the past I have used conditioners that were too much and left my hair greasy and feeling coated in product.

The blurb-

This wonderfully indulgent Intensive Mask has been perfectly formulated with conditioning ingredients to ensure maximum shine, and Hello Hydration’s fragrantly rich formula with
exotic orchid and coconut extracts works to indulge the senses (and quite possibly taking you back to your summer holiday destination) while replenishing dry and damaged hair.

Herbal Essences and I have a love/hate relationship. I used their range constantly when i was younger, then stopped for a while and when I went back to it, it seemed like it was a different formulation which didn't like my hair anymore :( I have used it again more recently and it seems to love it again!

My first impression was how much I loved the smell! I read the instructions, which are written as though the product is speaking to you which was cute, and slapped it on. A while later i rinsed it off, it fell out of my hair leaving behind silky smooth locks! I left my hair to dry naturally as i figured it had already been through enough at the weekend. Once my hair was dry I noticed the shine it now had straight away. It smelt lovely and left a bounce to my tresses! Overall I'm impressed, my hair has lasted as well on day 2 as it did when it was first dry. I could get away with using this in every wash as it is a light product which I don't think will build up. Plus its in everyones price bracket!

Thumbs up Herbal!!




  1. Great review, although personally I am not too keen on herbal essences, it's the aussie hair mask all the way for moi! But then again everyone is different!


  2. i've been wanting to try this for ages because i love the shampoo & conditioner but can't find it any where :(


  3. Herbal Essences was release in Italy before the summer. I gave it a go because I loved the smell and the commercial was intriguing...but I hated it!
    My hair is fine, and very long and it just didn't do me any good. Now that I'm back to my Garnier ultra dolce my hair is soft again!

  4. I love Herbal Essences and might have to try this stuff out! I've never found a hair mask that I liked, so maybe!

  5. Ahh I love this mask too! It's really affordable, helps my curls to stay smoot and it smells gorgeously!

    I think it really works great with damaged hair.

  6. Thanks for the review. I really want to give this a go! xXx

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