Friday, 28 August 2009

Durex Play Range

Looking for something to do this bank holiday?! Get to your local drugstore and pick up these bad boys!

As we all know, Durex Play is a range of intimate products but their 2 new additions are more 'beauty based'. So when the people at Durex contacted me (I first thought the email was spam!!) I thought why not!

The first is the 2 in 1 massage mousse which has a 'light and smooth' formulation designed to promote the healing, intimate and romantic nature of a massage. It comes out of the packaging like a hair mousse, but be careful how hard you press the nozzle! It breaks down to leave a real silky smooth finish perfect for a massage. It smells clean and fresh and is not overpowering at all. It sinks into the skin really slowly leaving it moisturised and smelling lovely!


The second is a new addition to the lube range in Aloe Vera. Its 'ph neutral and kind and gentle on sensitive skin; the emphasis is much more on its gentle nature rather than explicit sexual gratification'. Light, subtle scent and does the job!!


As with all products from this range they can be used erm...anywhere!! They are both non sticky and ph balanced! woo! It is also user friendly with other products in the range.

Something to keep you entertained as the dark nights draw closer!

Remember safe!!



  1. LOL! Shame my bf's at Reading festival. *sigh* x

  2. Massage mousse sounds awesome *send bf to boots*


  3. brill! "durex send me some goodies to test"!!!

    :D xx

  4. Mmmm - These sound a lot better than the "tingle" range - I shudder at the memories of that - painful lol xxx

  5. I find the mousse quite sticky actually but maybe this new formula is different.


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