Thursday, 20 August 2009

The Body Shop Beauty Bloggers Event

I am so excited to tell you all about the lovely day I had at The Body Shop event!

We arrived at 2pm to a champagne reception and to be greeted by lovely Natalie and her colleagues as well the PR manager and brands people from The Body Shop. As everyone excitedly arrived, we took seats on gorgeous white sofas with colourful heart shaped cushions (which we all wanted to take home!!) The venue in Sketch bar was amazing and if you have never been and you live in London, you need to. There were some gorgeous afternoon tea nibbles including cucumber sandwiches!

body shop event 001

Firstly we were introduced official to the brand, learnt about its values and the background of the company. The Body Shop is a brand that for me, I have always known about. This is mainly due to my mum who has always used their products. Every xmas we would buy her 'smellies' from there and at one point they have a recycling scheme where you could take empty bottles back to the store. I remember getting excited about giving them back to the lady behind the till...simple things eh!

Laura also had her make up done by Chase Aston who was so funny!!

body shop event 002

body shop event 009

Next we went on a store visit and we were all given Love Your Body cards which is The Body Shops reward scheme. Its £5 for a year and you get free gifts at certain points within the year and in your birthday month you can get an extra free gift! A great thing to have if you love their products.

We also learnt that in every store, you can ask for samples of any of the products to try, get free hand massages and free makeovers. So if you are ever feeling a bit down in the dumps, get to your nearest store for a quick pick me up!

Next we were back to the venue to learn all about their new perfume called Love Etc... which smells amazing! We all received mysterious samples in the post a few days before which you may have seen on twitter. They told us all about how a perfume is made, how the concept is thought up and we even saw the image film of what the brand team made to give to the perfumery who developed the scent! Top secret info!! The perfume is all about what love means to you and is aimed at 20-30 year olds. The film was all about the love for friends and family as well as romantic love. You can see the advert for the end result on their website very soon which i am sure you will agree captures that age range perfectly!

One of the body shop ladies (who's name i cant remember :( ) told us that the scent for the body butters is taken from seeds of fruit used to make jam so nothing is wasted! Everyone who works for the company is really passionate about the brand which is great to see!

I have so much more to tell you about new products being released which is will in other posts. There is also a new skin care range being released in October which is totally organic! Most of their ingredients are but the complete range is derived from organic products. I will blog about their new hand cream which is for a charity.

It was so nice seeing a lot of faces again and some for the first time. Again there wasn't enough time to talk to everyone!!

body shop event 004



  1. Great post hunni. See u again soon.

  2. Great post! Looks like you had a fab day!! It looks like Laura is in before and after shots - but sher turns into a totally diff girl lol!!!

  3. Sounds like you all had a fab day! xx

  4. Must have been fun, it looks so fab! x

  5. you lucky ladies, it looks like it was great fun! x

  6. Was lovely meeting you today xx

  7. Looks like you all had lots of fun, I'm so jealous of your goodie bags!! xxx

  8. You took some great pics, I hardly took any! :(

    I don't think I got a chance to speak to you either xx


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