Thursday, 13 August 2009

The Beauty Blender

I've used sponges, brushes and fingers to apply my war paint, but I'm always looking for one better. A few months ago, these were talked about loads on blogs and you tube videos. As far as I was aware, they were only available in the US, so I added it to my wishlist and carried on with my day.

I was browsing ASOS, as I do most days when I spotted it! It went straight in my basket and the next day I ripped out of the delivery guys hands!

Later that day I watched the cheesy demo video on their website and the next morning I applied my foundation used the weird shaped sponge. Its unique shaped means it can fit the contours on the face, unlike some sponges.

I was impressed with how nicely it applied and the finish it gave It is said to give an airbrushed look and for me it did. My foundation felt light and flawless but still gave me the coverage I wanted. Because it felt so light i was intrigued to see if at the end of the day I still had any foundation on, luckily for me, when 5.30 rolled round, my skin looked better than it normally did!

I am really impressed with the Beauty Blender and I'm keen to see how long it is before I need a new one. You need to clean these after each use which can be a pain if you need to rush out the door but if it added some lifetime to it, I don't mind! It comes with a sachet of cleaner but you can also buy a bottle. I think baby shampoo would do the trick though!

To 'Modernize the Way You Make Up' get onto ASOS now. For videos on how to use your Beauty Blender click here.




  1. I'm intrigued by this but I know I'd never be bothered to wash it every day.

  2. I've been using it for quite a while, it lasted me for about 5 months. Now I'm back to using fingers again and I can notice the difference BeautyBlender makes. I will buy it again eventually because I prefer it over anything else I've ever tried.

  3. I have heard this sponge is wonderful and I am looking forward to trying it! It seems a good investment.


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