Wednesday, 17 June 2009

TRESemme 24 hour body finishing spray

I was lucky enough to get sent the new TRESemme range to try out. The range is all about volume and body which for me, it something I am always striving for. As the brand says, they are 'salon quality products, without the price tag' how we all love their adverts...
The first product I decided to try out was the finishing spray. Mostly I wear my hair down to work but sometimes I wear an alice band with a bit of a boof...which happened to be today!!

I would describe this product as 'back combing in a can'. The product says to spray it on roots between layers which is where i would normally back comb and spray but one spray and it was done for me.

Next up... 24 hour promise... I wear a headset at work(yes I like to pretend I'm Britney) which i was worried would squash down the main bulk of my boof but even after 2 hours bounced back!! wooo!! At around 3pm, i wanted to restyle my hair a bit so I went to the bathroom, added a touch of water to where the product was and voila, restyled hair! This is a product I would like to have in a travel size but the lasting effects mean that I wouldn't always need to take it to work for a touch up.

Unfortunately I don't have the RRP to hand but I cant imagine this will be more than £5-£6 based on the rest of the range, which is about a third of the price of its rivals.

If you too have lifeless flat hair...give this a go!

Thumbs up on this one. I cant wait to try out the rest of the up, amplifying mousse!




  1. Sounds fantastic! I'll have to give a try :)

  2. I tried the mousse this morning and it's very good! My hair now has volume! yah!

  3. Love the Mousse full review on my blog sometime sunday when I will have used in different combinations for a few days!


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