Monday, 22 June 2009

TRESemme 24 hour body Amplifying Mousse & Root Boosting Spray

Well, well, well. Volumising products in my eyes ha vent always performed very well so I was excited to try these products as the rest of the range has never let me down before. I have already had good results from the finishing spray so gave these two a go too. I started with the mousse. In the past using a mousse has left my hair hard and crackly like I had sprayed hairspray on it so I used this with a mind set that I might have to wash it straight out again once I had dried my hair. How wrong I was... My hair felt like it normally did but I was left with 'amplified' roots! woo! Again after the 2 day test, I could still see the results and if anything, it slowed down the need to wash my hair because it didn't go flat and lifeless...bonus!!


Next up was the root boosting spray. I like how the nozzle on this means you can get a precise application. Once again i wasn't disappointed and I am more than happy with the results. If anything I prefer this to the mousse, mainly because of the application process. I would definitely recommend the 3 products I have tried in this line and wouldn't hesitate to try the others too. I don't think ill need to buy new ones of these for a while as the bottles are really generous but I will defo repurchase. I think these have performed better than the likes of higher end salon products...whose names I wont mention!! Plus these are a quarter of the price!


I hope the rest of my review team loved theirs too.



  1. Was so nice to meet you today!! xx

  2. @tali, you too!! you found me!! lol x


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