Monday, 1 June 2009

Review- Neutrogena Wave vs Body Shop Facial Brush

Around February time i developed an obsession for skin care. I wanted flawless skin which in turn would lead to flawless make up.

I'd had my eye on the wave for a while and although it promises skin that looks like Gabriella from High School Musical (Vanessa Hudgens!! Yes I'm a loser!) the £12 price tag wasn't something I wanted to spend as I hadn't heard amazing reviews. When it was listed on Swapsies i decided to give it a try. From the advert, it looks pretty good and lathers well. In real life, this isn't the case. Not once when i used it did it lathered well enough for me to feel like i was really getting that deep clean. I've tried using extra product, adding more water, you name it I've tried it! Although my pores did feel super clean once i had finished, i didn't have any easy ride getting there. Its not totally easy to handle either once it gets wet and soapy and it slipped out of my hads a couple of times. I'm glad didnt go all the way and get the clarisonic, which again hasn't have amazing reviews for a product which promises so much.

Whilst browsing in The Body Shop a couple of weeks ago, I spotted the facial brush. It looks a bit like a nail brush except for you face!! For £3ish (it might have been £2.90) i thought it was worth a shot. When i first used it I did feel the bristles could have been more taut and less floppy but as i worked step one of my 3 step into my skin, I realised I had found a product that I wanted the wave to be. Its was easy to use and unlike the wave, didnt fly out of my hands! Plus I only needed one pump of face wash, not my usual 2-3. Ok, so it doesn't vibrate and I might not turn into Vanessa Hudgens overnight, but I really did get that deep clean feeling as well as boosting circulation and gently exfoliating at the same time (triple threat!!)

As for my wave, I will use it every now and again but my facial brush now sits proudly next to my Clinique, which is my opinion is a very good place to be! So time you're in The Body Shop, grab one of these bad boys.

Sometimes the smallest things can make a world of difference (I sound like my mum!!)





  1. Sounds fab...might have to try it! x x x

  2. i agree with your post!

    the wave was an utter disappointment .. also, i developed this paranoid fear that the water would somehow seep into the "mechanics" and shock me!! kind of like how a hair dryer goes crazy when you drop it into a tub full of water? lol.

    i use a facial brush from whole foods and i love it.. makes my face feel really clean and smooth. i'm going to try the BS brush now, thank you!

  3. Thankyou soooo much for this
    Like you, i wanted to try the wave but it didn't have great reviews
    I have never heard of cleaning your face with a brush
    What a fab idea
    I will so go and buy this
    Thankyou soo much for this fab review

  4. Have you ever tried Liz Earle Hot Cloth Cleanser that comes with a muslin cloth? I find that after a few weeks use, my skin becomes really glowy and the texture is very refined i.e. no visible pores. This is my favourite staple cleanser and I couldn't live without it. The muslin cloth exfoliates the face and is gentle enough to use everyday, unlike granulated exfoliators. Give it a try!

  5. I really want beautiful skin too. It makes makeup a lot easier to apply. I wish I could find that miracle product. The wave looks really interesting, but now I know it doesn't really work.

  6. i bought that BS brush today!! yey can't wait to use it

  7. i love your blog! its always so helpful! :)


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