Saturday, 6 June 2009

Review-Natural Collection Tinted Moisturiser

The hot weather really made me look at what i was using on my skin. One morning on the way to work I caught a glimpse of myself in the rear view mirror and looked really powdery and not fresh faced, so much so that I tried to 'unpowder' myself as soon as I got to work! This is when I realised I had to change my make up to 'summer mode'. The best way I thought of doing that was to use tinted moisturiser as a replacement to my foundation. About 4 years ago I only used tinted moisturiser and mascara(that was my whole make up naive i was lol) and I liked the effect it gave. So in a quest for a fresh face and glowing skin, I dragged a product out of the bottom of my collection that I bought a couple of months ago, Natural Collection Tinted Moisturiser. Originally I bought it for when I was just popping out of the house or for 'no make up' days. I chose a cheaper option as I thought I wouldn't use it often and for under £3 is was worth a shot! Years ago I found the Estee Lauder to be the best for my skin.

I was impressed how easy it was to apply. This may have been a stupid thing to think as it is moisturiser but in the past I have experience a couple of messy or hard to blend ones. The colour was also natural and didn't leave orange tinges on my face.

Staying power-
So on Monday I decided to brave it with some concealer, tiny bit of powder, bronzer, mascara and the moisturiser. By the time I had finished my face, I looked pretty much the same as normal! First impressions were good! Day one over and I was still pretty happy but thought the net day I would powder again at lunchtime. Day two powdered up at 1pm...better results. Day 3 and 4 continued the same. Day 5, the weather forecast wasn't great but still used the same routine. At 5.30pm I left the office and to be honest I looked awful!! Ive come to the conclusion that I personally prefer to have a decent coverage when the sun is sleeping.

As soon as the sun realises its June I will be using this again on a daily basis but while its a bit grim and rainy, I'll be sticking to my usual foundation! For under £3 you cant go wrong, in my eyes this is as good as the Estee Lauder.


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  1. i used to use this years ago and loved it, nostalgic product post for me! ;) xx


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