Friday, 5 June 2009

Project 10 Pan Update...

I havent' been blogging much recently as the days(and nights) seem to be flying by at the moment! Work and play have been very busy recently but I have lots of reviews and posts to come very very soon!! My drive to and from work is pretty much my brainstorming time where I think about what you guys would like to read and this weekend hopefully will see more blogs from me!!

So onto the dreaded project 10 pan...

So you all know i 'cheated' (if you can call it that) a couple of weeks ago. At the start of the project I found it really hard not to buy whatever i wanted but I soon got used to Using what i had and realising how much I actually have! I have even reorganised my make up so I have the most used products all together and the ones that are on the subs bench that don't get used most days. I have so much to get through and it has really made me think before I buy! I never thought id see the day!! I may have purchased one or two things that I didn't have at all in my collection but these are mainly for review purposes(i promise!!). I even had a look at the Style Warriors collection and nothing really stood out that I didn't have in a shade really close to or something very similar by a different brand. So far I have survived 2 collections!! Im keeping a running total in the sidebar so you can see what im getting through, which seems to be the same sort of things!!

I have also been sent a huge goodie bag from The Body Shop which I will be reviewing(with a little help from my mum and sister!) over the next few days. There are also a few more packages on their way to me as we type so lots of reviews coming!

I would also like to say thank you to all my followers!! I am now over the 100 mark (yay!!) and love reading all your comments! I know everyone says it, but i really didn't think anyone would be interested in reading my blog!! Thank you chicks!!
I cant wait to meet some of you at the Garnier event as I couldn't make Barry M!


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  1. Uuuh, I'm jealous of your goody bag ;) Good luck with the project! xxx


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