Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Body Shop- Body & Lip Butter...mum's point of view!

Ive used these products for years, so when the products arrived, i gave them to my mum to try out! Personally, no mater what moisturisers i try, i always end up coming back to these babies! For me, these are essential and I haven't found a moisturiser that is effective as these.

So onto what the mother said...(very edited, she doesn't know when to stop!!)

Body Butter-(Brazil Nut)

'I thought the product would be richer and was a bit dubious about how it would smell but it turned out to be ok! People already think im a nut job!!(hahaha!!) I am a dove girl(old lady...) but I have tried other flavours of this when I have stolen Amy's and find these to be alot thicker and nicer smelling. Overall ,a good product that left my skin silky smooth all day which is essential for me!'


Lip Butter-(Mango)

'I love this!! Now i know why Amy loves lip products so much! Sometimes lip balms taste a bit chemically produced but I couldn't stop licking it off my lips. I have been using it everyday and will definitely be purchasing a different flavour to try next!'


Further comments...( you should try shutting her up!!)

I have used Body Shop products since my children were tiny and I have never had a problem with any. The kids always used to buy me their stuff for Xmas and birthdays. I would like to thank The Body Shop and my beautiful and generous daughter for letting me review their products!! (I totally added the daughter bit in!! high five to editing!)


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  1. hilarious!! great post and great editing!! x


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