Sunday, 21 June 2009

A bit of a change...

So as you have seen from my hair history blog a while ago...I have been brunette for a while now...about 2 and half years to be precise!! I was getting a bit bored and going back to blonde would not be good for me!! I decide to go auburn/redhead, which I have never been before. My skin tone when im not tanned is fair and when I was about 5 my hair was an auburn colour so I thought I wouldn't look too washed out. So on Wednesday I took the plunge and did it. Since then I have been trying to get a decent picture to be able to show the full effect of the colour as sometimes it looks red and sometimes just brown.

This is me(in the middle) last Sunday...


This is me and my bestie last night...yes I have drunk eyes lol. The full effect of the colour isn't showing :(


Anyone thinking of changing hair colour should do it, its the best way to get a new look. Luckily with this colour I don't have to change my whole make up!!



  1. The new hair colour looks lovely. I've had a dark reddish brown hair dye sat on my desk for about two months now. You may have just inspired me to get on with it and take the plunge!! :) xXx

  2. It's a great color :) My hair is naturally dark blonde/ reddish (I guess some people call it strawberry blonde?), so I know what you mean about the color showing up differently in various lights. The hint of red definitely warms up your face! xxx

  3. gorgeous! awww you have such a heart warming smile!


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