Saturday, 27 June 2009

5 days...5 items Challenge

Last weekend, one of my friends come over to get ready at mine before we went out. She turned up just out of the shower with just her hair dry. 'I'll just get my make up and we can start getting ready' were her words. I expected her to go out to her car but out of her over sized HANDBAG she produced her make up bag...which is her ENTIRE collection!! I was sooo shocked! Her make up bag was the same size as my on the go bag that comes to work with me for touch ups. Without making any fuss I finished off my make up which i had already been applying for about 45 mins and carefully watched each item she pulled out of the bag. She used a maximum of 5 products before announcing she was ready to get changed and finish her hair. We went on with the night as usual but it really did make me wonder... She looked perfect with few items where as i had so many different products on, primer, foundation, concealer, powder, bronzer for contouring, blush, msf...and thats just my base, not including my eyes and lips! So i set myself a challenge. Everyday that week at work, I was only allowed to use 5 products and one bonus item( 5 is really hard!).

Day one...
Bronzer(Barry m)
Mascara(false lash)

Day 2...
Mascara(lash stiletto)
Eyebright eyeliner(benefit)

Day 3...
F & C (same everyday!!)
Moon river(blush and highlighter in very clever!)
Mascara(Loreal HIP)
Eyeliner(gosh bananas)

Day 4...
F & C
Nars duo (laguna/orgasm)
Refined MSF
Eyeliner(loreal superliner)

Day 5...
F & C
Mascara (False lash)
Eyeliner (black gosh)

My bonus product was a lipgloss everyday! At the end of everyday, i still looked as i always did, which was one of the main factors for me.

I realised, i didn't have to use a mountain of products to create a different look. Everyday i went for different products to prove it could work! It also saved me loads of time in the morning which was great as i could press snooze one extra time! As much as i love playing with make up this is great for me before i rush off to work in the mornings. This is definitely something I am going to carry on with Monday - Friday.

Take the 5 item challenge now!!



  1. Sounds like a great idea! I might have to give it a try :)

  2. its good 2 go back 2 basics isn't it x

  3. This sounds like a great idea.. especially before work! I do not mind taking the extra time doing my makeup on a weekend or before going out but before work I would rather press the snooze button one more time!!

    I might give this a try, thanks for the idea :)

  4. i always wanted to be one of those girls who barely use any products and look fab. unfortunately, youtube and blogs always make us want to buy more and more and we end up with all these products that we have to use up. i really wish i could go back to basics!

  5. Lol, I know how it is to have to spend so much time putting stuff on when the same result could be achieved another way, with less time and all.

    I still wouldn't skip the primer if I had a good one...but I usually just put foundation/powder, mascara if I'm not lazy, and lipstick/gloss. That's cause I don't want to be late for class. Dx and I don't really wanna look too made up just for school.

  6. I had a similar experience the other day and realised after spending like 45 mins on makeup I looked pretty much the same as if I've taken ten. Also, the bf gets so annoyed if I 'slap lots on' so I think I'll be doing this too. Thank you!


  7. I think everyone is thinking of getting the routine down to the absolute essentials! I need to try this desparately! :)


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