Friday, 1 May 2009

Summer Swap!!

This morning I had my dentist check up and clean. I hate the dentist and I told myself 6 months ago to grow up and go to the dentist twice a year to prevent me from having no teeth left at 30! So today I saw my hygienist and dentist. All went ok, but if you have a fear of the dentist and a sensitive gag reflex...the 2 don't really go together!! I had to have a sealant on one of my teeth too to prevent something turning into a filling? Anyway, I let him do it seen as there was no drilling involved!! After wards I went to get my eyebrows done (which I have been growing for nearly 5 months) so when I arrived home to find a brown box on my doorstep I got over excited!! My Secret Summer Swap had arrived. I was ripping it open before I was through the door! I must say I am very impressed with my swap!! I even had a poem note in there...I was going to type it out but I'm not sure if my secret Santa would prefer me to keep it private, but i loved it!!

So onto the goodies...


There is a definite pink theme going on....oh how you know me so well!!

Thanks Secret Santa, you really made my day :) cant wait to try everything out!!



  1. A poem? You've gotta write it out!

  2. Eep, I love secret santas!

    And wow, I hate dentists too. :(

  3. wow such cute goodies! love the pink theme :)

  4. Looks lovely!! Such a nice touch with the poem.

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  6. Ehn, so nice to get a secret swap! That's so funny, you have 86 followers right now :) I'm afraid I'm gonna change in a minute, though ;P Cheers! xxx

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