Monday, 4 May 2009

Hot & Not

Bank Holiday!!

Being ill...I cant breathe through my nose...aaahhhh!
Project 10 pan... I just want to spend!
My holiday being so far away!
Stupid credit card company calling up to 'remind' me payment is due...I know but if the banks are shut, the money isnt going to clear! Get a life and stop calling me!!
Having loads of stuff to list on ebay, it takes so long!



  1. Yipee for the bank holiday but I'm on a night shift tonight, booo hoooo! My own Project 10 pan has been broken over and over again I just don't care anymore. Buying make up makes me happy. Maybe I'll start again soon. I hope you can breathe through your nose again soon. I have loads of stuff to list on eBay too. I've been putting it off for years (literally!!). Thursday is going to be eBay day for me. I must do it soon!

  2. ugh banks have enough holiday as is working from 9 - 5! lol

  3. Ooooh I love eBay but it is the biggest pain in the butt to deal with!!!!!


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