Saturday, 16 May 2009


After 2 really long and stressful weeks, I've been needing some therapy of the retail kind. I needed some essentials body butter etc and while browsing in boots whilst buying make up wipes, i stumbled across Revlon which was 3 for 2. I pondered for ages wondering whether to break my 10 pan in favour of saving some money. I use color stay foundation every single day and at £11.73 its a top end drug store price. I decided to get back ups for when mine finishes in about 3 weeks (guessing?). I got 2 in a shade warmer ready for summer and one of my usual colour. For the sake of saving the price of 1 whole foundation, I thought it was worth. I could have fallen off the wagon dramatically but thats all 'make up' wise i bought! I think i deserve a round of applause!! I got 2 body butters (body shop 2 for £20 pink grapefruit and satsuma...yummy!), some James brown dry shampoo (recommended by the sister) and a mini version for my travel bag. Batiste should bring out a mini marketing team, if you're reading this... I got some other travel sized things for my travel bag mainly moisturiser and toothpaste. Luckily one of my friends has just finished a huge promo and had some mini deodorants left and so i bagged a couple!

I felt i needed to confess for my foundation buy but it, in my opinion, was a sensible thing to do!!
I also depotted my e/s today but i don't think a trip to mac would be sensible right now, maybe in a couple of weeks!!

Hope everyone had a lovely Saturday. Only 1 week till the big night.

Also a big thank you to Lydia who ran a Barry m contest. I won a nail paint in mint green which arrived today!! It really cheered me up, so thank you chick xoxo


  1. It's funny you should mention it... Batiste do do travel sizes and I have 10 of them in my possession to give away.

    I think there are more than enough contests on You Tube at the moment so I was going to do a Twitter giveaway tomorrow when I post the Festival Makeup video.


  2. If you use this foundation on a regular basis then you'd be mad not to jump at this offer. My own 10 pan effort didn't even make it to 1 pan lol!

  3. I have broken my 10 pan twice now for a good bargain... If it's a mu necessity then why not? At least you're not just buying randomly. Haha.

  4. Batiste do mini sizes, but the James Brown one is miles better and won't leave a grey tinge in your hair.

    10 pan is a bit like being on a diet, you're bound to cheat once or twice unless you have willpower of steel.

    Love 'The Sister' (lol)


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