Friday, 23 January 2009

things i ♥ right now...

Hi, so...i've had a busy week and tonight is my first chance to crash out. This week has realy been about change and to be honest its all good. I just wanted to update you on things i love right now....
benefit lip gloss in 'didnt hear it from me' a sheer nude lipgloss, perfect for my work meetings!
benefit posie tint gives me that just in from the cold look!
Pizza express light dressing
bananas & a new found fav...Kiwi's!

A few random updates for you. My fav things change quicker than the weather. Im off to Sallys tomorrow so ill be on the look out for new make up and hair products, plus new tongs to give me the wavy look!

Have a good weekend bloggers x x x


  1. Sally's have some fab nail varnishes too - OPI and china glaze, cheaper than you can buy them anywhere else I've found it... x

  2. check out the CHI tongs, I did a post about them last week, amazing!! Sallys has them £25 from £70!!bargain!x


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