Thursday, 29 January 2009

This weeks update...

hi chicks!
hope you're all ok...who wouldnt be, tomorrow is Friday!! So tonight i went to the travel agents(where my lil sis works) to book some attractions while in new york. Things like central park zoo, empire state etc. I've been before so i can skip most of the sights this time but there's a few i want to do again. Im getting totally excited. While i was out, i popped into superdrug to get Gosh Darling, which is so hard to track down right now! and guess what, yep! sold out! I only want one, is that too much to ask?! So instead I got a barry m lipstick in 100. Its a cool pink colour. I can upload pics but as a bit of a technical diaster i'll need someone to give me a helping hand! Do i just need to use photobucket?!
In other news...
my fav things that i think will never change are... betty...anything pink...brighton in the city...long drives...tinkerbell...
As you can see im a total girlie girl and i love it! Im currently watching Paris' new british best kind of thing! I think i have my fav BFF already!
But anyway its nearly the weekend so hope you all have an amazing one! I think im make up shopping at the weekend so there'll be an update soon!

Love ♥lipgloss86

ps. loving lady gaga's song!


  1. I had to try a few branches of superdrub before I got my darling too - the power of youtube and blogging!

  2. Hi there, thanks for following me!! I see your off to new york in a few weeks, I am just back last Wed. We had an amazing time but it was freezing cold so bring plenty of woolies to wrap up!!

    One place you have to visit is Serendipity at 225 East 60th st, its a restaurant and they specialise in desserts. The food is gorgeous and the frozen hot choc is to die for!! Its a really quirky place and they always have a queue but its worth the wait.

    You should also try ice-skating at the rockerfellar or in central park its an experience!!

    We also took a horse and carriage ride to the Loeb boathouse in central park they do brunch at the weekend or lunch during the week its fabulous with gorgeous views over the lake with the skyscrapers in the background. Its only $24 for the 3 course set lucnch so good value for a really posh place!

    You should also try the comfort diner on 45th - the breakfasts here esp the pancakes are to die for.

    Shopping wise - what did I not buy!! I got 7 jeans and rock and republic jeans at ridiculous prices in Century 21. I went mad buying makeup, mac and Sephora is the place to go for all other brands. Victoria secret also do gorgeous lip and eyeshadows.They also have the most gorgeous underwear here the biggest branch is across from the main entrance of Macys.
    Another shop right across from this brach of Vict Sec is forever21 its huge and full of really funky clothes (they have a website) their stuff is really cheap too.

    Anything else dont hesitate to contact me x


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